.... WHAT?!

1) Babysitter wanted (California)
We are looking for someone who has some spare time on there hands to spend some time with our 5 year old daughter . She is currently in kindergarten, she is really smart and she really does not require alot of supervision. She keeps herself busy, she likes doing crafts, playing with her dolls, drawing, or watching television. If your someone who is looking to earn a little bit of spending money without really having to do alot of work email me. Our daughter is really precious and she is the most important part of our lives, due to our financial situation we really cannot afford to spend alot of money on daycare and babysitters. We are looking for a female babysitter who doesn't smoke or do drugs and has experience with children, preferrably 18 years and up. We need someone who is available Saturday and Sunday and weekdays. Weekdays at the most will be 5 hours and at the least is 2 hours. With our work schedule we need someone who is available from 3 to 8 p.m., weekends are usually 8 hours. Our daycare provider charges us $15 a day, but she closes at 5 p.m. and she spends time with her family on the weekends. So if your seriously intersted email me. Like I mentioned above my daughter is really independent she just needs a little supervision.
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Piscespets said...

The last one..."Respect my husband's form of discipline? These kids are really young. I hope he doesn't smack them around.

Anonymous said...

I think the last one is a military family. Military time and in Norfolk, VA, near a naval base. That is one rigid family. I hope they aren't hitting 11 month olds, but it sounds ominous whatever is going on; the two babies are in the military now, whether they know it or not.

Rolling My Eyes said...

Oh please, smack them around? What do you even mean by that? She seems like a protective mother. More than likely she has some other discipline method besides spanking and there are people who do not respect those methods. I'm sure she wants her sitter to enforce and be consistent in her chosen methods, and as protective as she sounds, I doubt that would involve a sitter spanking or smacking around her children.

Top Flight said...

Wanna bet? There are plenty of people who knock their kids around. What about all of the people who place CL ads asking for a nanny who will give corporal punishment.

Aren't you a little old to roll your eyes? I thought the cut-off for that was 16.

Marlboro Man said...

Check out That blog is loaded with stories of parents who punish their kids in severe and ridiculous ways...such as beating a child for touching the TV.

I read the ad and it seems strange that she would mention her husbands discipline methods. How can you even discipline a child that young?

Still Rolling My Eyes said...

Actually she said "me and my husband's"

I was not aware of this age limit on rolling eyes. That was so mature of you to point that out and insinuate that I'm being childish. Please give me your rule book on growing up.

Crowning Glory said...

"Rolling My Eyes" is "Hillbilly Daycare". She/he changes their moniker every 5 minutes, stupidly thinking we believe it's really different people.

I would expect eye-rolling more from an 8-year-old than a mature adult.

If you look back at other threads you will always find a person or people who are needlessly argumentative or chronically immature. I have a sneaking suspicion that this is actually one very pathetic person with A LOT of time on his/her hands!

Now I'm Really Rolling My Eyes said...

So, Pot, I mean Crowning Glory, how much time do you have on your hands to notice this argumentative person changing their moniker every five minutes on the many threads you have read?

TC said...

Hmm, I watch a 13 month old and discipline is either:

Positive reinforcement
saying NO

Not sure what else you could possibly do to a child that young or even younger........

hillbilly daycare said...

crowning glory:

I have not posted on this blog today. I log on to check MPPs clwtf for the first time and then see your post!

You are accusing me of posting something I did not.

GET A FREAKING LIFE AND STOP TROLLING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is your problem? Who in all that is holy do you think I freaking am??????????????????????

GROW THE f up!!!!!

TheOriginalDenverNanny said...

Those were my thoughts. And it's a red flag just because she gives the impression her discipline methods are...questionable.

One of my prof's was just discussing military families in class the other day. She said that since, in the military, men & women are taught to first assess a situation for any problems or things out of place, as whatever it is could be a threat. When military members become parents (or even in relationships) they have to re-adjust their trained response to not just see the problems (i.e seeing the one "D" on a report card & ignoring the four "A"). I'm sure not every military mom or dad has to consciously change their response, but it is interesting to consider.

Top Flight said...

Rolling Eyes, you changed your moniker 3 times on this thread alone. I myself can see that it's you and only you who likes to start trouble.

So someone says they think you are also hillbilly daycare. Then someone claiming to be hillbilly daycare appears and and posts saying they are not you. But you don't post? You post and argue every chance you get. Seems kind of obvious that it is you.

Anyone notice the "Hillbilly Daycare" didn't show up as a moniker until the TROLL wanted to make fun of someone because childcare is not very expensive in her area? It goes with changing monikers DAILY to suit his/her needs. Really pathetic!

Piscespets said...

LOL :)

Denise Hart-James said...

I am struck speechless weekly by these ads!

Rolling My Eyes said...

My changing my moniker including the words 'rolling my eyes' in each one is not me pretending to be different people...seems pretty obvious that it's me each time. When crowning glory called me hillbilly daycare, I thought he was assuming I was a white person running a here comes someone claiming that name, you people! I'm a regular reader, but not a regular commentor. The statement by the first responder of this post was just ridiculous IMO, so I let him/her know. Then it was followed by some other ridiculous statements to which I have responded.

out for good. said...

ok, bye.

cali mom said...

LOL, ROFLMAO *and* RMY at Flighty for trying to argue with a straight face that there is only one person on this board who likes to argue.

Flighty, I know you and I'm onto your game. You're that person on that OTHER forum who likes to argue a lot and always shows up to accuse everyone of being that person you hate. You are that same person on ever forum on the internet who likes to argue and every time you show up on any board you accuse everyone else of all being the same person posting under different names.

In fact, the truth is, there are only 2 people on the entire internet. You, and that other person posting under different names.

(Does that mean that your "cuntiness" is showing again?)

j.d.c.f.b. said...

love the new look of the blog, very nice!

Also love WTF photo, the child looks so much like my older daughter at that age, it made me miss her baby days!

also posting under my one and only moniker - laughing hard at the arguments going on regarding monikers.

Ca mom of 2 boys said...

It's seriously funny how people have nothing else to do but argue about monikers. I always come on here to read the funny comments on the ads, but I guess not this week. I don't have a regular moniker because I rarely post so I forget what I used last time. Anyway, love the picture also, she looks kind of devilish like look what I'm going to do...All the ads are pretty good this week several offering $15 a day for full-time or almost full-time care. Ridiculous. As far as the last ad, yes it sounds like a military family, and the discipline threw me for a loop, but I don't judge unless I know what form of discipline they are talking about.