Belmont Hill County Park in Garfield

Received Tuesday, September 28, 2010
nanny sighting 7
Physical description of caregiver: The caregiver was a large hispanic woman of about 180 lbs. I think she may have recently lost a lot of weight because her upper abs were very droopy (obviously so, I am not being catty). She had a tight pony tail holding hair that was probably ten inches long, wore mascara and had long lashes, olive skin, no jewelry. White plain shirt- the kind of dressy t they might sell at dress barn and tan slacks.

Physical description of involved child/children: This sighting involved one girl. the girl was white, about 40 inches tall, medium weight, blondish, wavy hair. Wearing pink pants with a heart on the pocket and silver high tops.

Address or venue of observed incident: This afternoon at Playground at Belmont Hill County Park in Garfield:

Detailed description of what you witnessed: I witnessed this nanny lose her child, even for two minutes. I found the child and the nanny went off. I didn't say ANYTHING to her, but she started screaming and carrying on saying, "So, what, I made a mistake, what's wrong with her, she's fine, she's fine". In doing this, she scared the little girl who was already out of sorts because she lost her nanny for a bit. I felt so bad for the little girl but I didn't want to make it worse. I first spotted the nanny when I arrived at the park and she was standing and texting. She was walking around back and forth in this twenty foot area. When I saw how she responded to me, I though right away her behavior and nervous pacing energy that had her back to the child was because of drugs.

Description of vehicle, bag, stroller that may aid in identifying involved caregiver: The nanny was carrying a blue crocheted bag horizontally across her body. I think it had brown wood accents. It looked like a vintage piece.


MC2 said...


I'm sorry, I HATE bashing OP's... but... really? Your immediate reaction was that the nanny was on DRUGS?

Wow. I think you're paranoid. Am I missing something? I mean, I would've just thought she's not so great at her JOB.

Losing a kid for even 10 seconds is scary as hell, I know because that's the longest I've ever lost one (and it's the only one in 8 years plus of nannying/daycare and that was 5 years ago). Anyone would is a little twitchy after that, no matter how fine the child is...

I guess thanks, good sighting, especially for the girl's parents. But really? Drugs? Is that what we've come to?

MC2 said...

I meant that to be would be a little twitchy.

seattle said...

We should trust what OP says. Have you ever looked at someone and just knew they were on drugs? Maybe it is the same with OP.

? said...

I have lost my child and it can happen to anyone. I am certainly not on drugs. I was screaming hysterically, (although unlike the nanny in this story I was screaming "it's all my fault!" lol) and it was only five minutes but it was the most horrible five minutes of my life.

OP, if you did not say anything to the nanny, why was she screaming at you? Did you give her a dirty look, or in any way convey emotion? I find it hard to believe she would have gotten upset over nothing.

Jacqui said...

Something isn't sitting well with me regarding this post. OP kinda sounds like she's on drugs.
Ok, sorry Jane and MPP...but I don't know. Yes, you can tell when someone is on drugs, seattle and I guess we should give the OP the benefit of the doubt, but the entire sighting isn't quite adding up.

You have to very careful what you accuse people of being and doing. I don't understand how having her back turned made you think she was on drugs?

This could have been a decent sighting...but I really can't take it seriously now. Sorry. I'm not an OP basher, I swear.

MissMannah said...

I don't think anyone involved is on drugs. I think the nanny is inattentive and needs to be reprimanded by her boss. I also think OP is just a poor writer. I wonder if she's ever heard of the terms conjecture and hearsay?

slim said...

I heard those terms in LA Law and when I was all up the creek for meth distribution. Over rules!!

But this is not a court of law, just a forum, so peace out.