Welles Park in Chicago, Il

Received Friday, June 25, 2010
nanny sighting
Nanny Sighting
6/24 @ 1pm
sighting in chi town
I'm uncertain which kids belong to which nanny, 5 kids total approached them during the hour I was there. (4 boys, 1 girl) These nannies were very neglectful. One of their kids (2yr old boy?) sat in a swing for 30 min while they sat there chatting. He didn't get pushed in the swing at all and was trying to escape the whole time. His older brother (7 yrs?) Came over and yelled at one of the nannies to take him out of the swing. All of the kids were just wandering around without any supervision or interaction. I know this sighting doesn't sound very extreme, but I am sick of seeing lazy nannies! Everyday my boss and I (I'm a nanny) see nannies ignoring their charges and we're sick of it. We're going to do better at taking photos and sending them in.


Nanny in San Diego said...

This makes me mad because I am a good nanny who would never do this to my charges. When I take them to the park, I am always interactive w/them. I push them on the swing, slide down the slide w/them, play in the sand, etc. Unfortunately now w/the economy so bad and so much competition in place for nanny jobs, I am often overlooked because my credentials/experience do not stack up as well as others. So parents are hiring nannies such as these. Instead of looking at personality and personal childcare approach, etc...they choose to see what looks good on paper instead and unfortunately it is the children who suffer the most. If I was the nanny of these children, I would not only place 100% of my attention on them at ALL times, I would also be playing w/them at the playground as opposed to just sitting and talking to other nannies. Sheesh.

alex said...

Good sighting with picture! While they didn't do anything harmful, like hitting etc., I would say leaving a child in a swing and not watching children is very neglectful and grounds for termination. I hope the parents see this!

Katlee85 said...

Wow, if that was my Nanny they'd be fired. Now there is nothing wrong with a nanny taking a little time to herself while kids play, but when the kid wants help getting out of a swing and the older sib has to YELL at the nanny to get the baby out, that would tick me off and she'd be fired on the spot and told to clear out within 24 hours (If she's a live in)