Pier 6 Sandbox by the bridge - Brooklyn, NY

Received Wednesday, June 9, 2010
negative emoticon 1 URGENT... at 0905 hundred hours this day, June 9, Wednesday - I witnessed the unthinkable. A female nanny, Puerto Rican, with large moles on her face, thick hair and a wide, blank face was caring for an Anglo child, female, with blond hair and a pinkish/reddish short overalls set over a white and flowered shirt. The nanny was approximately 30-35 years old, 5 foot four-six and about 160-180 pounds. I don't know what happned previously but did see the nanny grab the child's right arm, hold it high and swat the child on the bottom 4-6 times. The child began crying and crying so hard she was gasping for air. I said, "hey, hey" to get the nanny's attention. She turned and looked at me. I started walking towards her. She quickly dunks the child in the stroller, a collapsible umbrella stroller with mint green arms and a loud seat pattern. Then she takes off walking at warp speed. At first I started to follow her to catch up to her to call her out and find out who she worked for. But I figured I would only make things worse on the little child.

This happened right by the Pier 6 Sandbox by the bridge (Brooklyn). The child may have been playing in the sand box before my arrival. But they were standing next to it when they caught my attention!


Katlee85 said...

Great sighting OP!

I do hope the family reads this, or if someone knows the family that they'll let them know.

Though, I do want to point out that the woman could have been the mother. Adoption and all of that. But if it was in fact a Nanny, then I hope she is fired immediately.

Liz said...

Such a sad situation....katlee85...she could have very well been the mother, but it does not excuse the behavior(I don't believe in spanking as a form of punishment)...if she is the mom she should be fired too!

Av Mevsimi said...

I do hope the family reads this, or if someone knows the family that they'll let them know.

Katlee85 said...


While I do believe in spanking, I don't believe that it should be done in public for everyone to see and certainly not by a caregiver/Nanny.

another nanny said...

Good sighting OP. Hopefully someone sees this. I can't see any situation in which a parent would approve of their nanny disciplining in such a way.

brooklyn nanny said...

Unfortunately it's something that you see quite often. But you get what you pay for. Alot of parents choose the lation nannies so they get a foreign language instructor/ nanny/housekeeper for $10 or less an hour. That woman knew she was ha no right to put her hands on that kid. Hopefully at some point the parents find out.