Prospect Park Zoo in Brooklyn, NY

Received Thursday, May 6, 2010
negative emoticon 1 Your nanny is an obese black woman with short, page boy hair. Today she was wearing a light colored, light strip pattern tank top and gauzy capris. Your child is an average sized two year old white kid with curly brown hair and markedly large blue eyes. He was wearing a short sleeved dark blue polo with two white stripes across the chest Wednesday, May 5. Your nanny had the child at the prospect Park zoo May 5 in a very simple umbrella stroller, green with a white canvas seat. The child was out of the stroller milling about while she watched him. Then she told him to get in his the stroller and he did not. The boy started to play run from her. She got incredibly angry right away. She lumbered towards him like a certain animal and swooped him by his one arm and with that one arm swung him around (180 degrees) and plopped him in his stroller, but the stroller wheels moved, so she picks him back up and does it three more times until he lands squarely (hard) on the seat. So, the kid shouldn't run. He's three. Do you find this acceptable? I don't.


Cmommy said...

I think we were at the zoo at the same time. I saw this as well and was shocked at how rough the nanny was with the child. I hope the parents see this.

ATL Nanny said...

Holy cow. That is absolutely appalling. That poor little boy! I sincerely hope that his parents find out about this asap and get rid of this horrible nanny.

Katlee85 said...

I agree, good job OP for this sighting, I hope the parents see it.

If that were my child, not only would the nanny be fired, she'd be arrested for Child Abuse.

JustAMommy said...

you can dislocate a child's arm that way. That's awful.