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For those who think some of our sightings are not "substantial" enough to indicate neglect, read this story: A 5-minute error, 25 years on child abuse list?

A Franklin Lakes, NJ woman testified in state court Monday there were hints during the summer of 2006 that something was going on between her 12-year-old-son and his nanny but the first confirmation she had was through her close friend more than a year later.

Anchorage Police Department officers have arrested Anchorage resident Christina Moua, 23, on one charge of second-degree murder.
The arrest came as a result of the investigation of 6-month-old Caiioun Xiong who was hospitalized Friday evening after suffering abusive head trauma.

Babysitter accused of violently shaking baby...
An 18-year-old Auburn babysitter accused of violently shaking a 9-month-old boy she was caring for faces first-degree assault charges.

What??? The babysitter for a five-month-old Fairfax County boy, who overdosed on heroin last year, was given a three-year suspended sentence for child abuse Friday in Fairfax Circuit Court, but the judge told the woman if she failed a drug test, he would impose the entire three-year term.

An Indianapolis teenager, once thought to be the hero in a devastating fire , is now in police custody charged with felony arson.


Bureaucratic Nonsense said...

""The rules used on Anne apply to parents, so if mom or dad lets little Johnny run around in a fenced-in yard alone for five minutes, Albany says they have neglected and mistreated Johnny, and child protective services can knock on the door and put mom and dad on the child abuse list just like it did Anne," Luibrand said."

I'm waiting for everyone to say they haven't done this and to call for her head.

i hate spammers said...

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I Agree, Nonsense said...

A few years ago, I was fired from a daycare for leaving a 2-year-old alone on the playground for a couple of minutes. Fortunately, the boss didn't document the situation, so I got unemployment benefits and social services wasn't called. I feel so sorry for Anne. I know what guilt she is feeling just for making the mistake, not to even mention knowing it will be held against her for 25 years.

What I found odd is that Anne wasn't the only one at fault. There was another woman in charge, her name was Frances, and she wasn't investigated or accused of neglect. It was the exact same in my situation. Since I was the "lead teacher," neither one of my two assistants were held accountable. Doesn't matter we were trying to herd all 24 children inside, apparently I was the only one who was supposed to be counting them.

Life sometimes isn't fair, but at least it teaches you to be extra-vigilant. I really hope those rules get amended and Anne will still be able to be a teacher.

Sad Story said...

The first story ": A 5-minute error, 25 years on child abuse list?" actually enforces that some of the stories posted on here are not substantial enough to be neglect. Isn't that the point of the story.

What a sad, terrible thing to happen to a hard-working and basically innocent young woman...over NOTHING. Things have gotten really out of hand. It definitely could deter some really good people from working with kids. What good does it do?

childcare provider said...

I agree:

you deserved to be fired. yes, mistakes happen but part of your job as a daycare worker is to ALWAYS be counting heads, especially when you are entering and exiting the building.

your director was correct in firing you.