A Letter to my Nanny

Sunday, May 9, 2010
Dear Awesome Amazing Caregiver AND mother to your own lovely daughter who is so very kind to my child who is special needs:

This was my first week at a new job. I have never had to have childcare before because I have worked out of my home since my child was born. I found you after interviewing countless sitters and nannies. You are kind, loving, smart, and a hard worker. You work two jobs: one part time in the morning at a restaurant and part time nanny for my own daughter after she gets out of school.

You are a young, single mom who works her butt off. That attracted me to you. You don't have a degree in Early Childhood but your intelligence and patience and common sense and amazing mothering skills far surpass the need for one.

In your paycheck this week you will get your regular pay as well as a gift card to stop and shop. I think next week will be a nice restaurant. I think the week after that will be CVS.

You are worth more money than I could ever pay you. You take care of my child. I have more respect for you than for anyone in the world and if there is ever anything you need, and it is in my power to give it to you, it is yours.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

Love, your employer.


Thanks for Caring said...

What a thoughtful, observant mother the OP is. Have a wonderful mother's day and I am glad you found such a wonderful nanny. You sound like you desrve it!!

Nanny Sarah said...

Your nanny is very blessed to have a wonderful boss such as yourself. You sound like a wonderful person in general and I wish all parents had such a heart of gold!!! Happy Mother's Day to you!!!~

OP here said...

thank you for the kind comments. I feel a connection to my nanny because we are both single moms, helping each other out. She is a gem. :)

Manhattan Nanny said...

I hope you had a Happy Mother's Day OP. You sound like a wonderful employer.