Swim Lesson in Brooklyn, NY

Received Wednesday, April 21, 2010
negative emoticon 1 Amanda, about 7 years old, wearing a hot pink dress with a white bolero sweater sitting with her nanny while a sibling had a swim lesson on Wed April 21 at 3:30. " oThe nanny asked "what did you do with your babysitter last night?" amanda said "I am not telling." The nanny said "if you don't tell me then I won't give you any dinner." Tears welled up in Amanda's eyes and she started reporting what she had done with the babysitter. The nanny refused to listen she pretended to call someone on her cell saying " I don't want to talk to a mean girl and I have already decided not to give her dinner. amanda looked dejected and went to sit on another bench. she said something to the nanny I didn't hear and the nanny said "oh yeah? is that what you are going to tell your parents?"

I really hope Amanda's parents see this report. Amanda seems like a sweet little girl, I cannot bear to think she spends her days with this malicious and vindictive woman.


VAnanny said...

OP you need to give us a location.

Psyber Chica said...

OP, please let administration know what is going on, I'm sure they can get a message to the parents or leave your name and number and ask them to give it to the parents. If there is no administration, speak directly to the swim instructor. I do hope the parents see this, but many people don't know about this site.

AMom said...

Brooklyn is a big place, can you tell us where in Brooklyn this happened?

Seattle Nanny said...

That's awful.