Nanny Sightings Needed

What details do I include in my nanny sighting?

Physical description of caregiver:
Physical description of involved child/children:
Address or venue of observed incident:
Date and time of incident:
Detailed description of what you witnessed:
Description of vehicle, bag, stroller that may aid in identifying involved caregiver:
Video and photo are always welcome.


Nannies said...

Isn't it immoral to put a picture of a nanny or a child on the internet, especially the nanny is charged with being incompetent? Some situations can be taken more than on way so be careful before you turn into the judge, jury and executioner.

Having said that, it is a very good idea to let a mother know if a nanny isn't doing her job properly. Making it public may not be the best way though.

curious said...

Then how do you propose letting the Parents know that their Nanny is sub-par?

MissMannah said...

Isn't it immoral for a nanny to be abusive to her charge? Come on! They are in public and on the clock. If they're doing something wrong, they deserve to be called out for it. If they aren't, then it doesn't matter anyway and the poster is just a busybody.

Ihatespammers said...


stop spamming for your lame-ass site. Immoral? Oh please. Don't make me laugh. Exposing crappy nannies publicly is more moral and admirable than soliciting parents' money with your craptastic blog.