Saturday, April 17, 2010
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.... WHAT?!

1) I need a sitter? (Norfolk)
Hello, My name is Katherine and I am in desperate need of a sitter for my two boys tomorrow? It's so last minute and not very responsible but my Husband and I are going to Busch Gradens was supposed to be a suprise but he left out one important detail..THE KIDS?
I have two boys. One is 2 and the other is 3. The 3 year old is potty trained and the 2 year old is learning. I WANT CHILDCARE in MY HOME. PLEASE. I would feel much better about them being cared for in my home. You are more than welcome to eat our food.....or watch the t.v. but our internet is broken so you will be without?
I will pay accordingly to the hours. You wont get ripped off I promise. Just take great care of my boys. PLEASE, O and dont steal my things...of course!!!
I live in Bakers Crossing off of Newtown and Virginia Beach Blvd. there is a park 10 steps from my house so you are free to take them over there if you want. I have plenty of toys and stuff for them to do. They play well with each other and wont ask much of you.
I need someone from about 8:45 or (9 on the dot) AM to about 4 maybe 5 pm or later on SAT. 04/17/10.
I prefer only woman ( sorry) and I would enjoy an older more experienced woman or maybe a responsible teenager.
Please if you email can you send a picture...PLEASE!!! THANKS FOR LOOKING.
Wish me LUCK.
SIncerely, Katherine (757)390-**** EMAIL- krdavis2009@****
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FameMissDee said...

I am wondering why #5 was even submitted. She sounds like a sweet mom who wants a good nanny.

I see the humor in #23. I have thought about hiring a "pet nanny" if I get a dog. lol For $400 a day, I would gladly apply for this position, even though I don't like cleaning.

Now #23 is insane if she expects someone qualified to come into her home and homeschool her 5 year old and provide activities for a 2 year old. Does this woman not understand that for someone to homeschool a child of this age it helps if that person has a degree in elementary education? A position that was available through one of our local nanny agencies here was looking for a homeschooling nanny to work with 7 year old, who, like this child was homeschooled. The position called for a nanny with a college degree in education. For a $100 a week, someone from Mc Donald's could apply and say they got a degree in education from a Happy Meal at Mc Donald's University.

MC2 said...

Apparently the person who submitted #5 has an issue with the name Harper...

I know three little Harpers (two boys and a girl) and I think it's a great name.

Other than that weird one, good posts this week!

j.d.c.f.b. said...

Seriously #14 is a major WTF! Just to be nosy, checked her out on Facebook, not the kind of girl that I would have watching any kids! Appears to be about 17 and possibly a mom herself.

Repost for ANONYMOUS said...


As a teacher this makes me very upset. You are a single mother that has to work, why on earth would you home school your child when you are not available to do so?? You then try to find someone to do it for you for peanuts. I have no idea if this kid is 5 going on 6(K age) or just turned 5 If the kid is in K, find it odd that the state would allow someone to homeschool in that situation. They do not allow it here. You have to have a parent that will be home m-F during ALL school hours or you have to hire a certified teacher to teach. Either way it is not good pay! Yes every parent has the right to decide where and how their child will be educated. In some cases you have to make a decision based on your means. If you can not pay for someone to come to your home to teach,then you need another option. If you are not happy with the public school find a private one. Some may have scholarships. I have no idea how much of the homeschooling you would be asked to do. In my opinion, it seems as if this person is trying to push off most if not all the teaching.

I also find it VERY odd that people go on CL saying they will pay 100/week for full time hours, but on the other hand if it is a date night they are willing to pay $8/hour. In what world it is fair to say I will pay you $2/hour one time and at least a somewhat decent wage the next time?

Apr 17, 2010 3:39:00 PM

Teacher in a Combat Zone said...


The homeschool regulations vary greatly from state to state. In most states there is little interference from the government/ state and, at least in my state, you do not even have to tell the local school system that you have a child that you are homeschooling.

I agree that if you do choose to homeschool, you should actually be able to stay home and do it, but no, there is nothing the state can do about it.

date night ninny said...

I'm not understanding why number 5 was submitted either? I have to agree, the mom sounds perfectly normal, and I definitely don't see anything wrong with posting a child's FIRST name when seeking a potential nanny or caregiver. I actually find it a lot more disturbing when parents are overly paranoid and use phrasing such as: "the boy" or "girl #3". I'm not certain if they think predators will search every "Jessica" in the City or what. LOL Childcare ads with odd usages for names can come across bizarre and be a lot more tedious to follow especially when multiple children are involved.

I found number 14 entirely confusing . . . her HOURLY rates are astronomically high for her area and "expertise" level, however her daily rates (not group packages) are pretty standard low daycare rates. $100 dollars a week, compared to $30 an hour, does not make any rational sense. Can she add? I'm wondering if she believes that her hourly rate will work because people will only want her for a short period of time (1 or 2 hours)? With that being said, she's absolutely off her rocker if she thinks any sane person is going to opt for her (seemingly subpar care) at $20 - $30 an hour, when they can snag her for a low flat rate of about $100 per week. (At $30 an hour, that'd be only just over three hours of care, verses a weeks worth)! Not to be rude, but she's coming across a few tools short of a set...

I found number 12 exceedingly endearing. I don't think she sounds crazy in the slightest. She sounds like a teenager (which she is) who is trying really hard to be imaginative, creative and fun! I know quite a few parents (especially during the summer months when it's vacation time) that would be happy to simply let their children play! I remember when I was about 16 years old I spent my summer babysitting a 5 year old girl, and our days were spent much like this - baking cookies, playing barbies, playing sports, making up dance routines, playing at the park, reading stories etc. I spent every summer with her until her family moved when I was 19, and she was 8. To this day (I'm now 26) I still get Holiday cards from her family. As long as a child is getting plenty of structured learning time (ie: during the school year etc) I honestly don't see a problem with having a "day camp" type environment during summer vacation.

My advice to number 23?: Good luck with that. I can only imagine the wonderful "teacher" she's going to get with her "generous" monetary offering. Here's a thought, if you can't homeschool your children your self, and you can't afford a private tutor, than guess what - you can't home school.

The multitude of mommies and daddies trying to pay babysitters and nannies daycare rates is absolutely appalling. Parents wake up! The reason daycares charge so little is because they watch multiple children! You can not pay a one on one caregiver the same rate as someone watching a room full of children. Pay livable wages, period! I shutter to think that some of these CL geniuses are going to be the next top news story! *GASP* "I can't believe she shook my baby to death!! I paid her a WHOLE dollar an hour, and she seemed so nice when I talked to her for 4 minutes before leaving my infant to go on a date!!"

... Gee, I wonder why the song from "The Wizard Of Oz" is currently blasting in my head - if I only had a brain!

Nanny Deb said...

I'm guessing that because the mom in #5 practically posted a map to her house, her child's name, and her own place of work, that ad was thiought to be less than safe.

Village said...

$400 a hour for PET SITTING? What am I missing?

re#5 said...

Giving an idea of where you live (surrounding areas) might not be the wisest idea, but it's also a huge exaggeration to say: "she pretty much gave a map to her house." I think the reason so many people were thrown off by that particular posting is because of the end note referring to the child's name. When reading the end note, I think the vast majority just assumed the posting was posted due to the child's name, or using a first name. I've seen a lot of ads where the parent mentions where they work, or the general vicinity in which they live however, mentioning both was probably unnecessary and should have been left for potential candidates only.

Lola said...

What's with the question marks in #1. It seems like they're only there when no question's been asked? Any one else notice that.

hungrycollegestudent said... found this response to #20.

NervousNanny said...

#12 was really cute. It sounds a lot like how I have tried to project myself as a young nanny.

#14-my first thought was that she charges the least for infants, which seems so odd to me. I feel like there is more care and attention involved. Either way, she went a little crazy on the rates and I doubt she'll be hired for that.

#19 is crazy thinking 50 hours a week at $275 is appropriate. As a college nanny, I am appalled that people think we don't need money! It's ridiculous.

#20 is also insane. I don't understand how people think what is paid at daycare is appropriate pay for a nanny who comes to your home. $20 a day? For nearly 12 hour days!