Saturday, April 10, 2010
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1) Looking for an attractive babysitter to babysit my child (Sacramento)
Hi, as you can read from the title I am looking for a beautiful and attractive babysitter that wouldn't mind watching my child while Im here at home. I have a lot to do around here and there are days when I can't do it all at the same time. Maybe we can exchange pics and go from there. If your interested, message me. This is a serious post so serious inquiries only, thank you and have a wonderful day :)
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ThatRedheadMissDee said...

So number 4 doesn't want to pay much in money....Does he perform his adult extracirricular activities that well he plans to pay with that in addition to the money? I wonder if he is related to Ron Jeremy. Gee, I would love a "paycheck" that makes me "scream and moan" not consisting of numbers and a bank. Anyone who takes this job should be careful and carry condoms with her to the "interview".

Admit it....Ya know ya missed me! lol

world's best nanny said...

What is up with Norfolk?

Notice: A mediocre nanny that was part of my playgroup has been fired (nanny cam caught her leaving a 8 month old alone with a propped up bottle and the baby rolled off the couch)
She has also been thrown out by her boyfriend Why? Who knows, but there are rumors about drug abuse.
Anyhow this is in the Wellesley, MA area. I don't want to use names but any future employer should know she is looking for a live in position, perhaps just for room and board. She is about 5'7" tall and very thin (110 lbs if she's lucky) Long brown and blond (foiled) hair. She drives a maroon colored Ford Taurus Station Wagon.

just another mommy said...

a 2 1/2 month old starting to walk with assistance? Yeah right!

VAnanny said...

WBN: Hey now! I'm from Norfolk. We aren't all crazy! =)

MB said...

The bottom has definitely fallen out of the childcare industry in this economy. People don't care who's watching their child as long as they are free and dirt cheap!
Bad times for professional nannies! I have been unemployed in the Milwaukee area for over a year and they just cut my unemployment to $200/week. My rent is $715/month! And when sitters agree to work for so cheap, the rest of us that need money to live on can't work!

Lola said...

Babysitting since 7 years old? Awesome! She's got as much experience as John, the guy who couldn't make it as a substitute teacher!

Lola said...

What's wrong with number 10?

MissDee said...

MB: I didn't know there were a lack of available nanny jobs in Milwaukee. When I lived there (2000-2007) there seemed to be more jobs. I did find, however, that parents were looking for the cheapest nanny and sometimes would meet with you, and they dropped off the face of the earth. Have you tried any of the agencies there to find work? Another suggestion I have is

teacher in a Combat Zone said...

Lola- Have you ever been a substitute teacher?

It's one of the hardest jobs around, especially at the upper elementary, middle and high school level.

Lola said...

Oh I wasn't dissing teachers, no way! Teaching is one of the MOST respectable positions of all. And I have been an assistant teacher for middle school, so, in a way, yes.

I just thought the ad was weird, he did a little substitute teaching in the 80's? What happened there, why didn't he become a teacher? As a parent I would question this. And it was comparing the 10 years experience with the girl who had been babysitting since age 7. Really, geesh, my space bar is jenky and so this was rather annoying to type.

Good day to you.

NervousNanny said...

29 and 35-Seriously people? I don't understand how parents are even considering childcare for such a low rate. What kind of care do they expect.

29-Even when I was 12 years old and babysitting, I was still paid minimum wage-granted it was like $5 or something at the time, but nonetheless it was at least what others were making at "real" jobs.

$35-I respect that she's a student and needs help, but I think at that low of a rate, she's better off with a friend or family member. Especially for $2 an hour! No one can live on that.

NervousNanny said...

I meant #35, not $35. I hate when I miss typos...

Live Freaks said...

If my two month old could walk, I would try and get them a job with the Freak Show at the Brockton Fair.