NYC - Courtyard of the St. Jean's Community Center at 76th and 3rd

112009 sad face
When: jan 26, around midday
Where: nyc, in the courtyard leaving the st. jean's community center at 76th & 3rd
Who: nanny: AA, black jacket, black hat.
Child: adorable boy, maybe 2 or 3, brown hair, beautiful blue eyes, named Conner or something like that (heard another nanny say good-bye to him as she left)
Incident: Nanny had forgotten something inside and just walked inside and left the child outside by himself to go get it. I was there, but I'm a complete stranger and I was walking away. Another person in the courtyard who was going into the center looked at me, as if to say how could you leave that child, until she saw the nanny come back outside. The little boy was alone for only a few seconds, but I wouldn't want my nanny to leave my baby alone in public at all. What if I was some crazy person? She could have very easily rolled the child back in to get whatever she forgot. Even the little boy was looking around confused. I really hope the parents see this post.


missmannahhasamangina said...

I think this is a great siting. I am such a freak about leaving children, especially under school-age children, unattended even for a moment.

Great job OP: hope the parents see this!

Manhattan Nanny said...

Yes, it is foolish to leave a child alone for one second in NYC. A few years ago a mom was arrested here for leaving her child sleeping in a stroller outside a restaurant, where she could watch him through the window. She was from Denmark where this is common practice.
It is possible this nanny is from someplace where this wouldn't be given a second thought.
If your nanny is from another country/culture, it is a good idea to go over the basic safety practices you want her to follow.

AMom said...

I am in the minority, and i live in NYC. She stepped away from him for a second or two? And she was what, 2 or 3 feet away? Come on!

this is totally different IMO from leaving a baby outside in a stroller while you sit down and eat inside

NanGal said...

I'm sorry AMom but it the nanny should know better than to leave the child. It doesn't matter how far she is away from the child, what matters is that she can't SEE the child. If she walked into a building the child was obviously out of her eyesight which is dangerous anywhere but especially dangerous in a big city.

wise up said...


it only takes one time. I live in a much smaller city than new york and I am a mom and a nanny and I would never leave any child unattended: my own or someone else's. it is just common sense.

AMom said...

I don't remember reading that the nanny walked into a building. I thought the Op said that she walked away from the child for a second or two, let me go back and read it. I was under the impression that the child was left outside a gate and the nanny went inside the gate for 2 seconds.

If she went into a building, then, she was wrong IMO. If she stepped away form the child for a few seconds and was within a foot or two of the child while they were both outside, then, no, she wasn't wrong IMO. Will go back and read now

AMom said...

My bad! I saw courtyard and thought the entire thing took place outside, sorry! She went inside a building, so, yes, she was wrong.

But, just to start more trouble. How many actual stranger abductions are there in the world nowadays? How often do you truly hear about a child/baby being snatched by someone other than family (aren't almost all amber alerts are non custodial parents).

ericsmom said...


One missing child is enough. I don't care about numbers and chances.
Tell the parent(s) of a missing child that. I can't even imagine.
What are the chances?? ARe you really willing to take any chances? I can't imagine a mom would feel this way?????

Psyber Chica said...


yes please tell us how you leave your child unattended and unbuckled and how you leave your doors to your home unlocked.

Reno Nanny said...

Does it honestly matter if it's a stranger or a family member taking the child?

Even if it is a parent, the child has still been kidnapped and wouldn't have been if a responsible adult had been watching him or her. The fact that most Amber alerts are about a parent is more frightening than comforting, that just means that the parent is a danger to harm or murder the child. I don't think that is ANY comfort to the people who lawfully had custody of the kidnapped child.

world's best nanny said...

I was in the grocery store yesterday and a Dad lost track of his daughter. She was laying face first between 2 closed registers.

Anyone could've walked off with her and she probably has Ebola now, from laying on that nasty floor.