Saturday, January 30, 2010
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.... WHAT?!

1) Nanny to accompany us to Maui (Seattle)
We have a seat on Alaska Airlines and resort accommodations for our ten day stay in Maui (Kihei & Kaanapali) from February 8-18, 2010. You would only need to pay for airfare ($400), food, and any trip incidentals & activities for yourself. Just so you know this isn't a scam, you can wait until we all check-in for our flight before paying us for the airfare. In that event we would only ask that you have cash. Our original nanny had to back out, so we are posting this ad with the hope someone is interested in exchanging a ten day stay in Maui in a 4 star resort for occasional nanny/daycare services while we're in Maui. The nanny will be traveling with us for our 7 month old son. We are a family of four, but want to enjoy spending more time with our 14 year old daughter, who will appreciate Maui more than our 7 month old son. You will not have to watch him constantly, but you should expect that you will be watching him mostly during the day time, with a few evenings throughout the trip. Our son is a pretty happy baby, with no health concerns. He weighs about 21 pounds, and has the usual needs of a 7 month old. If you have ANY criminal convictions please do not bother responding to this ad.
We have the following additional requirements of all applicants:
1) Female
2) Non-smoker
3) No major health concerns or physical limitations
4) Possess a current first aid and CPR for infants certification
5) Possess a current State of Washington ID or driver license
Please have your current certifications / licenses in hand if invited to meet with us in person. We look forward to hearing from any serious inquiries.
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2) Re: Nanny to accompany us to Maui (Seattle)
Are you kidding? The nanny has to pay for their own airfair, and for extras? You are only paying for the hotel? Sounds like you want free labor so you can galavant all over and not have to pay attention to your child! If you don't want to be bothered why not just have your current nanny keep him home? Of course, THEN you would have to actually pay her. Pathetic that you want someone to pay for the privilege of taking care of your child.
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dead and spicy said...

My boyfriend and I are laughing our asses off at these posts, especially the ones that say "childcare needed tonight." WTF is right!!!!! my bf is so funny: he just said, "I'll come over and watch your kid and give them fake references and you won't check them because you want to go out tonight and party, and I'll come over and kill your kids and turn them into Chili and when you come home your kids will be dead and spicy." lololol!!!

in all seriousness, it's true: what are these people thinking? and so many of the ads say they need a sitter until 3am: maybe you should not have had kids if all you want to do is go out partying. sheesh. so sad!!!!!

MC2 said...

dead and spicy... hahaha that's sick but too funny! if only these parents had a clue.

Village said...

RE the first ad, I wonder why the regular nanny backed out and decided not to go? That says it all. And they want CASH at the airport? I just don't have words for that. Maybe I do. RUN RUN RUN.

nannyneedsanap said...

#1 is crazy! They are making it sound like some great deal, when really all you get is a free hotel room. Yeah, I want to pay to go on vacation with a family I don't know and hang out with their baby. I'd suggest using the hotel's babysitting service in order to spend some time alone with their daughter. No one can really be crazy enough to go for this.

Manhattan Nanny said...

Dear # 1. Yes, I want to pay $400 to be cooped up in a hotel room caring for an infant round the clock, not to mention on two long plane flights. Do you really want to intrust your baby to someone who is stupid enough to do this?

I'm betting their nanny is going to use the time they are gone to look for a new job!

cali mom said...

#1, what an asshole. You'd only have to pay what, like $1500 or so to be allowed to watch someone else's child day and night for 10 days straight?

#2, "Tiwana"? Oh well, too late to get her spayed.

#7, ditto.

#12, same as #1, only the "bargain rate" for this one is that YOU only have to pay $800/mo for the privilege of being on the clock 45 hours a week. Has anyone ever told people that it works the OTHER way-that is, they pay the employee, not vice versa?

#22, 24, and so many of the similar ones: Would you walk into a fancy steakhouse and ask to be seated, then explain to the waiter that since you are a single mom and money is tight, you'd like the filet mignon with lobster for yourself and your date and a bottle of the finest Italian burgundy, but you are only "able" to pay $3.50 for the entire meal, so don't come back with a ridiculous charge on the bill because you just can't afford that? Just disgusting.

wtf is right said...

I didn't realize MLK Day and St. Patrick's Day were really on the same tier in the holiday hierarchy. I'm so sad right now.

lala said...

You know, i'm all for pointing out how messed up and dangerous it is to expect childcare tonight for cheap! But a woman isn't an animal to be "gotten spayed" by others because her name is Tiwana, or for that matter, for any other reason.

cali mom said...

If she's dumb as a dog, she is. And once you post publicly, you better expect to be judged by what you write. Unless you're dumber than a dog, of course.

djembé said...

#6: "For a 7 yr old boy that is under constant prayer."


WTH does that mean? Is he undergoing an exorcism while he's not at school?

lala said...

cali mom, what does that have to do with being named Tiwana? what does her name have to do with your judgment of her actions? what is it about the name Tiwana that you deem to be animalistic, exactly?

NoLongerAChurchGoer said...

djembé -

Having grown up in a Lutheran household with a very religious mom, I can safely say that the boy being constantly prayed over probably either has a behavioral problem and acts up in church and school, or he has an inquisitive nature, so he questions everything, including stuff he's being taught about Christianity. When you're a kid, you're supposed to be "like a child" and just accept what the adults tell you about God and Jesus without asking questions, and if you don't, then the Devil is obviously influencing you and leading you astray (I wish I was kidding about this, honestly, but I've witnessed this kind of reasoning in the adults teaching Sunday School first-hand before I turned 18 and stopped going to church).

Being agnostic, I'd just like to say that I have nothing against the Christian God, I just don't like his fan club.

non practicing catholic said...


Oh my freaking god: well said! bravo!

great post I hope everyone reads it.

cali mom said...

Lala, "Tiwana" was obviously born of parents dumb enough to give her a name like "Tiwana" (unless she chose the name for herself), and it's right up there with "Latrina". (aka Toileta, for those with a limited enough vocabulary that they have never encountered the word "latrine" or its definition in the English language.

So, perhaps Ms. Tiwana did NOT inherit her parents' limited education, IQ or apparent level of intelligence, perhaps she will actually be the next Nobel nominee for her contributions to humanity, but given her post on craigslist, where she screams in all caps, obviously lacking a basic grasp on English grammar, punctuation and spelling, (not to mention an appalling lack of common sense or regard for her children's safety), I'd say the circumstantial evidence suggests that she is dumber than a stick, with a name to match.

cali mom said...

And to correct my original post, she is post #3, not 2.

takeachillpillcali! said...

calimom-you must still be having financial problems. You are so angry and bitter. Life is not that bad! You could have it wayyyyyyyyyy worse. Just saying!

My POV said...

Shit, I thought Calimom was funny as hell and right on in getting her point across. Maybe everyone else needs to lighten up!

missmannahhasamangina said...

I agree: I love CaliMom and what she has to say.

Lindsey (aka Shaniqua) said...

Did we just get spammed? LOL

cali mom said...

Pillchick must be having her monthlies, or if not, just having another flare-up of her vivid imagination.

Tiwana's stupidity bears no relation on my financial status, but thanks for speculating :).

Oh and spammers, stuff it!

djembé said...

NoLongerAChurchGoer - thanks for the clarification on that!

Village said...

It is not a crime to be stupid or poor in this country.

nannyneedsanap said...

well said Cali Mom!

lala said...

As far as I can tell, the name Tiwana has nothing to do with toilets, so I'm still not at all sure why her name indicates that she or her parents are dumb or animalistic.

What is it about the name Tiwana, specifically, that means her parents are "dumb" or have "limited IQs"?

lala said...

Or to put it another way, an Elizabeth or Jessica looking for last minute child care in all caps would be just as dumb and should also be "spayed", right? So what does her name have to do with anything?

East Bay Nanny said...

OK, so I scanned through the comments before reading all the postings and HAVE to respond to the one about the kid getting prayed over (now that I've read the posting).

As a pretty conservative evangelical Christian, this one freaks me out. As much as I'd love to work for a family that shared my religious beliefs, I wouldn't touch these guys with a ten foot pole! I totally agree with the other posters on this one - the parents and the kid are wacked.

And once again I've been so, so entertained by all the parents who think they can get excellent care for slave wages. I wonder if they're surprised their nannies quit every few months and their kids don't seem quite right?

MissMannah said...

There are some really good ones this week! A $400 plane ticket for the privilege of taking care of their baby at the hotel? I can't believe someone would even have the gall to suggest that!

Cali Mom: I loved your allegory about going to a restaurant and trying to bargain to get a cheap price. But I did think your comment about Tiwana was unnecessarily mean. I have a cousin named Tana (pronounced Twana) and she is named after a lake her mother grew up near. Doesn't make them ignorant hicks.

My only question is why #4 was included. I might have missed something in it, but as far as I could see, it was just another ad from a parent looking for an in-home daycare. Nothing unusual about it.

VAnanny said...

Well said Miss Mannah. I usually enjoy Cali Mom's posts as well but thought the spaying/Tiwana/dog analogy was a little bit much. Well, more than a "bit much". Blatantly rude. Bring it on, Cali Mom. I know I will be viciously retaliated against for this comment but again, it is only an opinion.

cali mom said...

Keep fantasizing then, VA.

BTW, are the "recent comments" on the home page appearing blank most of the time for anyone else? I usually see the header, but only followed by the ads, no comments.

VAnanny said...

Fantasizing??? LOL!

Mommy2Four said...

To Lala: "But a woman isn't an animal to be "gotten spayed" by others because her name is Tiwana, or for that matter, for any other reason."

Well, while I agree being spayed like an animal because your name is Tiwana is a bit harsh, i have to disagree with you on the "or for any other reason" part. I'm a mother to four amazing, beautiful kids.... two of which I've given birth to. The other two I've adopted. The oldest is one of 6 biological kids, all of whom have been removed, one by one, before the kids get to be 3 years old, because of abuse and neglect. The second oldest is one of five children.... all of the other kids have also been removed and are in fostercare... one by one. The scary thing is, this mama is only 25, so who knows how many babies she's gonna bring into this world before she's done. All these poor kids have struggles, because she abuses her body with drugs while she's pregnant. ....... there are definatly some people out there who need to be spayed and neutered like animals....

omg said...


you are scary. very, very scary. This is America. And your views are disgusting. I feel sorry for your kids.