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.... WHAT?!

1) Nanny to accompany us to Maui (Seattle)
We have a seat on Alaska Airlines and resort accommodations for our ten day stay in Maui (Kihei & Kaanapali) from February 8-18, 2010. You would only need to pay for airfare ($400), food, and any trip incidentals & activities for yourself. Just so you know this isn't a scam, you can wait until we all check-in for our flight before paying us for the airfare. In that event we would only ask that you have cash. Our original nanny had to back out, so we are posting this ad with the hope someone is interested in exchanging a ten day stay in Maui in a 4 star resort for occasional nanny/daycare services while we're in Maui. The nanny will be traveling with us for our 7 month old son. We are a family of four, but want to enjoy spending more time with our 14 year old daughter, who will appreciate Maui more than our 7 month old son. You will not have to watch him constantly, but you should expect that you will be watching him mostly during the day time, with a few evenings throughout the trip. Our son is a pretty happy baby, with no health concerns. He weighs about 21 pounds, and has the usual needs of a 7 month old. If you have ANY criminal convictions please do not bother responding to this ad.
We have the following additional requirements of all applicants:
1) Female
2) Non-smoker
3) No major health concerns or physical limitations
4) Possess a current first aid and CPR for infants certification
5) Possess a current State of Washington ID or driver license
Please have your current certifications / licenses in hand if invited to meet with us in person. We look forward to hearing from any serious inquiries.
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2) Re: Nanny to accompany us to Maui (Seattle)
Are you kidding? The nanny has to pay for their own airfair, and for extras? You are only paying for the hotel? Sounds like you want free labor so you can galavant all over and not have to pay attention to your child! If you don't want to be bothered why not just have your current nanny keep him home? Of course, THEN you would have to actually pay her. Pathetic that you want someone to pay for the privilege of taking care of your child.
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4) Child Care Needed (Norfolk)
I am looking for child care for my one year old daughter from 7:30 am until about 6:45pm.
I also have a five year old daughter who is in school and will need to join her sister after school. I would pick her up from school at 2:30pm and drop her off.
I would need breakfast and lunch provided for my one year old, also activities that are age appropriate that help her learn and develop, I will be the one to work with my school aged child on her school work, however any activities that you may have that would further her education are welcome, but not expected.
I would need child care for the holidays that are not "big ones” (Martin Luther King Jr. Day; St. Patrick's Day etc.)
I am a laid back mom most of the time, but I do set the bar very high for my children when it comes to their behavior and I have a very very low tolerance for back talk, attitude, and/or bad manners. On this I will not bend and I expect that this bar to be up held when care is given to them.
I am by no means a morning person so I do not want to get out of bed any earlier than absolutely necessary there for I am looking for somebody who is close to Rosemont Elementary School I would prefer if I could stay close to this area. If you are interested please contact me after 7:00pm 757 – 468 – **** OR e-mail me at any time. Thank you Stefanie G****
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5) Babysitter wanted for tonight (Saturday) (D.C.)
My niece couldn't babysit for us as planned. We are looking for a babysitter this evening from around 6 pm till 11pm. We are also looking for someone who can babysit on an ongoing basis.
We have one five year old daughter who is very easy to care for. We live in a single family home near South Lakes Shopping center close to Oakton and Vienna. Please respond with a resume/ experience if interested. Pay $11 per hour.
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6) Older married, God fearing, Christian woman needed for Babysitter (Colorado)
For a 7 yr old boy that is under constant prayer. He needs a prayful person. He needs to be picked up from school and watched for a hour or two on various days and possibly the whole day on fridays. Please call 970 231 ****.
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7) I need a sitter 2Night! (Mansfield)
Ok, looking to go out with friends tonight I have a 19mo boy who gose to bed eurley and sleeps good I just need someone to come over and feed him change his diaper put him down to bed and thats all. easy enough getting payed wile my child sleeps. I will need you from about 9 till 2:30 or 3. e-mail me your prices. thank you
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8) Child care you name the price (Norfolk)
I am a 18 year old mother to a 16 month old. I watch my 21 month old little sister and have been since she was 6 weeks old. I will watch your child(ren) part time, full time, date nights etc.
you name the price!!!!
I have NO pets im not a smoker but my parents are but they dont smoke near the baby's.
We have a playroom FULL of toys for kids of ALL ages the room has letters and numbers all over it for learning.
Our house is VERY clean has cabinet locks & door locks so their is no getting into anything.
Please email me if you need someone to watch over your child!
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9) Need a sitter for tomorrow in my home (Sacramento)
I need of a sitter tomorrow for my 5 children. I have a conference in SF tomorrow and must leave at 6am.

I will need children to be dropped off at school by (4) 7:30am and (1) to daycare and picked up (2) at 2:30pm and (3) from daycare at 4:30p. You have access to my vehicle. I will be returning around 9pm or sooner. You will not need to provide services during the time the children are in school. Rate of pay is $10/hr. If you are interested, please email me your experience and phone number. You must be able to meet with me today. Thank you!
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10) Childcare needed for overnight tonight (Norfolk)
I am looking for an experienced and CPR certified individual to care for my 6 year old daughter overnight tonight. I am looking for care from around 6:00pm until around 8:00am tomorrow morning. If you reside in the Newport News and Hampton area, please respond with your rates.
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11) I am looking for last minute childcare this evening (Norfolk)
I am going out to dinner with a group of coworkers and I am in need for somebody who is dependable, reliable and experienced to watch my daughter ( 6 years of age) this evening.
You must reside in the Hampton, Newport News, Yorktown area. If you are available, please respond with your price. I check my emails frequently. Thanks again
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12) Discount Housing for Babysitter (D.C.)
Hi welive in Fairfax, VA & own a 2BR/2.5 BA 3-level Townhouse property in the Princeton Woods neighborhood of Dumfries, VA

We're looking for a M-F, 9-6 baby sitter to babysit 2 kids (infant & toddler) at our home in Fairfax, VA in exchange for discounted rent at our Dumfries Townhouse.

Townhouse will be ready For Move in 2/5 maybe earlier.

Discounted rent is $800/month with $800 security deposit.
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13) Re: Discounted Housing for Babysitter (D.C.)
It's very possible that this townhouse is a gem of a house, but we are talking about Dumfries, so I doubt it. I checked the townhouses on Craigslist, and most of them go for, at most, $1200. Mind you, those are three bedrooms. Unless this is a special gem of a house, the most a common person would rent it for would be $1200. That's $400 a month savings to drive north from Dumfries to Fairfax at 8am for 45 hours a week to watch two kids. That's roughly a little more than $2 an hour (not including the rush hour drive times) to watch two kids for a reduced rent, assuming you would find the townhouse to be a steal at $1200. Seriously?
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14) Re: Discounted Rent for Babysitter (D.C.)
You people are ridiculous. I saw this posting originally last weekend, and you're probably wondering why you haven't received many, if any, responses. You're basically expecting someone to pay you to watch your kids. If they're watching your kids full-time, how are they going to make the money to pay the rent??? Okay, maybe you get a couple in there where one actually works for money, but you get what you pay for, which is you pay nothing so expect nothing in return while this person watches your children.
I suggest: Reducing the rent even more (to $400) if you want a response and not ask them to watch your children full-time but only expect 25-30 a week. Be realistic, would you respond to an ad like that???
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.... HOW MUCH?!

15) Experienced Nanny for $50 a week (Norfolk)
I am currently seeking a position as a live in nanny. The family I am with now has had a change of schedule and no longer needs my services. In return for 40 hours a week of childcare, cooking, and light housekeeping I would like the following
An unfurnished room big enough for me and my child to share
Cable/Satellite TV
Wireless high speed internet
Kitchen and laundry privileges
A safe place to park my vehicle
A separate bath would be nice, but it is not a deal breaker.
I have my own furniture. I can provide my own transportation and help out with groceries. I will provide all of my personal needs.
I can provide a criminal check, driving record and references upon request.
I am available for immediate hire.
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16) Nanny (Pittsburgh)
I am a mother of five. I am looking for someone to not only watch my two youngest, but to tend to them. I am prefer for someone with a vehicle. I would need you from 7am-4pm monday through friday. Your job would be to care for the little ones and watch the others for a short amount of time after school. There is also some light housework involved. If you think you could be responsible for this please contact sherri @ 412 886-**** $20 per day
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17) Nanny Needed (Sacramento)
Nanny needed from 7:50am until about 5:30 pm. M-F with thursdays until 3:30. Pay will be $200 a week as I am a single mom who was forced to go back to work and this is all I can afford. There are 4 children, however 3 of them are in school for the majority of the day and my 3 yr old who isn't takes a 2-3 hour nap everyday at noon. So basically it is childcare for one child all day. This is perfect for a student taking night classes or someone who would like to supplement their income. Very easy job with well behaved children. Must not smoke and you have to have very reliable transportation. Also, cpr trained and experience is necessary. I will not be claiming the childcare at tax time so it will benefit you as this will be under the table money for you. I do not need someone to clean my home but you must keep it maintained, meaning keep it picked up. Please email me at van6942@**** and attach a resume and some information about yourself. Thank you.
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18) Childcare NEEDED in Loveland (Colorado)
hi i am looking for someone to watch my three year old son!! i am looking for someone who is fun, loving, energetic, patients, and reliable. i will need someone on the weekends not every weekend!! days and hours will vary. earliest will be 630 am to no later than 3 or 4pm i havent worked that in a long time but it is up to the time they can keep me too. there are somedays where its only three hours. but all shifts will be in the mornings never at night. i am looking to pay about 20 dollars a day!! i would perfer for you to watch my son at my house. my son is very fun loving and caring he is not potty trained and doesnt really talk so obviously being comfortable changing a diaper is a must and patients as well. you will not be needed tues and thurs because thats when he has pre-school . i dont want someone to just put him in front of a tv i would rather you interact with him!! i hope i find the best person possible!! thank you for your interest have a great day!!
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19) CHILDCARE NEEDED for 13mo old $250-$500 (New York)
We are a professional couple in their early 30's with a 13 month old son. We live at the Savoy Park Residences on 140th and Lenox Ave. We are looking for a childcare provider to care for our little toddler during work hours. You can be a college student, single mom, grandma etc... The ideal candidate would be a woman that has a child or toddler herself and accepts our little one into her home for playdates.

Part time: 3 days a week. These days are flexible and can be adjusted to your schedule, but it needs to be at least 3 days a week.
One of these days can be on the weekend, if preferred. The hours would be a 8 hours / a day for 3 days a week.
We offer $ 250.00 a month part time. That's 12 days a months or 96 hours. Perfect for a stay at home mom to make a little extra cash.

Full time: If you're interested in providing full time child care for us, we would need you MO-FRI 8am-7pm. Our work hours are 9am-6pm.
Again, the ideal candidate would be a woman that has a child or toddler herself and accepts our little one into her home. You cannot live in a tiny studio. We prefer someone with a somewhat spacious environment. You must be willing to take the child outside to the playground or just for a walk every once in a while. We offer $500.00 a month.

Evening Add on - We are offer $15/ hr for Saturday/ Sunday in evening babysitting fee. Times can be agreed upon. This might only be requested once a month for a dinner or a night out.

Thank you so much.
Please email us expressing your interest.
Tell us a little about yourself and your experience with children.
You don't need to be a professional. If you're a mommy that's professional enough for us, lol
Criminal Backround check will be conducted.
We prefer you to live above 40th street and below 145th in Manhattan.
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20) WANTED a babysitter for Friday night (Minneapolis)
Looking for a babysitter for Friday night from about 9pm-3am or earlier. It would better for me if you could watch my child in your home. As I could drop off and pick up. You must have experience and love kids. I can afford $30-$40 for that time frame. Please email asap if you interested with your experience and a time tomorrow so that we can meet and greet each other before. *You must live in Eagan, inver grove, or apple valley, or West St Paul. Thanks
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21) Looking for a Nanny (Sacramento)
I am looking for a nanny for the hours of 7 am to 4 pm monday thru friday
I need someone who is extremely experienced with infants/toddlers
my daughter will be 1 on the 10th
I would like this person to watch my daughter in my apartment so she still has the secrurity of being in her own home
I want someone who also has there CPR classes done and is certified.
I am willing to pay 120 weekly since we are on a budget i cant afford more.
I have found full service day cares that will take her for only 100 weekly but i just really want her in her own home
I need to feel completly comfertable with this person and if i dont i can assure you that you wont be watching my daughter
I dont mean to come off in a bad way i am just a very loving mother who wants her daughter in the best care possible.
you can reach me via email
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22) Why can't I find a Nanny for $4 an hr? (Seattle)
Funny, I see lots of ads where people ask the nanny to watch the kids in their own homes for this amount. I would like to know if anyone really gets any decent help for that.
Clearly I have no right asking such a thing and should be putting them in a daycare for that price, but I work late hours, and don't want to wake them up at 10pm. Plus the extra $ for my driving to drop off and pick up is a negative!
I have 3 kids, so I don't really want any more brought along, and I would like someone who is experienced, will play and pay attention to them, and will help keep the house clean. (At least don't make a bigger mess, I work hard and don't want to clean when I come home. It's pretty messy already with 3 kids of course! I can't afford a maid, so I just got used to the mess. The nanny can too I'm sure, if she doesn't want to clean for free!)
I would pay the $16 an hour that I used to, but I'm now a single mom and just can't afford it anymore. I just want to know if I can expect some freak for that amount, and if daycare IS a better option. I just want the best for my sweet babies, and 4 dollars an hour is it!
I guess you could bring your kids if necessary, but 3 is already a handful, and I don't want a stressed out nanny who may seem to like her children more than my little angels! Sometimes it's only two kids while one's at school, but I never find 5 minutes for myself on the weekends, so I'm sure she won't either. As I said, I want a fun happy nanny! Just wondering if anyone has found a "normal" nanny for that amount, and what I should do. Thanks!
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23) Re: Why can't I find a Nanny for $4 an hr? (Seattle)
GET REAL! $4 an hour for a nanny for THREE kids? Sorry that you are in a position to be a single parent, but that is not NEAR enough for a nanny. I made $12 for TWO kids and even that is low compared to what some people charge. A nanny is not just a babysitter. They are part of the family. They help with homework, crafts, kid's laundry, toy clean-up, running them to sports, or other activities, etc. If you can't afford a nanny you could apply for DSHS and send them to daycare or home daycare that accepts DSHS, but don't expect a nanny to do all that is listed above for less than poverty wages!
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24) In Search of Outstanding Childcare (Norfolk)
Hello, I am returning to work and am currently looking for care for our 10 month old daughter, preferably in Virginia Beach. My husband and I will both be working full time M-F so we would need care for an average of about 40-50 hours a week (EITHER YOUR HOME OR OURS) As parents, we are easy going but I find it helpful to be up front with exactly what we are looking for. So here goes...
We need an experienced caregiver who truly enjoys working with children. CPR/First Aid certification is not required, however a basic knowledge of it is! Excellent references are required. An open door policy is also extremely important to us, especially if she will be staying in your home. We are looking for someone who has a knowledge of child development and uses it to enrich the lives of children. Interaction and stimulation are a must! Of course we'd like a good blend of independent and interactive times!
If care will be given in your home, we are looking for a safe and clean environment. Smoke-free is a definite need and pet-free is preferable (unless of course there is a way to limit exposure to pets!). Since our daughter is a crawler, the entire area must be child-proofed. As stated before, an open door policy is required when our child is in your care.
If you are interested in coming to us, some friends of ours have an arrangement that works well for them that we would be interested in pursuing. The rate would be $2.75 an hour with a minimum of $110 a week. Perfect for a retired caregiver!
So thanks for reading this and if you are interested, please send me an e-mail with your location and also what a typical day for a 10 month old in your care would include! :)
Thanks again and have a wonderful day!
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25) Re: In Search of Outstanding Care (Norfolk)
I have to respond to your posting looking for outstanding child care for your 10 month old. You said you were looking for 40-50 hours of care a week, either in your home or the providers home. You were "looking for someone who has a knowledge of child development and uses it to enrich the lives of children. Interaction and stimulation are a must! Of course we'd like a good blend of independent and interactive times!". But yet, you are only willing to pay $2.75 an hour? Are you serious?? Do you realize that the legal minimum wage is almost three times that much? If you are wanting someone to travel to your home for a FULL work week but only pay them $2.75 an hour....that is both ridiculous and horribly unfair, maybe even illegal. If they stayed at your house for 10 hours a day they would only make $27.50....for the WHOLE day. Do you work a full day for just $27.50? I doubt it. I seriously doubt you would work a 40-50 hour week for only $2.75 an hour. The preschool I used to work at charges $270 a week for care for a 10 month old. That is standard in child care centers. I am an in-home child care provider myself. It is both insulting and demeaning for someone to suggest that we take such little pay to care for your most precious possession....your child. If your family is unable to pay a fair wage to the person caring for your child, then maybe one of you should quit your job and stay home with them. I'm not trying to bash you....just trying to make you realize that you CANNOT pay a person that little money for the time and work they would put into the 40-50 hours they work caring for your child. At that little pay, you are only going to find a babysitter that sits your child in front of a tv all day....not a provider with the qualifications you listed. Good luck to you in finding what you are looking for.
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26) Re: In Search of Outstanding Care.... LOL (Norfolk)
I understand that we as parents turn to in home child care because it is significantly cheaper than a center. But O MY GOSH. $2.75 per hour?? For a TEN MONTH OLD? You are joking, aren't you? Wow. And to list all of the qualifications you want...I am actually a provider, and I wouldn't work for that. Period. I have also taken my child to a center, where I paid $160 per week, and he's 3 years old!! Maybe you really just don't know what the going rates for childcare are, but wake up honey, no one's working for that amount of money.
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