Saturday, January 23, 2010
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.... WHAT?!

1) BDSM lifestyle couple seeking babysitter/au pair (UWS/New York)
BDSM couple living in Manhattan seeks kinky babysitter or au-pair. We have a 3 bedroom apt near Columbia U., so this could be a great opportunity for a student. We may be looking for someone to travel with the mom or both of us in the future as well. Room and board provided for au pair. We might end up looking for just a baby sitter if we don't find the right live in situation.
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MissMannah said...

I don't have time to read them all right now so I'll just comment on the first one: ew, just ew. Who would respond to something like that??

nannyneedsanap said...

Number two, it would be like so awesome if you learned how to spell awesome!

Lola said...

"The hours would be from 4am til 1:30 possibly 2pm. The rate is 20 dollars a day."

"So you MUST have your own transportation. Now I did mention the rate is 20 a day so as much as 100 a week but there are days my husband watches them so you may only make 60 a week or so."

"It breaks their heart when someone leaves their lives and I wont let you do that to them."

Well this is a no brainer. Your children's hearts will be broken all their childhoods, with pay like that. So you ARE letting someone do that to them. YOU are exactly the reason this will happen to them. You CANNOT expect to work, have two children under 5, pay less money than it would cost to maintain one vehicle, and have a childcare provider, with a car, work in your home 3-5 days a week for $20 a day, and expect to keep sitters from coming in and out of your children's lives. Crackheads are just NOT that reliable!

missmannahhasamangina said...

i bet you would, miss mannah.

just another mommy said...

And crackheads need more than $20 a day to keep up their habit.

Jenn said...

Number 1 still makes me laugh. I love how they say they might be looking for "just a babysitter" if they can't find the right live in situation. I have several friends who are job searching and I sent the link to them just to make them laugh at the craziness that is on craigslist.

ChiNanny said...

So #21 justifies the low pay because the 4 year old is in preschool and the 18 month old naps? Does she start preschool at 4 am?

And looking for someone who works the night shift to then watch your children. So a person is supposed to work all night, then be with your kids all day and sleep when? While they're watching your children?

Some people are so dumb it scares me.

MissMannah said...


I'm beginning to suspect you've followed me here from a different forum. That's ok. Trolls are always amusing.

crazies said...

just another mommy-
ha, that was my first thought, too. No way you would get a crackhead to commit to 9 hours with 2 kids for $20 bucks. They need quick cash.

I really do wonder how people can justify that? I mean, I know finances are very tight for many people, but what entitles you to high quality care when you are paying $2 per hour? They should try this same philosophy when looking for housing- "Yes, I'd like such-and-such a house, but I'll only pay $18,000 for it, because from 8:30-6:30 pm, I'll be at work and won't even be using it."

Village said...

'Your day ends when mine does'. Stay away from that. It sent chills up my spine. Hey Mom, the children are not the nanny's. Your day will never end. Hers will.

just another mommy said...

Village, I think what that one was referring to was that when her day at her other job ended, the nanny would be off the hook because the mom would be home to take care of her kids. But I could be wrong.

LOLOL!!! said...

"It breaks their heart when someone leaves their lives and I wont let you do that to them."

LOLOL! She won't let you do that to them? Oh I see. So if you take this job, you can never quit. It's like, America, lady! You are a freaking dumbass!!!!! loloolololol

cali mom said...

What is is with people who never realized until 10 hours beforehand that they would need someone to care for their children while they work or go to school FT? And wtf is it with people who think "free rent" (with a required minimum deposit) is acceptable "pay" for 50 hours of work a week? "Free" food, "free" rent and utilities. Great, so tampons and toilet paper would be paid for from the nanny's savings account? What about cell phone plan? A movie with a friend? Oh yeah, that "night job" from 8pm to 4am should cover all those extravagances.

woof said...

I know, Cali mom. Let's see if they would take a job in exchance for rent/mortgage alone. They would look at you as if you were crazy to even suggest such a thing. But a nanny is apparently not a real human being: she is just a dog who needs a mere roof over her head and she will be tickled pink. woof. woof.

Huynh Minh said...

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