Madison Sq. Park by the Fountain - NY

Received Friday, December 4, 2009
112009 sad face Haitan Nanny wearing Levi denim jacket, red shirt, dragging a 4 yr old boy by his arm. The boy was blonde with long hair, wearing a green jacket and brown boots with a light up tractor on them. 3:30 PM, Thurs Dec 3.


Samantha said...

How do you know the nanny was Haitian? Did she run down the block screaming "I'm Haitian"? What was she draped in a Haitian flag or was the word "Haitian" tattooed across her forehead?

NanGal said...

She probably could tell from what the nanny looked like...If you're from that part of the world you'd realize there are differences

ericsmom said...

Honestly, sometimes I have to do this with my son. If he is not listening. Or could get hurt.

We need more information

Nv Nanny said...

The point of the site is to let the parents know something was seen with their child and nanny, not for people who don't know either of them to be entertained by the stories.

There is enough information there for the parents to identify their child, and decide if they think it is okay or not for their kid to be dragged around or talk to their nanny about it.

ericsmom said...

oh please most of us are here for the entertainment. I know I am. Because I never had a nanny or babysitter for my child