Saturday, December 12, 2009
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.... WHAT?!

Feature Ad:
1) Single African, Carribean, Black Amer or Black Latina Nanny Wanted (NY)
Youthful filmmaker with day job, 52 y.o., 5'11, 170-75, toned, progressive and kind, seeks thin African, Caribbean, Black American or Black Latina woman for LTR or marriage.

If you or anyone you know might be interested, please email me with your/her height and weight, and we'll take it from there. I have current pictures of me (fully clothed!) to send--just ask.

Excuse me for posting in the jobs section, but the Craigs List personals section is a sewer, and the woman I'm looking for, or someone she knows, searches in this section for work

Born in Brooklyn, raised in Queens, I've been privileged to live in San Diego, Nairobi, Honolulu, DC, Dallas, and Alabama. I've worked many day jobs, including as a college English professor.

I'm a down-to-earth, very smart (book and street), working-class guy. I prefer an ambitious woman who's seriously focused on her career or studies, and who reads more than she watches TV.

Also prefer a woman who's independent, can stand on her own, and feels she's a man's equal in all regards. I'm a good man looking for a good woman for an equal relationship with mutual love, friendship and nurturing. * Compensation: LTR or Marriage
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Honorable Mention:
2) Mommy Helper (New Jersey)
I'm looking for a female to help me around the house with some light cleaning ,my 4 yr old boy and cooking if you know how to cook.You will get payed daily.If you're a bi-fem that wouldn't mind playing also that would be a BIG ++++++. Just e-mail me back with if you're interested and with your rate.
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Special thanks to: JLow2474 for our Feature Ad and to northjerseynanny for the Honorable Mention... both Ads were great finds! Also, thank you to the following Contributors: Lindsay, VAnanny, MissDee, Meredith, MissMannah, Mary Carol, meezcrazi and cdhere25... all of you did a fantastic job this week! Remember, CL-WTF will be Posted every Saturday. Please send next weeks Ads HERE or use MEEBO.



just another mommy said...

#30 takes the cake. $1.59 an hour? Is she serious??

dadiswrongonthisone said...

Holy Mother of Cheapskates! This week's "how much" is the craziest one yet!

cali mom said...

Yeah, even birth control costs less than $1.59 an hour. Too bad this person didn't use any.

j.d.c.f.b. said...

If #30 is working 44 hours a week, she should be getting OT for those extra hours and able to pay a sitter a more reasonable amount of money.

Austin Nanny said...

The man looking to date a nanny and the Mommy's helper were downright creepy. I guess someone must be responding to the weird pervy ads, or people wouldn't post them.

MissDee said...

I calculated #23 to work 11 hours per day and get paid $25 per day-that comes to $2.27 per hour. Gas doesn't even cost $2.27 here in Madison, WI! It's $2.49-2.55/gal. A server or bartender makes $2.33 per hour, plus tips. Are these people including a tip jar in addition to the $2.227 wage, or is the "tip" that you get to drive their suv? Someone should give that family a "tip" and let them know exactly what a nanny should be paid!

Gimme Candy! said...

If #8 is for real I wonder if the mom had her own kids or did she hire someone to do that for her as well.

Too many people have kids as an accessory.

ineedcoffee1 said...

seriously gimme candy! that one really appalled me. Since that family literally wants to own a person's life, they better be willing to pay top dollar. I wouldn't take that job unless the starting salary was seven figures.

Regarding #2 said...

Is she looking 4 a lesbian?!?!

read said...

No, #2 is looking for a bi-female. She comes out and says that.

dadiswrongonthisone said...

I think it is extremely disrespectful to your children to use your childcare ad to double as a personal sex ad. It is disgusting if you ask me.

cali mom said...

OMG. #14...6 kids for 3.50hr???? They are insane.

#15...95 cents an hour???????

get off your high horse said...

I hate to bring this up again, but some people are really have a tough time right now and they cannot afford to pay much for daycare. Even if they apply for subsidy, they may be turned down for various reasons. They may not have family to turn to in order to help them out, so they are doing what they can to make a living and provide for their child(ren) the best way they know how. There may be a mom (or dad) that stays at home with their kids and is willing to help out for a few extra bucks a week and gives a mom (or dad) the freedom to make an honest living instead of living off the government. What would you prefer?

NOT on a high horse said...

get off your high horse:

if you can only afford a couple of dollars an hour for childcare then you will qualify for a childcare voucher. you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. I think people do not want to take the time and effort to apply for it. It is a time consuming process: I know this from experience. But if you truly are not getting enough household income for food, utilities, housing, or childcare, the government will help you. The only way people are turned down is if their income is too high. Sorry but it really is that simple. I am in no way on a high horse because I am on assistance myself: I work over 50 hours a week, doing childcare myself so that I can be with my own child. I am a single mother and when you apply for any kind of assistance (we only get fuel assistance and food stamps) you have to document how much your income is and how much your bills are.

It is an interview process that is quite extensive. But if you interview for assistance, "I don't really want to shell out more money than I have to" will not qualify you.

p.s. said...

p.s. to high horse,

I want to reiterate that accepting a childcare voucher or food stamps does not neccesarily mean you are "living off the government." I am a single mother who is caring for my child on my own, and I do work. Full time, as I said.

A little help is needed sometimes. Talk about being on your high horse: you are judging all people on assistance.

hard times said...

I remember when my friend applied for child care assistance. She had to wait months because there was a long waiting list. In the meantime, she left her child with friends...not all of whom were particularly suited to care for an infant.

I think there's a distinction between "I don't want to sacrifice to pay for childcare" and making minimum wage which barely covers your rent. I also think there's a distinction between looking for some kind of childcare on Craigslist at a low rate, and trying to hire a professional nanny for $4 per hour.

Proudling Riding My High Horse said...

If you cannot afford them you shouldn't have kids. Period. Especially more than one. It's bad enough to have one unplanned but to have more is idiotic. By the time your 2nd or 3rd child rolls around, you should be well aware if you can afford them or not. And if you can't don't produce more!!! And I don't want to hear aout families that were making it until the economy crashed. To afford 6 kids you better be earnign enough to save so you are prepared for all sorts of emergencies, including job loss.

etereia said...

I wonder how the local police station/agency will answer a parent's request for a "crimenal" background check on a nanny hahaha.

MissMannah said...

I think a lot of them are looking for in-home daycares, not a professional nanny. Some come out and say they want a nanny, but those people are living in a fantasy world where the hired help will work for beans. There are plenty reputable home cares that only charge like $75 a week for full time.

disgusted with judgemental people said...

proudly riding high horse:

sometimes things happen that are out of your control. situations change. god forbid you or your husband gets ill and you need to pay medical bills, etc. it is so easy to say "that would never happen to me." but sometimes karma is a bitch.

nobody should be "riding a high horse" at all. especially proudly. why would anyone be proud to be judgemental?

Annoyed! said...

To: Proudling Riding My High Horse said...

When I got pregnant I was working, as was my husband. By the time I had my baby we both had lost our jobs! And to top it off, she was 3 weeks early because I have cancer. Having to use assistance is NOT something to be ashamed of! Unemployment has run out, not that it covered our rent, and now we're applying for everything we can because I CANT work right now, and he is having trouble finding work. Life was once so easy for us and we were looking for a nanny (yes at market price) and now its not so simple. Life isnt all black and white, there's all this gray matter your missing. So get off your high horse and quit your bitching! And while I'm here, its PROUDLY not PROUDLING!

annoyed too! said...


I totally feel for you. I am a single mom who was forced to get out of my marriage because of abuse. Now I am alone trying to support my child. We have had no choice but to apply for assistance, and what most people don't realize is how many people on assistance are working full time, like me!

I cannot stand judgemental people. Why would that be something to be proud of?

p.s. hang in there: you are doing great!

PROUDLING Riding My High Horse said...

There are exceptions to every rule, however I highly doubt the majority of people breeding a load of kids , many with different fathers, have encountered hard financial times or cancer. Go to any urban or inner city and see just how many cases like the ones you people are talking about there are.
Offering less than 2 dollars an hour to care for children is ridiculous and puts the kids in danger. Having 6 kids when you are not prepared is irresponsible.

For someone who truly falls on hard time,s the system is there for them and that's fine. But those sorts of people don't make a career out of accepting handouts.

Oh and Annoyed, thanks for ASSuming I misspelled my nickname but I chose it on purpose.

get off your high horse said...

I was not judging people on govt assistance at all, thank you to all that assumed that I am the a$$ here.
I was not my intent to judge anyone. Not everyone that would accept $50 or $75 a week to help someone out is going to harm a child and it is VERY presumptuous of someone to believe that. That is all I am trying to say.

"Our site is a smorgasbord of material...take what you wish and click or scroll right past that which doesn't interest you."

"We strongly recommend not 'assuming' anything. Read, consider, and make your own informed decisions"

Now, if you will excuse me, I need to go to work OUTSIDE my home and drop my child off at her sitter, who gets paid $50 a week.

MissDeeDoesn'tLikeFinals said...

High Horse:

I have worked and lived in the inner city and have seen it all from the single mother with one child to the single mother who has multiple children from different fathers. I have seen my best friend's sister, a mom of two, raise her boys with the help of her family and her youngest child's father, I have seen my ex sister in law with four kids leave her kids alone for hours at a time without food, and alone for a weekend so she could go to the NBA all star game. I have seen the mother in the hood be responsible for her actions, raising one child, in a relationship with someone else, pregnant and raising that child beause the father either left her or is in jail. I have seen the party mothers, like my ex SNL have baby after baby after baby and not be responsible for them or their actions. So what the hell are you trying to say? There are people who are on childcare assistance who are on it for a variety of reasons; not all of them are idiots or irresponsible.

There, I just knocked you off your high horse.

Phoenix said...

holy crap Phoenix has gotten so bad that we need child bodygurads like Mexico. And people don't think that the drug cartels are here...

dadiswrongonthisone said...

High Horse:

I seriously doubt that you chose "proudling" on purpose. Please. Tell us another one.

Furthermore, you have no idea what you are talking about. You can talk and talk all you want: your words reek of someone who has a limited world view.

There are so many types of women on assistance: those who need it and those who do not. Likewise, there are so many different types of SAHM's: the type who really take an interest in their kids and treat being a SAHM as a job, and those who wouldn't be able to work and support their family if their lives depended on it.

I don't know where you fall in the grand scheme of things, "proudling" but it is obvious that you are a misguided snob, which is not a great thing to be.

OnlyDadHere said...

LOL I like the bodyguard one. I wish I had had a private driver/cook/ass kicking martial artist helper when I was a kid.

...wait isn't that the plot for Transporter II?

j.d.c.f.b. said...

dadiswrongonthisone: I'm sure she chose proudling on purpose, it means proud or haughty person. Seems to describe this person well, don't you think?

Proudling, Still On Her High Horse said...

I hardly have a limited point of view. I know the score and call a spade a spade.

And some of you are such hypocrites........You read a section dedicated to calling out people who pay crappy wages, berate them for it, then scream that maybe they can't afford it and we should be sympathetic. Of course you can find that rare person willing to work for a dollar an hour and do a great job but I promise you, they are NOT doing it because they so want to work for slave wages. they are desperate. Too bad there is no way to find out how much all the bad nannies on this site make. And how sad that someone here so lacks the ability to feel shame that they should openly bray how they pay the babysitter 50.00 per week. Disgusting!

proudling is an idiot said...


I still think you meant to write proudly. I mean, come on. When is the last time anybody heard someone use the word "proudling?"

you're an idiot. stfu.

Bloomfield babysitter said...

Proudling Is An....there is no need for that. Just because you strongly disagree doesn't give you the right to call anyone names.

From what I read, Proudling gave responses that might be controversial but were hardly the offerings of an idiot. The last posting by Proudling in particular made a very good point regarding The WTF feature and your only response is to call Proudling an idiot? Just because you never heard of particular word? That's not saying much for your intellect either.

I happen to agree with Proudling to a certain degree. Except in a few very rare circumstances, no one earning two dollars an hour or fifty dollars a week is happy to do so. And if someone on here is lucky enough to have found adequate childcare for that amount, it's certainly not something to brag about. Your exception might prove the rule but if they are working more than six hours per week for you, you are not even paying minimum wage. Depending on the state you live in and the circumstances, you might even be in violation of the law. So if you are paying someone a ridiculously low amount and they are doing a good job with your kid, you might want to keep that information to yourself.

proudling is an said...

proudling does sound like an idiot. and I have heard that word before: I never said I did not. I merely stated that nobody says that. It is not a commonly used word. Proudling meant to say proudly. She is a raging idiot.

She is an idiot not because her point of view is controversial, but because she expresses a severe lack of understanding regarding welfare and assistance. She also comes across as extremely judgemental: her very moniker proclaims proudly that she is "on a high horse."

bloomfield babysitter: you are either proudling yourself or else you are also an idiot.

Bloomfield babysittet said...

Proudling is an...and you are either a troll or someone who posts regularly and too cowardly to use your own name. If you want to insult people, I suggest you buy yourself a thesaurus sweetheart or use the free ones offered online so you can at least expand your vocabulary and use a different word.

Gimme Candy! said...

Well said BB. I don't know if you are a newbie or someone around for a long time using a different name but I love your posts. I also love the varied opinions on here. So many intelligent "voices". I just ignore and skip over comments that end in name calling. To many worthwhile posts to read.