Saturday, November 14, 2009
112009 wtf
.... WHAT?!

In the Spirit Of the Holidays, a truly nice WTF?

1) Free Licensed Childcare Fri. Nov 13th: 5-9pm - Pay it Forward (Norfolk)
In the spirit of giving:
Friday Nov.13th 5-9pm bring a new unwrapped childs toy (valued at $7.&up) & recieve free child care.All toys will be donated to families for Christmas having a difficult time this year.There is no catch,there is no gimmick.I've done childcare for 16yrs & have done this every year.Dinner will be served at 6pm,we'll do a craft,play & watch a childrens movies & have a snack.If you need care later than 9pm, there will be a $3. hr charge per child for hours after 9pm.Children must be ages 2-12yrs,up to date on immunizations & you must provide me with emergency contact information.I am cpr & first aid certified,back ground checks & references on file,business license, daycare license, fire drill logs ,usda menus & sign in/out sheets at front door on bulletin board.SMOKE FREE/ALCOHOL FREE HOME.Large 2 story house with big fenced back yard. **reserve slot by thursday Nov.12th,space is limited** Call 362-****WeeCare DayCare
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2) LOVE KIDS AND DOGS?? (Milwaukee)
Looking for a wonderful person to care for our twin boys a few days a week – must be flexible with time days as workload may change. Please note: Our house is a zoo – we have two big dogs who are our first children – and must be treated as such… and twin boys under two who are into EVERYTYHING. So, you must be quick on your feet, love chasing, playing and running with them all – as well as reading and quiet time.
Only candidates who truly LOVE dogs and children should apply – Position will pay $10.00 per hour and would start immediately.
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TC said...

Awe the first one gave me goosebumps. It's nice to know there are still decent people out there.

I have a friend who runs her own home daycare so I'm going to talk to her about doing something like this.

About the author said...

123 123 is a spam post!
Leads to a dirty page!

LaptopMissDee said...

Number 2 sounds like she cares more for the dogs then the children. I consider my cats to be my children because I don't have any yet, but this family sounds crazy!

Number 9 was 17 when she gave birth and wants ANOTHER baby? She should pay more attention in English class so she can read the back of the condom box next time, since she didn't read it the first time....

I can see why Number 16's babysitter quit.

Great ads this week; Number 1 sounds like they know the true meaning of Christmas!

debbie said...

Ad 1/ is great.

Ad 11/ should be on an aupair website. Just have to say that they'll give 50$ per week and I'm sure lots of girls will answer.

debbie said...

I'm sorry for the double post but I just saw the ad 20/ and well THIS ONE should be on an au pair website, and I'm sure I would have answered when I was still looking. 200$ is more than what is required by agencies. And they don't say a lot about the housekeeping (I think in the "family-looking-for-an-aupair" language: light housekeeping = be a professional housekeeper as much as a professional nanny and be quite) so the girls can imagine everything and think that's the perfect position!

I'm so bitter :(

MissMannah said...

It is unbelievable how many people want a nanny's medical history. Hasn't anyone ever heard of HIPAA? If someone has a condition, even a mental one, it is none of your business! Try watching your nanny for a trial period to make sure she isn't nuts. Or even better, do a background and reference check!

I liked the woman from Denver who felt the need to "warn" parents about possible shoddy care for $30 a day. I wanted to smack my forehead and say WELL DUH!

world's best nanny said...

That picture of that girl at the top of the blogs goes in the file of creepy kids.

1. The twins from "The Shining."

2. The twins from the Ikea commercial.

3. The girl in the movie "Orphan."

4. This girl here.

Miss Me said...

#3 - Actually doesn't sound awful to me. She's looking to rent a room in exchange for $300 and occasional help with the kids and around the house (stuff that a room mate might normally do anyway). The mistake she makes is calling that person a nanny.

#4 - Again, I'm not seeing anything wrong with this - aside from quesionable writing skills. She's very thorough with requirements and expectations and states straight up that she expects that her baby be the sitter's first priority, in spite of the whole "bring your own laptop" deal.

#5 & #6 - I don't have a problem with using CL to find a sitter. However, there's no way that one day's notice will allow you to be thorough in any sort of background check. Truly a WTF situation!

#7 - So, what happens when one of the kids wakes up? Are you going to even tell them that you'll be gone or will you just let them have a freak out when they inevitaby wake up one night that you're gone?

#8 - Nothing wrong with this one, unless it doesn't also include a salary. In which case, Yes... WTF??

#9. Great. Children having children. Wanting to have even more children. Soon. Tell ya what, Mariah, you'd be way better off going back to school and getting your high school diploma, which I'll bet you forewent when you were 17 and had your first baby. You'd be doing everybody, including your son and yourself, a big favor. You could learn punctuation, capitalization and the fine art of spelling out big words like "you." I am, however surprised and delighted that you've got "references" under your belt. Maybe one of them will back me up in the above suggesitons.

#10. I love the title, "We need a budget-friendly nanny..." Wonder whether they realize that nannies have budgets to consider as well. They want a lot for very little and nobody BUT flakes are going to answer this one.

#11. See #8.

#14. This is very similar to the sentiment that we often see here in our CL WTF commentary - you get what you pay for. Sounds like she's had some very bad experiences.

#15. "...or if you have roaches." That made me laugh out loud!

#17. I am immediately suspicious of anybody who types in all caps. Also, way to go, letting the applicant know how to prime their references for the question, "how would you describe the applicant."

#20. Again with the all caps! 10 references?? That's a bit extreme! I also love how the compensation for watching the baby includes... watching the baby (because the baby is so lovely). Oh, yeah - also a room and $75 for food. Sounds reasonable to me!

#21. I don't understand the semi-private apartment thing. I can only imagine that the family has a duplex or something and that the nanny would occupy the second space.

#24 WTF indeed!!! These people are crazy! Huggy? Require that the sitter not have a bad husband and not be boring? But the ultimate WTF... the sitter can't have STD? How is that at all relevant? And most frightening of all, how is the mom planning to verify that? I'm totally creeped out here and it takes a lot to creep me out. Freaks!

lala said...

Ummm, re #24: "P.S. if you think the pay is too low, keep in mind that I am a pain relief specialist and a photographer!"

Huh??? Is she saying she'll give you massages, or free photography, in exchange for childcare? I'm not opposed to bartering for services, but just say so!

Manhattan Nanny said...

Miss Mannah said,
"Try watching your nanny for a trial period to make sure she isn't nuts."

OMG, that is so hilarious. Thanks for the laugh!

lovesthegirls said...

Number 1 made me all weepy... I want to send her my "toys for tots" this year.. amd a gift card for her... thank God there really are good people out there...

Teacher in a Combat Zone said...

Miss Me- #8 is CHARGING the person $300 in rent. The rent is "reduced" in exchange for the childcare. Not such a hot deal anymore.

Also, did anyone else notice on the bottom of #24, she actually says something to the effect of "and you don't have to ask permission to use the bathroom!" I'm not sure where she works, but in any job I've ever had, I've never had to "ask" to use the bathroom.

All in all, the majority of these are horrific. I can't believe the things that these people are asking a nanny to do, and for minimal money. My 14-year-old stepdaughter makes $8-$12 an hour BABYSITTING for our friends and neighbors and they expect a "nanny" to (a) accept that much, (b) be professional and (c) survive off the meager earnings they are receiving. I just don't know what these people are thinking.

NVMom said...

#11, OMG, now the people you KNOW can afford a nanny are tryin to get away without paying a salary. They are starting to make the $300/week cheapskates look good!

Also,these people with their ridiculous requirements, 10 references?! I don't have 10 references right now and I'm betting the person who posted that probably doesn't either.

Christine said...

#15. For $2/hour, I think you should expect someone who has roaches.

CuriousDad said...

"It is unbelievable how many people want a nanny's medical history. Hasn't anyone ever heard of HIPAA? If someone has a condition, even a mental one, it is none of your business!"
Not exactly, HIPAA specifically requires the safe guarding of a persons medical history from those not authorized to see it. But there are exceptions; either by specific exemption or by authorization.

If the employer states they want certain medical history for the purposes of obtaining a job. They can, as long as they can prove that the medical history specifically is needed for the proper functioning of that job. Someone that is an active TB carrier cannot provide childcare for instance. As it poses a danger to the children. Or those who have had an embolism and wroking in a High Purity Oxygen environment.
The applicant can refuse to authorize the exemption for the employer. At which point the employer does not have to hire the applicant.
I am being a bit simplistic, but HIPAA only regulates unauthorized obtaining of medical information. If you give your permission. Then the employer has been authorized.

MinuteMuggle said...

number 14 sort of annoys me because home daycare rates are pretty low, depending on the city you live in. and OP says,'trust me, these people just want to pay their bills, they don't love what they do.' well geez. welcome to the real world. not everybody freaking loves their job. not everybody loves to work. I know I don't. if I could not work, and just watch tv and eat pizza rolls damn i would. you know? so to all the parents who think their childcare provider loves their kid to death, that simply may not be true. not everybody is mary freaking poppins. it doesn't mean they suck at what they do. yes, it would be nice if all childcare providers were in freaking love with their job. it would be nice if all teachers were. but they are not. that's life.