Jodi's Gym on the UES - NY

Received Thursday, September 3, 2009
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Location: Jodi's Gym on the UES in the 10:50 class
Date: Wednesday, 9/2/09
Nanny: 5'6", heavyset, black with ear length black hair. Wearing a red and white checked shirt. Might have a slight West Indian accent, that might have been her friend.
Child: Boy with short red hair, around 2yo
Incident: I have seen her multiple times with this boy. She is rough, and she tries to force him to use the equipment using a nasty voice. This happens until he cries. There is no need for this. She is really not nice at all. Other parents have noticed this too.


Momkat said...

Why are some people nannies?

RefriedBrainsMissDee said...

Either my brain is fried from Spanish class, or this description is too vauge for me to comment on. I do agree with OP that this nanny sounds harsh and not a good fit for any job in childcare as a nanny or teacher in daycare.

Yes, my brain is fried. Forget what I said a few minutes ago; I take that back about my brain. Spanish is like hot sauce to my memory, and I don't mean that in a good way....son las diez y veinticinco de la manana.

repost for anon... pick a moniker! said...

why doesn't someone at the gym contact the parents? i know this has happened at gyms near me when the child is not being looked after properly. very sad

mom said...

How sad.. I hope the parents find out.