Smith Memorial Playground in Philadelphia

Received Thursday, August 27, 2009
nanny sighting logo I had a chance encounter with a very angry filipino, yesterday at about 2:15 pm. She had a hairnet on her hair, pastel purple pants, white nurse shoes and a floral blouse. She was short, maybe 5 foot tall, and stout too. Maybe 150 lbs. And old too, about 55 or so. So what happens is I see her touching her charge in what I think is harsh. She grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him away from another kid. He was wearing a silky basketball tank top jersey, so she really grabbed inside the arm holes and pulled him by it. I also saw her thwamp him on the head. When he wouldn't get up at another point I saw her pull on his leg very roughly so he went backwards on his back. She was impatient and mean spirited. Finally I had enough. I said, "stop poking at him". She said, "what you say". I should stop here and say her English was broken. I said, "you don't have to be so rough." She said, "This isn't rough" and then she thwacked her left forearm like five times in a row with her own hand. I am staring at her like she is looney toons. So I say, "just be more gentle. He is small and you're big". At this point, I just mean that she is an adult and he is a child (about 3). She looks at me and says, "I'm big?" "You're a big fat cow." So by now my friend is next to me and she says, "lady you need to take a step back and regroup. No child needs to be treated like that". The lady than made some weird faces at us both and sorta repeated what my friend had said. My friend says, "you're nuts" and she takes out her cellphone to snap a picture. She starts pointing it at her and the lady who is holding a bottle of Aquafina water, real quick like takes the cap off and throws water at my friend, getting her all over her face and hair and phone. She never got the picture. This is a woman with no patience! She shouldn't be taking care of any child! The little boy was so darling too. He had blondish hair, wavy and huge brown eyes. His eyes were kind of sad. He was wearing a basketball short set that was green and white and a silky material. I don't remember what kind of shoes he had on but I am pretty sure they were tennis shoes. The nanny was also carrying a brown handbag/book bag that was crocheted.


way_to_go said...

nice job calling the police on behalf of yourself, your friend, or the child! bravo!

world's best nanny said...

You should have not made a scene, call the popo and let them observe her and they would've decided what to do.

Now If my emotions took over,and if I had a cup of coffee she would've been wearing it.

Only Dad Here said...

"I'm big?" "You're a big fat cow."

Good sighting but that made me spit my coffee.

fifi said...

Wow, do we actually have another man on here? Cool! Two male perspectives!