Carl Schurz Playground in NYC

Received Thursday, August 27, 2009
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Time: 4:50 PM
Date: 8/26/09 Weds.
Location: Carl Schurz Playground, UES, NYC, NY
Nanny: Thin, AA woman wearing a grey t-shirt with an American flag and black capris pants & white sandals.
Child: Girl with dark brown hair, Caucasian, "curly sue" hair, wearing a red & white striped tank top and red shorts.
Incident: Nanny kept shooing child away from the bench where she sat. "Go, go play". Nanny had a sack of goods from Food Emporium grocery store. The nanny was drinking Gatorade, eating Doritos and cupcakes. The child wanted some food and the nanny kept seizing the back from her and saying, "no, go play" "I said NO!". I didn't pay much attention to that part because she had a right to eat her own junk food. What bothered me was that the little girl was too small to play on her own and too insecure but she kept being pushed away. The nanny clearly didn't want to deal with her. The breaking point from her was when the child was holding on to her leg and asking for some cupcake and the nanny said no a number of times. Then she said, "fine" and took what was probably a third of the cupcake and smeared it really hard on the child's mouth. Even without the child crying (which she did), this had to hurt. I didn't get involved though. The woman looked mean and I had my own two children to watch.


nc said...

Why work with kids when it is obvious you don't like them? One could argue it is for the money, but is that money worth it, when you go to work doing something you hate?

ericatomten1 said...

I really hope the child's parents see this!! This nanny sounds awful!! It would make me sick to my stomach to know that the person who is being hired to care for my child is actually being abusive, mean and lazy!!

Good siting OP.

hungry momma said...

Okay, this is horrible and I feel so badly for the kid, but now I want sorry...pregnancy brain here....

aliana said...

Lazy Nanny and probably makes more money than me, life is not fair, but i blame the parents.