Mid-Manhattan Library

Received Tuesday, August 25, 2009
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Location: Mid-Manhattan Library
Date: Monday.
Time: 4pm-5PM
Nanny: Chubby AA nanny. Nanny had her hair dyed reddish mahogany on top and was black underneath. Nanny had very shiny, healthy hair in a modern cut. She was very "cute" looking. She had a short sleeved denim shirt on, open over a white shirt.
Child: Child was a boy, brown curly, blondish hair, freckles.
Incident: The boy was not well behaved that I could see, but I also think the nanny was not good at handling him. She let him out of her sight while she was looking and then when she realized he had gotten too far away, she yelled at and for him. The reason I am writing this is because at one point he was getting away from her and she had had it. She reached up, grabbed him by the arm, swung him by his arm a full semi circle and plopped him down on the floor next to her HARD. He didn't make a peep then, but she had scared the crap out of him. She literally used his one arm to direct him a semi circle, with his feet off the ground and plop him hard on the floor. This was not at all gentle, so I don't want any grief. This was inappropriate.

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MinuteMuggle said...

I'm not trying to give you grief, OP, but there may be the possibility that the child was using his own momentum to swing himself and then plop down, which oftentimes looks as if the person is throwing them to the floor. I have a special needs child, and when she has tantrums when we are out, she does the same thing: I simply grab onto her, but sometimes she flips out, throws herself down and it really does look like I am swinging her!

But if the nanny was yelling at the child or being rough, that is not ok.