Saturday, August 1, 2009
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.... WHAT?!

Feature Ad:
1) MOMMY-Sitter/Nanny/Friend "My Three Sons" IMMEDIATELY!!! (Seattle)
WANTED live-in nanny someone to watch my three boys 6-8-9 years, they are great little people and most handsome, we have no mommy and need help house organizing and cooking. I have a furnished bedroom available for you to live in. I'm single dad and have my boys all the time, I'm a busy general contractor building and remodeling homes. My boys are most important thing in my life. This is a full time 7-day week, kids are not a planned monday-friday work, kids take no time off, your time off would be school hours and times I take them on outings. Pay is $1000 a month with all your room and board. Please email or even call!! I will respond asap. Randy 714-234-**** call any time i dont care what time it is. Ask for Randy - 714-234-****
Special thanks to all those that came through at the last minute for me: cheesenipsaregood, TC, MissDee, NannyJ, BJ, Bint Ethel... I really appreciate it! Also, thank you to Missmannah, SuzanneStadler, hijabinigaabi, afnt81 and amy.blueeyes. Remember, CL-WTF will be Posted every Saturday. Please send next weeks Ads HERE or use MEEBO.



MissDee said...

I calculated #33's offer of $300 per week to under $6 per hour for 52.5 hours of work. Scary!

MinuteMuggle said...

Regarding number one:

hell, i'd do it if he's hawt.

oops. did I just say that out loud?

CuriousDad said...

Interesting how many men have been attempting to get a caregiver for their children and themselves. Makes one think, "Why are so many guys are going that route". I can think of several reasons, none of which are all that terrible.

To all that are only giving rom and possibly board in exchange for watching the kids. Do they think rent is that high, especially for all the qualifications they usually list (CPR, CPN, Graduate of College, and etc..)?

Black Orchid said...

I love the one that says, "looking for a nanny, not a babysitter." But only pays $5.00 an hour.

nannydownsouth said...

I have never understood why people say they need a nanny to live-in 5 days/week. They say they'll pay them less than $1,000/mo plus room and board, but yet they have to maintain a place to live those 2 days/wk they're not living in? It makes no sense to me. Unless there's a husband out there willing to give up his wife 5 days and nights/wk, or a grown woman still living at home, I don't see how this is feasible.

Marypoppin'pills said...

Blogger Just Me said...

Did anyone notice that #27 and #40 are the same??

Aug 1, 2009 10:13:00 PM

I couldn't find your comment anywhere until I noticed it was on the back of the Blog... but NO! I didn't realize that! You get a Medal for catching that, Just Me! LOL... I swore when I put this CL-WTF together the last one looked familiar and I scanned over all the others quickly and didn't see it! The Heading is different, that's why! Thanks, I am laughing so hard at myself... if you had known how crazy it was this morning, I swear....

ATL Nanny said...

Why is #5 included in this post? It has nothing to do with child care/nannying.

Marypoppin'pills said...

ATL Nanny
I don't know. I guess because it was so unusual.

ericsmom said...


If the child was covered in head to toe flea bites. Didn't the childcare provider have the duty to call CPS. Sounds like neglect.

JacksMom said...

Wow! Lots of good ones this week!

1) So, the only time off he's offering/allowing is when the kids are at school or when he takes them on an outing - which is unreasonable and ridiculous. If they're truly the most important thing in his life, what's he doing when he gets home from work? Why doesn't he switch to parent mode like the rest of us do when we get home from work?

10) My heart was all set to break over the 16 year old begging for help so she can help her family with its day to day living expenses. That's a huge burden for a 16 year old to burden. BUT, when I saw that the ad was signed, "Samantha's Family" I was more than a little rubbed the wrong way.

13 & 40) I don't know what 1BR condos go for in Dallas, but this could actually be an interesting arrangement for a couple that includes one partner who earns enough cash to pay for everything but the rent. Seems likea long-shot though.

15) I thought this one was amusing. I am disappointed that "the dude behind her (in the picture) is not included." Ha!

16) Whoa! By "domestic servant" they mean "bus boy, waiter, assistant gardener, valet, maid, pool service tech and carwasher." Wouldn't someone at this level go through an agency? And, why isn't the "man of the house" sending his shirts out to be laundered? This is just obnoxious.

18) "Fabulous opportunit to lose weight." Her boy doesn't eat and apparently you won't either. Seriously, her three year old boy doesn't eat??

ChiNanny said...

#30 is suspicious, no shot records or birth certificate? Is this a child that isn't his, kidnapped, custody battle, etc. Seems like a messy situation to be involved with.

Buckets of Opinion said...

3 - Says: “NO LIMITATIONS ON DAYS OR HOURS ABLE TO WORK.” , and there is no salary listed? Hmph.

10 - Samantha – I had the opposite reaction of the previous poster, the closing at the end where it's signed Samantha's family actually made me feel better about the listing. I had been thinking it was a thinly veiled offer of sexual services.... I still have my suspsicions o~O

13 & 40 - This sounds like someone who got caught with an unsellable condo or something... It's as though he's looking to get something for nothing. Without any pay, how is the Nanny supposed to eat? Buy clothing, soap or toilet paper?

14 - I always get annoyed when I read listings from people in the military, it's a damn shame that the government doesn't offer some sort of service. Why is there not a 24 hour fully staffed child-care location on the base? On every base? Gives jobs to child-care workers, and gives peace of mind to military families. Don't we owe them that? Maybe that's just my lilly-livered bleeding heart talking.... but, sigh....

16 - I'm pretty sure this is a sarcastic listing, possibly from the person who used to have that job. Sounds terrible. The spanish vs english speaking makes it sound that the former job-holder was expected to be the translator, which must have been a nightmare...

18 - “Fabulous opportunity to lose weight and get in shape.” I thought that was funny! I didn't read it as saying you couldn't eat, but that there would be lots of “general flopping around on the floor” and it would be excersize.

21 - Sounds like a Quiverfull family to me. I'd take the job so I could indoctrinate their children with my secular beliefs. Kidding.

24 - Mrs. Doubtfire was Creepy.

30 - It does sound suspicious, I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, perhaps records were misplaced in a move, perhaps a divorce is in progress with records at estranged ex-wifes, maybe the mom was a drug addict or has mental illness and just dropped the kid off and vanished... BUT, it doesn't help that his email handle is “” If I was him I'd get one like “”

32 - You've got to be kidding me. When we get into debates about social services and personal responsibility (i.e. the cable TV while on welfare discussion), this is the sort of person that people cite unfavorably.

It's unfortunate because there are many (increasingly more these days) who are good people who sincerely try to do the right things and find themselves needing assistance. This woman, how dare she deny her children the support they are entitled to. It's not her call. Disgraceful. She mentions she makes too much to qualify for child-care assistance. And then she says it's not worth her time to drive to court to get a child support order. The conclusion I draw is that, even though she has not attempted to get child support from the father, she DID attempt to get child care assistance, but was denied. I ask: Should single mothers who have not even tried to petition for child support have that count against them if they apply for assistance?

Buckets of Opinion - Bucket 2 said...

19 & 1 - Poor Dads. Really. CuriousDad above is right when he says that what the dads want isn't unreasonable, or that the reasons they want it isn't unreasonable... well mostly... but women (for the most part) just don't work that way, emotionally I mean. It seems to me to be a lose-lose-lose type of situation, rife with potential for broken hearts, emptied bank accounts, STD's, and confused kids.

I was a sex worker for 3 years, (independent operator – incall mostly) and there is no way in hell that I would watch children. (I know, not that you'd want me to :P) I mean, ok, I'm not all that into kids to begin with, but if a person is willing to exchange these services, or to barter in this way (room/board for childcare/sexual stuff) – well Ok, if a person is the type who would be ok with exchanging sex for tangibles (money, clothes, food, shelter, etc.) in this way – Why would they be looking to throw watching some person's children into the deal. It is just as preposterous as throwing other more traditional “job duties” into the mix.

It would be the same with any job: you have an option to be a receptionist (at 16 bucks an hour, 9 hour days), a second offer to be an escort (2 hours for $500- $800), and a third offer to be an escort AND a receptionist all at once (but at the receptionists salary and schedule). If you are already the type who is NOT opposed to exchanging sex for money, which of those would you choose? Hell, let's take the morals out and just say the options are 1 receptionist, or 2 nanny, or 3 nanny/receptionist? Receptionist types would want to be a receptionist. Nanny types would want to be nannies. The third type most likely hasn't made up her mind yet, and the combo job will probably just convince her of which part of the job she prefers.

Now, let's plug the “mind not made up” part into the childcare and sex scenario... then you get a dad who has “employed” a woman who is likely to either: a) decide she wants a more traditional relationship and pressure dad for it, or she may leave to go find one if dad is unwilling (in which case she may feel guilt over having exchanged sex for tangibles, because she has realized it's not for her); or b) decides that she has no problem exchanging sex for tangibles, and she will most likely go searching for better tangibles – someone willing to offer more money with less children, or no children, to watch after. Dad is left to deal with the childrens reaction in every possible outcome, and I don't envy that...

lala said...

I don't really have tons of sympathy for the guys like 19. I'm not sure that #1 is really looking for 'more', because he specifies having own bedroom, except of mommying/cleaning/etc. But, like, I don't know, hire a babysitter and date someone? Plenty of women would be interested in a more 'traditional' stay-at-home relationship, even with stepmothering and including homemaking. But modeling a relationship whereby a woman who lives with their father and engages in an intimate relationship with him is also his *employee* the whole time is something that gives me great pause.

CuriousDad said...

I am thinking the guys fall into several categories. They are either
1: Skeezes who are looking for live in child care and someone for a regular booty call.
2: Guys who work a hell of allot do not go out to the regular meat markets or are tired of the whole dating scene, and want someone they can possibly have a relationship with and by this route making sure whoever they hire does not already taken.
3: Someone(s) pulling a prank on someone else for good or ill. I can see a few of my guy friends exes doing this to them. Heck, I know a few women who would do this to out of spite to their men.

CuriousDad said...

Personally I think the ads should read.

Wanted: Wife and mother, willing to pay X amount per week. Hours are 7 day week with breaks during school hours and father son outing. Must not nag, nor place me in awkward social positions and be willing to have sex with me on a regular basis. No other emotional/intimate ties allowed except by prior agreement.

LA_nanny said...

#6-what's so bad about this one?? I am actually looking for something like this (lots of travel) but prefer younger children/a closer homebase (west coast).

#16-I wonder how much this pays?
(it has now been removed off craigslist)

LA_nanny said...

Forgot to add

18: I think she means the little boy is always on the go/"too busy" to eat (hopefully she doesn't mean he literally doesn't eat!)