Turtle park - Washington, D.C.

Received Thursday, July 30, 2009
nanny sighting logo Moms, Nannies, whoever reads this, I don't know where else to post what I saw today so am doing so here. Turtle park, Thurs. July 30th, 5:30pm Approx.........Nanny was completely ignoring child (five year old girl approx? Long tousled blond hair and in her swimsuit) and on phone for over 30 mins (the whole while that I was at the park with my two children). It wasn't just talking on the phone, which all adults sometimes have to do when they are out with the kids. She was IGNORING the child's request for help, yelling at the child, returning to her phone to YELL at whomever was on the line. Child kept coming back to the bench in the park asking her to play, help her and she yelled at her and ignored her...child then returned to play with no supervision.

As we departed, she pushed the child out the gate, left the gate open and was yelling "YOU DON"T WANT TO DO ANYTHING BUT ALL YOU DO IS ASK ME FOR THINGS! I'm hungry, I want to play, I want this I want that!" -- I am bringing this up because she seems to be the exception to the rule--I see nothing but loving, caring, attentive nannies and parents when we are out, even if kiddos are having a bad or tired day! This was absolutely abusive, abhorent and unacceptable behaviour towards a child.

The woman was wearing a hat like a friend of mine wears that is more of an "island" or Jamaican style but she was YELLING spanish into her phone. Our nanny is such a lovely person and I know she will be so upset when I tell her what we saw tonight--I told my husband the moment we got home and said I just have to do something, this poor little girl! Please if this little girl sounds like someone's child you know, please relay this story. Again, all caregivers and parents have moments when we must discipline or get firm with our tone with these wonderful kiddos--This wasn't a simple discipline or tantrum situation. the little girl was SOBBING as this woman screamed at her and didn't even try to contradict. This was a display of someone that should NOT have a child in their care and anyone else who saw it would agree with me. I wish I had more information.....thank you.

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MinuteMuggle said...

how awful. :( poor baby.

great siting OP, although it broke my heart. I really hope the parents see this.

mom said...

How sad. yes, I hope the parents see this.
In places that are very densely populated, like D.C., I worry that the parents have less chance to discover these things.

Bint Ethel said...

not to be rude.
but you mean July 30th.
This is soo sad :(

Marypoppin'pills said...

Bint Ethel
I didn't even catch that when I Posted it... thank you.

MinuteMuggle said...

On a lighter note: absolutely LOVE the new header photo! lol It's priceless! :) great job!

MM said...

spammer, get 'em jane and mpp!