Peacock Gap Park in San Rafael,CA

Received Friday, July 3, 2009
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When: Thursday July 2nd around 9am till 11:30am
Where: Peacock Gap Park, San Rafael,CA
Caregiver: long dark curly hair, 5'4ish, 130lbs, Spanish speaking
Children: Oliver maybe 3 years old and infant, gender unknown
Car: black Toyota Highlander

I first noticed this caregiver and the children in the parking lot of the park. I noticed them because I was amazed at how well the older child was behaving sitting in the car while the caregiver spoke on the phone. Child was in car seat in the sun with window down, very patient. They arrived at the park about 10-15 minutes after us. As soon as they arrived the caregiver ran to the bathroom and left the children in the care of another nanny (who was wonderful with the kids!). The nanny seemed irritated with Oliver from the start. Took him out of the swing for no apparent reason. He was crying wanting to know why he could not swing. She only spoke Spanish to him so I don't know what the reason was. She would not let him swing again. For 2 hours she used short curt commands to him, all in Spanish, and would not allow him to do what other children were doing. She just seemed so annoyed and irritated with him and he seemed very sad. As for the other child, she/he was covered in the car seat stroller and left unattended for most of the time. Infant was not taken out of the seat the entire time. Infant was given a bottle during the 2 hours but was left crying while nanny was no where to be found (she may have been in the restroom with Oliver but I'm not sure).
I would be happy to answer more questions if necessary.

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