Saturday, July 25, 2009
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.... WHAT?!

Feature Ad:
1) Young energetic attractive babysitter wanted (around $75/hr?) - (Florida)
I am a single dad in search of an energetic young woman 18+ who will babysit my son on a regular basis.
I am looking for an attractive young lady who has enough energy to work late and still enough to enjoy a night cap with me when I get home. Someone serious about their job when they're looking after him but lets her hair down when she's off duty. I know this is a unique situation so if you are interested let me know the situation you are comfortable with and we can work out the rate. I work a ton of hours, many from home, so I would hope there would be chemistry, both with my boy, and with me.
If you are interested, please e-mail me with pictures of yourself (sorry, but this is important) and what type of work situation/pay you think would work best.
If you have specific questions, please let me know.
Original URL:
(*Ad includes photo of Dad and Son)
Special thanks to SuzanneStadler for our Feature Ad; you sent in some really good ones! Also, thank you to Kanolan, emileelclark, cinder38, MissDee, hollyngrooms, amy.blueeyes and afnt81 for helping to make this weeks CL-WTF really awesome! Remember, CL-WTF will be Posted every Saturday. Please send next weeks Ads HERE or use MEEBO.



MinuteMuggle said...

lol great clwtf this week! bravo! :)

where to begin? Number 1 and 7: what is up with these dads blatently looking for a gf as well as a nanny!!!!! "attractive?" puu-leeze! Go to, guys!

Number 3: lmao!!!! Good luck with that, mmmkay??

Number 9: you sound like a bitch. Here is some advice for all of the PARENTS who want something for nothing- bring you child to daycare if you cannot afford a professional nanny! they do not work for peanuts! And if you want housecleaning done hire a housekeeper or do it yourself. A nanny should only be responsible for the children's messes, not yours, ya slob!

Marypoppin'pills said...

I have to say I was quite impressed by some of the Ads this week myself. Suzanne really rocked it!

MinuteMuggle said...

gosh, mpp, I just realized how creepy the clwtf picture is.

but I love it! :)

Wicker Park Nanny said...

Why don't these dads just get girlfriends or wives! OMG.

chgonanny said...

Man.... the amount of horrendous pay rates in Chicago make me glad I work for a family that pay me a decent wage.

That's the real reason why I like CL WTF. It makes me realize how much I love my job.

HungoverMissDee said...

I had to send in number 9 since I thought it was a rant of sorts.

Wow at this week's ads. Does a dollar take the place of your child? Are these people's pockets a priority over their children? That's the impression I get from people who want "quality care at a crumb price". I will not babysit for anyone who doesn't take into consideration experience, background, education, credentials. If you place your money over your child, that's sad.

Sounds like some of these fathers are looking for nannies and "daddy nannies". I read the definition of "daddy nanny" on and started laughing out loud.

I have decided to stay in Wisconsin for school, then move to Chicago, in 5 years after I graduate. I'm scared to nanny down there after seeing some of the ads on Chicago CL.

cali mom said...

Havent caught up here yet, but here's another relevant news article. Good thing they were shut down:

CuriousDad said...

Ok stick my foot in my mouth time. :)

To the guys wanting good looking women that will have chemistry with them to help raise their kids. GOOD LUCK! Look up desperate loser would you?

Though if I was a single Dad and had to raise my kids by myself I may very well only select "good-looking" nannies as long as they fit all other criteria, to help me raise my kids. But that would be because (semi Sarcastic Ego alert, with some small truth to it):
1: Who wants a stick drawing not done by their own kid(s) in their house when you can have a Rembrandt to look at?
2: I would be embarrassed taking my kids and her anywhere, because I KNOW people will think she and I were an item. This is from past experience dating women with children, everyone "assumed" the kids were mine. So I figure the opposite would also be true.
3: My wife has required that I am only allowed to date younger and better looking women then her if she ever dies (And that's the ONLY way I am going to become a single Dad). This way she knows I did not just settle on her as the best thing I could get.

So if I think their is a remote chance, of possibly me being able to have a small chance to remotely, you know possibly with in a given year of thinking about seeing her with my kids in a completely natural work environment where no one else could see me thinking about possibly remotely seeing her in a tight t-shirt and shorts (You know, like that other poor sap). I would like to think mmmmm good, not ewww bad. However hiding in the closet to watch her undress is completely off the table for consideration. Unless of course I was expressly invited to do so by her. At that point I may very well fire her.

Seriously though I may not necessarily want an attractive Nanny. I have noticed the more attractive the woman the more egotistical and pain in the ass her boyfriend is going to be around me. I hate dealing with other women's boyfriends around the work place, to damn much egos getting blown up and chest beating going on. I really do not know why they always come off as if they have a need to mark their territory. I swear one day one of them will walk up to his girl and lift his leg up. For something like that to start occurring around my house? Yeah...... no.
If I was in that situation, I want one that at least will keep up with a toddler(s) on speed (some athleticism to a degree) and the ability to fix them (CPN, at least first aid and AED qualified) or deal with the eventual disaster (Former FEMA rated emergency responder, EMT, Police and/or Firefighter) that WILL occur. I swear mine seem to have a secret stash of speed somewhere and take it when wife and I are not looking, for all the bouncing off walls and the tearing up around the yard and at parks. I have seen the true perpetual motion machine.

Manhattan Nanny said...

Curious Dad,
You made me laugh. It is nice to have a male point of view on the site!

nannydownsouth said...

Number 1 is HOOOOOTTT!!! If I didn't have any morals I would so be moving to Florida tomorrow :)

Marypoppin'pills said...

Curious Dad
Thank you for putting me on the floor... you are hilarious!

I agree Manhattan Nanny, how refreshing to have a male point of view around here.

You are a hot commodity, Curious Dad!

NannyJ said...

I always kind of think "hey, at least they are being honest about what they want..." (about ads like #1). Not that I would take the job... (though 75/ however, if someone did take the job, she would know what she was getting into... as opposed to the dad being sneaky and or creepy towards her/ put the moves on her.

allieontheroad said...

I'm confused about #8. What does "Experience: 1 year to less than 2 years"? Should a nanny who has more than 2 years experience just not apply?? Damn! I really wanted this job. I mean getting to work for $9 something/hour for 3 kids, to be required to live in yet also be required to pay a monthly room/board fee, and to pay for my own travel expenses. That is my kind of gig. Oh wait... that would suck.

MinuteMuggle said...

Great post, Curious Dad! lol

CuriousDad said...

To those who talk about hourly rates and how cheap some families are.
It was not so many years ago (around 25-30) that the going rate for a nanny/nursemaid was room board and a small per diem (spending cash) every week or month. This was affordable to the solidly middle class and even to some of the richer poor. Only the rich hired well educated women who were more of the Nanny/Governess. The nanny governess took over from the nursemaid/nanny at a certain point in the child's life. Of course most of those who worked for the middle class family were older women (with or without husbands) who were looking to have a roof over their heads, regular meals and some job security. How far has the modern world has advanced since then. There are too many jobs where you at least can make as much money as the lower end of the Nanny offerings I have seen posted in most areas with better benefits and of course hours. During this period it seems the younger set has taken over the Nanny job market, first with lower prices and no overhead for the family. Now with specialized training being required that most parents do not even have.

I would say our past economy has driven the nanny price out of the range of the solidly middle class. Especially from the comments I have heard on this board and others.
Note someplace like out in the "sticks" or very small towns not near any major cities, that may be a bit different. But most definitely near the larger metropolitan areas. Especially with all these college going nannies looking for professional wage jobs.

MinuteMuggle said...

you are absolutely right. but it is what it is. there is good, affordable childcare out there including centers and lisenced home daycares for parents who cannot afford a nanny. but for specialized one on one care, a woman who comes to your home, I feel that the going rate for a nanny is well-deserved. that is, if the nanny is worth her salt and is a good nanny.

I think some parents like the idea of having a "nanny" and saying that they have a "nanny" and do not want to pay the "nanny" what she is worth. then of course you have the people who are hiring sub par "nannies" and not seeming to give a damn if the care is sub par. it's very sad to me.

CuriousDad said...

Daycare is not an option for some unfortunately. To many jobs require, either constantly changing hours like retail even at the management level. Or are shift work oriented; police, fire fighter, nurses, industrial plant operators and other work. Then there are those who jobs require them to constantly travel. It is what it is.
I would really be up the creek without a paddle if I lost my wife. I work shift work and I am also on call since I am salary.

MinuteMuggle said...

curious dad,

I suppose in the instance of someone who needed after hours childcare, then you would have to get a babysitter. A babysitter is different from a nanny. I have worked in childcare and trust me, there are plenty of childcare workers who would be happy to pick up some extra hours.
The on-call issue? That is a little tougher. Depending on your income and if it is worth it to stay or find another job, you would have to decide.

Yes, you are lucky to have your wife! :) But take it from a single parent: if you had to work it out, you could. You would have no choice but to.

CuriousDad said...

I do understand the difference between a babysitter and a Nanny. However I see Nanny being used in places where the word Babysitter would be more appropriate. Seems to be a blending of the two coming together in the US. I note the English seem to keep them separated quite well.

Marypoppin'pills said...

I agree with you. I had never intended on being a single Parent and I was not prepared for how difficult it would be but I would not trade it for anything in the world. He brings me a happiness I have never known. I just feel fortunate that the job I have prevents me from having to look for childcare. My son has never been with a babysitter or a Nanny.

To Curious Dad
I have noticed that too and I find it so annoying. I see Ads all the time looking for a Babysitter/Nanny... seems most people cannot differentiate between the two.

Manhattan nanny said...

"Babysitter/Nanny... seems most people cannot differentiate between the two."

So true, and throw in au pair. When employers say they are seeking an au pair/nanny as if they are interchangeable, you can bet the description should really be housekeeper/nanny/personal assistant/dog trainer.

no way said...

um, number 3? is there no easier way to gain pool access than by moving yourself, your boyfriend, and your dog (who sheds a lot) into some family's home and putting your furniture in storage? really?! does LV have a ymca? or a sports club? does your college have a pool? the whole proposition is just mind-boggling to me.
#9-in one instance she is noting the "audicity" of asking for a reasonable wage (which of course you would do at a "real job") and in the next she is comparing nannying to a corporate job. can you have it both ways?

cali mom said...

So, MM, you are saying that all FT workers who work odd hours and are on-call must employ 50-60 hour per week "babysitters"?

Um, yeah.

CuriousDad said...

Cali mom I think what MM was trying to say was that if I needed to get someone to cover my odd hours, that I can just as easily get an overnight babysitter to stay over. Then have to have someone I have to pay as a full time employee a 40-60 hour work week. I could instead get someone who wants to pad their income with extra work for the hours I need covered, like overnights. I just work long hours on a set schedule (48 or 36 hour periods, with some meetings and other very rare "emergency" situations mixed in inconsistantly during the course of a month.
Most of those who work long and odd hours it is usually on a consistant time table, and just need someone who is reliable, make some basic decisions and can call 911 in an emergency. This to me would be defined as a babysitter.
I would not need someone to take care of and raise my child, which is what I think a Nanny is suppose to do. But someone who can bridge the times when I cannot directly watch over my own child or have them at a day care.

cali mom said...

That would make more sense dad. There has long been the pat answer "find a daycare" for anyone who cannot afford to pay $25/hr plus 3 weeks paid vacation, $500 holiday bonus, gm membership, etc. and that simply isn't a viable opton for many with odd work hours such as yourself.

Phoenix said...

To be honest I would only want an attractive nanny too... but my add would be a little different.

***Single mother looking for attractive Manny. must be great with kids and also great with me. Please send pictures with your references. The harder your abs the greater the pay***

See that would be fun! I should do it anyway to see how many hits I would get. Oh the human animal in us all...

nannydownsouth said...

"***Single mother looking for attractive Manny. must be great with kids and also great with me. Please send pictures with your references. The harder your abs the greater the pay***"

I have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard! Awesome, Phoenix!!!

CuriousDad said...

Go for it Pheonix;

Would make for a great CL/WTF post on here!

MinuteMuggle said...

cali mom,

I don't know what you are talking about. sorry.

cali mom said...

MM, how surprising! (**not really, in light of the obvious facts**)

Upstate Mom said...


I don't see what's wrong with that. The girl is in daycare from 6:30 to 6:30 every weekday. So, the person could have a regular job or be a full-time college student. The mom wants this person around for the nights and/or weekends she has to work. Since they could have a job, what's the problem with room and board in exchange for child care only when the mom has to work the hours that are not coincided with the child's daycare hours. Might not be much??

nannydownsouth said...

Upstate Mom, I thought the same thing when I read #20. I would take that job in a heartbeat! The person would be provided with free room and board to stay in what would be their home during the evenings. They would be responsible for the child only 1 1/2-2hrs before the child goes to bed. They could have a full-time day job between 6:30am and 6:30pm, more than enough to earn an income to live on outside of room and board. I would take that job in a heartbeat!!!

Marypoppin'pills said...

Upstate Mom


The Nanny would not have much of a life. I don't see how she could get a job or go to school. Firefighters usually do 3 days on, 3 days off... or whatever. That leaves the Nanny as the sole caretaker responsible for this child!

CuriousDad said...

Fire fighters are generally tied to their stations for 24 hour blocks. Matter of fact most of the discussion around firefighter hours and many other shift works you will here it will be in hour blocks like 48/48, 48 hours on and 48 hours off. She sounds like she does a 72/96 and 96/72 rotation. So the rotating week will look like this Mon-Wed on 3 days 972 hours) from 6am in the morning Monday to 6 am in the morning Thursday. Then from 6am Thursday to Mon 6am she will be off. She comes in from 6am Monday to 6am Friday. Then is off from 6am Friday to 6am Monday. It depends on exactly how the rotation goes, but the caregiver will be in care of her children for 24 hours blocks of time from 3 to 4 days it sounds like. So while it is possible for someone with a 9-5 job to be worth helping out, just understand the firefighter is GONE for that entire time frame.

Upstate Mom said...

Thanks for the response guys about #20. I do understand that the mom will be gone, but the child has a daycare provider 12 hours of those days (except weekends). So, if they had a regular "day job" such as 9-5, they would "only have to work evenings" when the firefighter's shift was a weekday shift. They would also have days off at a time, evenings too. I wouldn't do it if it was the "only job" but since the kid has daycare 12 hours a day, doesn't sound that bad except when the shift rolled around to a weekend. If I were a nanny, I'd consider talking to this mom to see if the child and I looked like we could bond. Maybe just tack on cost of gasoline or car insurance along with room and board. That can be quite a lot: $1000 a month? Well, to each his/her own.

MinuteMuggle said...

cali mom,

why are you being such a witch with a B?

Kim said...


Maybe because you're such a Mumbass with a D?