McCarren Park, Brooklyn, NY

Received Thursday, June 25, 2009
WHERE: McCarren Park, Brooklyn, NY
WHEN: Tuesday, June 23, 2009
TIME: 3:30 p.m. or so

NANNY: African American woman, straight/short hair except for a longer 'bang' area near her eyes. She had on tight jeans and a short sleeved white top. She had her 'own' little girl with her, who was around 3. She also was w/ another African American woman taking care of 2 other children, one under 1.5 and one around 3.

CHILD: Yellow shirt, white pants, short light brown/blondish hair. Her name is "LUCY". She was probably 2.5 years old.

WHAT HAPPENED: Well first, I would never EVER want someone to treat my child in the way this woman was talking to this child, even if it is mostly just verbal, it's still wrong and abuse. I heard someone (her) screaming, and I mean SCREAMING, "What is wrong with you? STOP IT! Want to go home? Want to sit in the stroller tied in while the rest of these children play?" While she pretty much body slammed the little girl onto her lap to "SIT WITH ME" (Just because the little girl wanted to go play and clearly the Nanny didn't want to.) She kept yelling at her saying mean mean things to her like "Why can't you sit like the other children here? What is WRONG with you??" Anytime the little girl tried to go play (like a normal child wants to!) she would YELL at her across the playground. Finally, her 'own' daughter wanted to swing, so she brought "lucy" to the swings and gently put her daughter in, and whipped in Lucy very aggressively. Clearly being more harsh and mean to her. I know it might not sound like a big deal, but the way she talked to this little girl Lucy in comparison to the way she treated her own child was so super sad. I would not want someone like her taking care of my daughter. Anytime I would look over at her, trying to let her know I heard her talking the way she was, she shot me the 'death' stare and honestly made it aware she was aware I was aware. But, she could care less. I ended up getting so upset at this, I walked over to talk w/ her about it. She said "It's none of your business, get out of here" So... here this is. :( I hope this little girl's mother reads this and fires this woman.


mom said...

What a B. I hope the mother finds out.

MinuteMuggle said...

Bad Nanny! :(

Great siting OP, hope the parents see this!

ericsmom said...

Wow, you have guts!! She sounds psycho! Even if the parents don't see this website. Maybe, a friend of this family hopefully will. Poor kid.

Thanks for the post.

someonesnanny said...

Good for you for speaking up!

Manhattan Nanny said...

It sounds like a big deal to me. I think her mom would be devastated if she knew her child was being treated like that. It was brave of you to try to speak with her, but her hostile response is pretty typical of what happens in these situations. Let's hope the parents hear about this.

nashvillenanny said...

thanks for the post. any parent would want to know this was happening. she should not be working with children.

CTMom said...

Good for you speaking up! This nanny sucks. She is lucky enough to bring her own kid to work and this is how she treats the child she is paid to care for? I hope she is fired and soon. Lucy does not seem like a common name, so if everyone forwards the post, hopefully the parents will find out. Then good luck to that nasty witch finding a job in this economy where she can bring her own kid with her.

chgonanny said...

I think this is a very important siting. When I hear about these awful nannies who yell and scream at their charges in public, I wonder: what goes on behind closed doors? If she's this nasty at a park, she's probably screaming at the kid nonstop at home. Or worse.

Pursed-lip Schoolmarm said...

Off-topic, but the word is


as in, a bad nanny has been SIGHTED, you saw her with your SIGHT.

Not sure why the misspelling "sited" is so common here, but it grates on my nerves every time I SIGHT it!

MinuteMuggle said...

it is short for website, which people generally spell with an S-I-T-E.

Assistant Schoolmarm said...


Huh? Nobody was talking about this webSITE, the comment was directed at you and chgonanny who said, "great/important siting," referring to this bad nanny SIGHTing.


lol said...

MinuteMuggle - um, you sure about that?

Leilaaa said...

As a fairly young nanny, this truly breaks my heart. FOR GOODNESS SAKES, SHE'S 2...ALMOST THREE...she should be playing and enjoying her surroundings! WHO takes kids to the park, and not allow them to play?! Maybe its just COMMON SENSE to me. And, it IRRITATES me that someone like that who should NOT be a nanny is. I absolutely LOVE my job, I love my girls, and my bosses are REALLY good to me. I could never jeopardize what they've done for me, and it just sickens me that people would act like that with someone else's child.
I hope a friend of the mother, or the mother reads this..and FIRES HER UP!