CL-WTF on ISYN Saturday, June 13, 2009
.... What?!

1) Need someone to babysit a 12 yr old boy (Seattle)
I need a strict babysitter to change the bullying behavior of my son. The task would start tomorrow morning at 11am until 7pm at night. I can only pay $50 for the service, but, further service will depend on how you perform tomorrow. Tell me in your own words how you'd discipline this boy who's totally undisciplined.
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Village said...

I can't get by 15. If you look up control freak in the dictionary, #15 will be right there.

Hey lady, house managers charge AT LEAST $50,000 a year, and usually have a car provided for them to run your errands.

Is this a nanny for your, or your children?

Wicker Park Nanny said...

What's wrong with #2, #3, #4, & #7?

I was a teenage babysitter and I don't see anything wrong with these posts...

This week's postings seemed to be lacking in audacity.

This Is Audacious! said...

Yeah wow number 15. All that - 6 days a week average of 13 hours a day - for 200 a week? 3 kids? That's about 2.50 per hour, per kid that's 85 cents per kid.

"I want the best for my children and that is why I am offering all of the amenities to you that I do."

Sickening! She brags about her house, at "Red Rock Country Club 3,600 sq. ft. home which is on the golf-course", and all the amenitites, and how they take trips and vacations that you need to be available for. Needing your own car and a phone card for international calls (which seems likely to be needed...since she is baiting for someone from another country) I'm just flabbergasted.

And her current nanny has health problems - OMG could that be because you worked her damn near to death, paid her pennies a day, and DIDN'T offer any health care? Holy crap.

And a lawyer? Shouldn't she know she's going to have problems getting citizenship for someone whose only earning 2.50 an hour? Jeez, less than 2.50 - 1.25 an hour because she cuts the wage in half if she goes to the trouble of ensuring that her OWN EMPLOYEES are citizens. Holy moly! My brother owned a business and would regularly sponsor and help new citizens - all at his own expense and trouble while still paying his workers 10 bucks an hour, and he's not an immigration lawyer like the ad writer is.

I can't help but compare it to number 28 who also offers a very low rate, but at least says: " I appreciate your time and consideration. Thank you a mother in desperate need."

NannyJ said...

If someone (some crazy crazy someone) took the job for number 15... at least they would know what they were getting in to. That they were expected to help get the kids bathed and ready for bed even though their shift ends at 7:15, instead of having it thrown at them like so many live in nannies.

However, the ad is most definitely a WTF?

Audacious said...

Darnit. I was gonna post a reply to number 15 since the ad was just posted yesterday, telling her she is horrible but I need an actual craigslist account to do it. Boo.

world's best nanny said...

#1 Let me at'em!! LOL! 13? Go on the Maury Show and they'll send'em to boot camp!!

#2, #4 and #6 Is this the state of American education??

#7 I need my organic tomatoes!! Oh! That 6 year old? Never mind him, unless you want to watch him.

#13 $120 a week to deal with possible meds, and medical generous!

#15 I am a household manager, and this woman would piss me off! $200 a week, someone smack this b*tch!

#27 If I spoke Hebrew I'd take this one. Keeping a Kosher kitchen can be hard, but once you get used to it, it's like anything else.

somepeoplereallysuck said...

Oh someone PLEASE go on CL and smack #15 down, and post a cut-and-paste here. That one has my blood boiling. It might as well read, "hiring slave/indentured servant, if you give 24/7 to my family and work yourself nearly to death I MIGHT let you pay me out of your below-poverty wages to let you become a citizen, or maybe I'll just hold that over your head to keep you running faster on the treadmill".

NannyinBoston said...

i don't understand what the issues are with 22 and 27. It almost sound like there is some prejudice against people who would like someone in their home who are of the same religious affiliation as them. As for 22, if they are looking for a Christian nanny, they probably don't want anyone staying overnight because they feel that unmarried people should not be sleeping in the same room. They don't want to have their kids witness that and have to explain.

As for 27, I don't understand the issue with this one either. Actually, it sounds pretty fantastic!

These people are just being honest with what they want because religion likely plays a large role in their house. They would like someone who can instill the same values in the kids when they aren't there. Isn't that every parents goal when looking for childcare? I applaud them for being honest without sounding discriminatory.

#15 on the other hand. WOW!

NannyinBoston said...

your wish is my command. I have responded to #15 on craigslist. Read it before it probably gets flagged. what a nutjob!

NannyinBoston said...

My response to #15 ON CL:

I don't even know where to begin with this post. You are a lawyer and you're putting out an ad that is basically making it known that you are looking for an immigrant to work in your home. Now I'm not saying that all immigrants are illegal, but it's very difficult to get a visa to be a nanny in the U.S. Visas are much more likely to be given to people with a specific skill set and a high level of education (professionals such as scientists, doctors, etc.) Are you going to help the "winning candidate" out with that too? As an aside to this, if you'd like this person to pass a background check, the first question after "Name:" is usually "social security number:" You might have a slight issue with that.

On the topic of pay, you are going to pay said immigrant $5.55 an hour to watch your three children (you didn't mention overtime by the way, which is mandatory over a certain amount of hours in a week. Which I'm sure you knew because, afterall, you're a lawyer). Also, this rate goes down if you include the Saturday hours, which weren't exactly clear. If this person needs your gracious help with getting citizenship, you'll offer them a wopping $2.77 an hour for 6 months. What is this, an ad for an indentured servant? The minimum wage in the state of Nevada is $6.85 an hour. You didn't mention taxes either which I'm sure you were planning to pay because that would be illegal too. Oh yeah, right, except that pesky social security number your "winning candidate" needs to pay their taxes. On top of that, you expect this person to cook for your household, run your errands, work overtime nightly to bathe your kids and help with the bed-time routine and do your laundry (Why was your husband's laundry excluded by the way? Why not make it a family affair?).

This position is closer to a household manager position. Household managers make a pretty nice salary. The few that I've been in contact with have made upwards of $50,000 yearly. You aren't really doing this person a favor making it a live-in position. It's not really a perk considering the fact, if they didn't live-in, when would they even have a chance to go home?

I realize that there are people that need a lot of help. That's why breaking it down into a nanny position and a household management position would make a lot of sense. I'm not trying to knock you, but you're a lawyer and I find it hard to believe that you think that hiring an immigrant, paying them far below minimum wage, not paying taxes, and not paying overtime is a sound idea. You seem to be very proud of your home (not quite sure why square footage is important in this ad. A prison is a prison, no matter how luxurious) and obviously have high expectations for the person you hire. However, if you really want someone who can give their "full attention to the care and well-being" of your children, you might want to knock down the hours and the other responsibilities. Good luck.

Kim said...

The problem with #27 is they're not offering any pay just room and board.

Fifi said...

In addition to the fact that #15 is a complete ignoramus, she also has never mastered the grammar rules of the English language, nor has she any clue as to what exactly to do with her good friend Apostrophe. And she is a lawyer? I had thought that lawyers were required to have an education. Surely this advert must be a joke. Bah!

Naomi said...

Where are all these people getting that $4/hr is appropriate?!?

somepeoplereallysuck said...

NannyinBoston, that was great!!

NVMom said...

Nanny in Boston, well said! I just checked and your reply hasn't been flagged yet.

BTW, this is a really upscale area. 'Smaller' homes like #15's are at least $800k-$1M.

Anonymous said...

You know what kills me is people actually hire those 13/14 year olds. The neighbor to the people I nanny for can never keep a nanny because, well, she's way too demanding. So now she's started using the 11 and 12 year old neighbor girls as her babysitters. I cannot imagine leaving her (very crazy, possible ODD) children with an 11 year old, but she does. And the 11 yr old has no clue what she's doing and those kids just run amuck around the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

PS Yes I was also a teenage babysitter, but now that I am an adult nanny I realize I had no clue what I was doing then! If there would have been an emergency I wouldn't have known what to do at all!

MinuteMuggle said...

In a nutshell: people looking for last minute babysitter on CL- STRANGERS!!! This really upsets me. Willing to pay next to nothing.

I actually thought number one was the most upsetting: it seems to have been written by a desperate mom!

I cannot imagine leaving my child with a stranger, someone we have never met! It is just downright scary.

MinuteMuggle said...

p.s. And yes: number 15 is soooo crazy!!!!!!

I hope she sees this on this blog and realizes what a wack job she is. :( those poor boys. I really feel for them. (Not to mention the unlucky nanny who takes this position!)

NannyinBoston said...

Funny funny. I got many replies from my craigslist post. A couple of "I completely agree!" type of replies and a couple of "I need a babysitter, are you available?" Haha. I had to reply that I should've made myself more clear. I saw this post on isawyournanny and was disgusted enough to post a reply from Boston.

Marypoppin'pills said...

Thank you for Posting the follow-up on #15. It was an excellent Ad.

Kim said...

The mother/daughter ads on 18, 19, and 20 scare me a little. If they each have their own "separate" daycare in the same home, how many children will the end up watching at once?

I'm assuming they aren't licensed or legal because I can't imagine the state would let that go on.

Village said...

I feel sorry for #1. The time to teach discipline to her out of control child was when he was 2. That's how we get all these out of control teenagers.

GrammarNanny said...

No. 15 - grammar, grammar, grammar. As Fifi pointed out, a lawyer would (or should) know where apostrophes go. I will personally sponsor her to take a class in punctuation.

WTF? said...

Yeah, #1 is just an invitation to child abuse. What a freakin' dumb @$$.

Cassidy said...

re: #15...

Wouldn't someone who "owns" a law firm KNOW that it isn't hyphenated???

Too tired for a flame war today said...

Not all lawyers are terribly bright. There are many tiers of law schools below Harvard Law and most people can manage to graduate from some from of law school if they work hard enough. Passing a bar exam is another matter (although each state has its own individual bar exam, and they too vary significantly in difficulty.) Go to a state with a simple exam, and PRESTO, you're a lawyer. And you would be surprised how many lawyers, even at big, successful firms, cannot write very well. Boggles the mind.

And somebody who runs an immigration firm was probably not a law school valedictorian, to say the least. Good jobs are available to only those who graduate near the top of the class, even from Harvard. The rest generally scrape and struggle to make a living, either working outside the practice of law entirely, or working for one of those "law mills," like an immigration firm.

ohwhynot said...

Is #13 REALLY looking to pay $120 a week for 45 hours of work for a sick child? That's 2.66 an hour!

Tales from the (Nanny)Hood said...

I don't know if this'll post, but I submitted this as a response to Miss Entitled #15:

Dear Madam,

As a lawyer, you should be aware that it is neccessary to pay even the lowliest of houeshold employees a legal wage. Currently the minimum wage is $6.55 per hour, and it will rise to $7.25 per hour on 7/24/09. Yes, this applies to live in slaves, er..."nannies" as well.

You are looking for someone to work approximately 75 - 80 hours per week, with a single day off. You expect this person to not only manage to care perfectly for your 3 small boys but also you want her to to provide the services of a FT laundress, a part time housekeeper, a part time chef, a Spanish tutor, and a full time household manager. You want this one person to perform the duties of 6 people for the princely sum of $12,000 per YEAR. Plus a room, food, and new linens, a TV, and the right to bring in their own car and computer to use. And you'll gladly cut their pay in half for 4 months in exchange for your work on making them a legal US citizen. WOW! That would reduce their yearly income to 10K!

If you break that down hourly, based on a 75 hour work week, you want your nanny/laundress/housekeeper/chef/tutor/home manager to work for $3.07 an hour ($2.56/hour if they want your legal help), MAX.

How exactly is one supp0sed to afford a car large enough for 3 small kids on a wage of $3.07 per hour? How is one supposed to purchase personal items, the occasional entertainment treat, gifts for family, or a regular HAIRCUT for $3.07 per hour?

If you were to offer minimum wage, you would have to pay $491.25 per week now, and 543.75 starting 7/24/09. I'll help you out and give you the monthly rate and yearly rate here: $25545/year = $2128.75/month, then $28275/year = $2356.25/month.

Maybe you should look into daycare. You'd have to do your own laundry, cooking, and errands, but it would better fit your budget. Unless you really do think you'll get terrific care from someone who could make more flipping burgers and filling drink cups at a local McDonalds??? Or working at a local daycare? Or collecting unemployment?

You get the care you pay for, period.