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Thursday, May 14, 2009
Police: Babysitter Driving While Impaired Crashes, Abandons Children - Gaston County, NC
Harleigh Eury, 7, clung to her mother outside a Gaston County courtroom Wednesday. She said a crash that cut her lip brought her and her mother to the courthouse. “There was a bump. Then we crashed into something and I hit my head on something,” she said.

Her mother, Amy Garska, said she is angry because according to the arrest reports, the woman at the wheel Tuesday was so impaired that after the wreck she fell asleep as police talked to her.
“She was a good friend of mine, but when she puts my child in danger -- that's not a friend,” she said. Early Wednesday, Garska pleaded with a judge for a higher bond for her former friend and babysitter. “I don't think it is right when it was more than just her child involved. She had other children involved,” Garska said.

Tuesday afternoon, Brandy Ramsey had her own 1-year-old child in the car, along with a 5-year-old and Eury. The children riding to a Mount Holly home when police said Ramsey ran into a utility pole on East Catawba Avenue. Eury said the one person the children trusted for help left the scene.

Ramsey was charged with driving while impaired and one count of child abuse.
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