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Friday, May 8, 2009
Unsecured Infant Ejected from Car in Willmar, Minn.
A 4-week-old infant that was not buckled into its car seat was ejected from a moving car in Willmar. The woman driving was arrested. Willmar police said the child was taken to Rice Memorial Hospital by witnesses to the incident, which happened about 8 p.m. Wednesday. The child was held for observation and is now in the protective custody of county family services.
Police say the baby was placed into a carseat in the back seat, but the child was not buckled in and the car seat was not secured to the car itself.
Witnesses reported seeing the vehicle driving fast and making a hard left turn, causing the rear passenger door to come open and the baby to fall out.


Sarah and Mitch said...

OMG! What is wrong with people????

just another mommy said...

This is beyond ridiculous! What was she thinking? That sitting a baby in a car seat is safe enough???

Noble Drusus said...

At least one time, I simply forgot to do the buckle and drove off with baby Drusus unbuckled. I'm not a bad parent, or stupid, or ditzy or absentminded or irresponsible or anything, I just simply forgot. I was very surprised with myself because usually I am really "with it", actually quite anal about minor details, and usually I don't forget anything. Once I realized it after a few miles, I pulled over and buckled her up and NEVER forgot again after that.

Car accidents are the #1 killer of children so I take car safety very seriously. I spent a ton of money getting the highest ranked car seat for safety and I was super careful to read the installation instructions like 10 times, this is not a joke for me, and I was appalled with myself for slipping up. I was very lucky that nothing happened for that short trip.

Please someone read this story and hopefully trigger your memory to always remember to us the buckle and no one get hurt please!

mom said...

Noble Drusus,
I could have written your post myself. ONCE, I did the same...went half a block. It is 22 years later and I am still appalled at myself.

My friends refer to me as "Ms. Safety." Need I say more?

Nanny Sarah said...

I've forgotten, too. Everyone has. Embarrassed, one of my kids said "but you forgot to buckle me in (his was two at the time) Never forgot again.

just my two cents said...

I know I have gotten sidetracked when putting the kids in the car and have forgotten once or twice, but both times either my son reminded me or I remembered before pulling out of the driveway, it happens, but to not be buckled in and the car seat not belted is inexcusable imo.