CL-WTF on ISYN Saturday, May 16, 2009
.... What?!

*Both Ads are from the same person:

1) Babysitter for Hire ( Newton)
Hi! i'm a single mom, i'm 23 years old, my daughter is 3. I live here in newton and need to make some money to help pay bills. If you need a sitter, i can work any shift any time. I love taking my daughter to the park and to the zoo, she loves playing with other children. I am very patient with children and have my own car. Message me and we can discuss rates, will watch any age!!!
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2) Single mom needing a night on the town (Newton)
Hi, i'm 23 years old, a single mom, its been a long ass time since i've been out. Money has just been to tight to do anything. But i'm at the point of kiling someone if i don't get out soon!! I'm looking to be spoiled tonight. I want someone to take me out on the town, ya know, dancing, maybe a few drinks. NO SEX. I just want to have a good time and then go home to my bed. My last job was as a stripper so i like to think i got some good moves. I doubt i'll get alot of responses back but its worth a try
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Nanny Taxi said...

#4 the twins are only 10 months old at night?
Oh! Goodie! A bed in the nursery, $350 wkly???
#12 they need to get their heads examined! All those hours for chump change?
#24 add $100 more and I'd take it. $300 for a weekend, no problem. I could do something fun the rest of the week!

Lisa said...

First of all... SOMEONE: it's one word. I haven't counted, but there are many ads this week where people write it as "some one." Just an irritating pet peeve of mine.

Nanny Taxi, I thought the same thing about #4 - "they're only 10 months old at night??" Hee!

I was almost angry by the time I fininshed #3. "We are actually not religious people." You've GOT to be kidding me! Then then go on to say, "We believe in following the exhortation "not to be unevenly yoked together with unbelievers" only Christians need apply." And, to write that "We believe in gentle discipline with a smack as the very last resort" just isn't OK at all. All this for $5 per hour. FREAKS!

7 & 9. Honestly, besides being poorly written, I'm not seeing anything WTF about these. I'm guessing that English is not #9's first language.

#12 - 5 am - 11 PM/7 days a week for $300? Amazing.

As always, thanks Jane & MPP and all of you who find the CL ads for making the weekly WTF possible. I look always look forward to making them part of my Saturday monrings!

Adria said...

I submitted #4 and #12. It's sad that I come across ads like these on a weekly basis while reading through the Boise craigslist ads.

"You should have your own Bible and be the kind of person who reads it regularly and seeks to live by its teachings"

was the part of that ad that set me off. Along with having the parents plan and organize ALL craft projects, once a month drug tests, curfew.. all for $5 an hour. Pathetic, I say. I replied to her and told her that the entire ad was completely insulting to any professional nanny. She never responded, haha.

visitor said...

These all made me laugh...and then made me praise every higher power out there that I'm not trying to get a job in child care.

MinuteMuggle said...

lmao @ number one! buuuwhahahahah!
talk about too much information! :)

Jenny said...

Yeah, I have to agree about #7. Unless you can write a perfect posting in Mandarin, Swahili, or Spanish, don't make fun of people who have less than perfect English.

Clo said...

Cause I know when I see a 23 year old ex stripper babysitter, my first thought is "Minute Muggle slash Umass! You and your shenanigans!"

(Kidding. I really like you MM and enjoy the heck outta your comments on here. I always liked Umass as well. :) )

And #3 blew me away. I am a very religious Christian (I thought) But that "Yoked together with unbelievers" comment blew me away! I felt personally offended by it actually. (Maybe cause almost everyone I love has a different belief system than I do?) I would never work for those people. Especially with only 1 day off a week. And I'd like to find my own church to attend, if I choose to attend at all, thank you very much.

another no name blogger said...

What is wrong with #4, I would be interested in #4 - basically you are getting paid to sleep. You could have a day job and do this at night.

Clo said...

What's wrong with it, IMO, is it is only about $6 an hour. And whether or not it is at night when the kids are sleeping, you are still working. You are still in someone elses home, staying there, sleeping in the nursery with the babies, giving up your time.

The woman I babysit for pays me $2 MORE an hour for any hours I work between 9pm and 8am.

MinuteMuggle said...


Im not a stripper and I'm in my
30's. and i'm not minutemuggle slash anything. I'm not even into slash. I don't go for that stuff. I'm strictly a dramione fan.

Just saying.

NVMom said...

#12 - "This is my first baby and she's very young." Really...

#4, You're probably not getting paid to sleep. At 10 mos. they might not be sleeping through the night.

Clo said...

Ah no!!

The comment I was replying to seems to have been deleted?

But nooo. Someone said that the stripper post was "minute muggle/umass"

I didn't just pull that outta thin air. PROMISE!!!!

MinuteMuggle said...

there is no mm/umass. that's all I will say about it.

i thought there was a rule on this site anyway regarding not second guessing who posters are.


I know you meant no harm, but I don't know the post you are referring to, I guess I did not see it. I can assure you that I never have been nor ever will be a stripper. LOL after my C-section, my stripping career was over before it begun! :)

Jane and MPP: awesome, awesome CL WTF ads this week! So crazy and ridiculous! Love them! I just cannot believe that parents are looking for full time caregivers for these amounts of money! Obviously they do not qualify for assistance, or they would be on it, so you have to ask yourself what kind of parent would expect to find someone to care for their most precious little package in the world for a mere few dollars a day? Honestly! I think some parents are so delusional that they think caring for their child is such a privilage that people want to do it for free! Gosh!

Jane Doe said...

Why thank you, Minute Muggle, but CL-WTF is all MPP.

Kim said...

MinuteMuggle -

Notice how most of them say how "wonderful", "well behaved", "a joy to be around" their children are. It seems like exactly as you said, they think their kids are so easy you're not actually working.

Maybe because all they do is throw them in a room with toys or put on a tv to watch them, who knows.

It's sad to know that people will watch kids for these amounts, and it's scary to think of what their real motives or personalities will be.

Lisa said...


I had a similar post disappear a couple of weeks ago. I just smiled to myself and let it go. MM is right; it would be mayhem if we second guessed each other; let's just be happy for no anonymous posts! Just one quick question though: is Snakes on a Plane dramione or slasher?

MinuteMuggle said...


thank you for my first real laugh of the day! you rock!


It is neither. :) Slash is not slasher: it means guy/guy, as in Harry and Draco. Dramione is Draco plus Hermione. So Snakes on a Plane would qualify as...a bad B movie.

You are too funny! lololol :)

Lola said...

I saw that post too. They must have taken it down because of the policy or something.

cali mom said...

#12 is just insane. $15/day??? I am finding it's not just in the nanny industry that people do this–I saw a listing on CL for a company that wanted people to submit original artwork designs to them so they could resell them to clients via their website. they were "willing" to pay $10 per piece (yes, ten dollars) for each piece of ORIGINAL ARTWORK they "approved". I emailed them asking if that was a typo and they had actually meant to offer $100 per piece and got no reply. And then there are the multitudes of listings for FT "interns" who have 3-5 years' experience in virtually every aspect of graphic design, webmastering, print production. etc.

DenverNanny said...

wow: $15/day and $25 for overnights? no wonder parents look at me like I'm crazy when they hear my rates...

I tried to submit an WTF this week but my computer failed me :(
A nanny posted a well-written piece with job descriptions & rates that should be expected for nannies vs. home day-cares in the Denver metro area. Another "nanny" replied, stating that she's been a nanny for 5 years and has never heard of ANY nanny making over $14--even for 2 or more kids and/or housekeeping tasks!
Because of this wonderful nanny's post, I received 3 rude emails from potential jobs raking me over the coals for my rates. As one parent said "$15/hour for 3 kids? even other nannies think that's outrageous!" Note: the 3 kids were 6 month old TWINS and a 2.5 year old...

NervousNanny said...


I also had a computer glitch in mailing a couple WTF posts this week...I have no clue why.

And as for the $15 for 3 kids under 3, that's totally reasonable in my book! I'm currently getting paid $15 an hour for 2 kids under 2, and most of the time the mom is in the house. When she hired me, she actually said that she couldn't believe people who offered her under $10 an hour and that she wouldn't trust them if they only charged that much. Ironic to me since it's usually us nannies who say that!

curiousaboutratesinSanDiego said...

Anyone from San Diego know what I should pay a teenage babysitter? I don't know the going rates and when I asked her how much she charges she said, "oh, whatever!" lol. It's the first paid babysitter we've hired. I can ask my friends what they pay babysitters but I thought I'd throw it out here too 'cause I've seen quite a few posts from San Diego people.

cali mom said...

Somewhat OT but again on the topic of outlandish salary offers...I was called for an interview to talk about building a website for a company (design, code, maintenance/webmastering, the whole 9 yards) and produce marketing and advertising materials for print. It wasn't even on CL, but their ad said diploma/bachelor's/master's degree required, experience in yadda yadda. So I get there and they say they are willing to pay $10/hr. sorry folks, I haven't made $10/hr since 1987, and I could flip burgers for more than that. I'm still so pissed, I should freaking charge them for the $8 it cost me to get out there and the 2 hours of my time they wasted!

curiousaboutratesinSanDiego said...

I guess since the economy's rotten we are supposed to be happy to work for a pittance! Of course it somehow doesn't work that way for the CEOs, who whine that their bonuses might be slashed from $1 million to $500K...

I once interviewed for a position at a law firm. I had years of experience as a legal secretary making around $40K (~$20/hour). I went through this lengthy interview process, met all of these partners, etc...and finally learned that the position was going to be paying $9/hour. WTF? I felt so insulted. But, this type of thing is pretty normal, I've found - people will try to pay you the lowest wage they can if they can get away with it. Which is why it pays to know what your labor is worth and not to work for less than that unless you ABSOLUTELY have to!