Madison Square Park in NYC

Received Wednesday, April 29, 2009
Great Nanny sighting!
Photobucket Today at Madison Square Park, in the southeast corner of the playground, I saw two fantastic nannies.

The first was caring for two little blonde boys, one about 8 months, very chubby, whispy blonde hair, in light blue shirt and blue swim trunks. He ADORED your nanny and could not get enough of her and she was so sweet with him. His brother, Michael (or Micah maybe) was there too. He also has wispy blonde hair, was probably around two, and was wearing red and blue swim trunks. Nanny was AA, close to six feet, average build, small afro.

The second nanny was caring for a girl about 3 and a boy 4.5. Didn't catch either of their names, but the boy was tall for his age, short dark hair, long-ish green and white swim trunks, and very talkative. The girl was wearing a pink and white bathing suit with ruffles around the edges. Nanny was AA, medium height, average build, short hair, wearing light-wash jeans and purple shirt. She was playing with the kids in/around the water, chatting it up with them and it was clear that they totally dig her.

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bbq galore said...

Finding a good nanny is HARD! Funny "AA"- took me about 5 minutes to figure out what that was!