CL-WTF on ISYN Saturday, April 4, 2009
.... What?!

1) Open minded Nanny wanted (Baltimore MD)
My wife and I will be having our newborn girl in August 2009 and are looking for a live-in nanny that can take care of our baby as well as do some light chores. We are looking for someone preferably Brazilian, Dominican, Hispanic but are open to all others. We also want someone who is open to possible intimate interactions with my husband. He is a very attractive black male with a high sex drive. We are a pretty well off family and live in an exclusive neighborhood in Maryland and you would be well compensated. We are interested in very attractive women only. Please email here if interested. Compensation: 200 -600 weekly.
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*The following Ad is being Published only because it is a very sad story:

2) Moved out here for a nanny position now they changed their minds (Las Vegas)
Hello my name is Heather I am a 26 yr. old Single mom of a 9 mth old baby girl. I accepted a position as a nanny and moved from california w/ my daughter on a bus. So I have been here for 5 days and this family that I am working for just let me know that they are not going to need me after all. The woman's mother will be watching their son instead. The funny thing is, I just turned down a nanny position that payed more because I thought I would do the right thing and stay with this family because I made a commitment to them and now they are just giving me the boot. I am very upset because I have a baby with me and no where to go. I have excellent nanny references. Please Help. If anyone is in need of a live in nanny/caretaker please consider me. Thank you, ~Heather (530) 844- **** (Ad includes photos of her and her child)
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Nanny Taxi said...

My goodness! What has happened to the ability to write a clear, legible ad?
It's going to get to the point that the only way people will communicate through texting!
Again, another week of clueless parents, sad, silly nannies and the poor children caught in the middle.

Cha Cha said...

I thought 15 was funny though kind of sad that she focused so much on looks. I bet when you are in the military w/ mostly guys and move a ton it is hard to meet girls. What a great incentive! Hot men and free drinks :)

16 - I didn't really have a problem with. She sounds like a responsible mom trying her best to let her 8 year old have a playmate.

17 - just ew.

Joy said...

I see nothing wrong with 32. in fact I would go work for her myself if I wasn't already committed to something else.

Know your worth! said...

RE: #32 - You'd watch SIX kids for $11??? Good luck! LOL

visitor said...

I like #15. Hook me up, girl!

Nanny and Mother said...

"collage". Enough said. I would not hire a 15 year old who could not spell college. Not to mention one who needs her big sister around to make her even remotely appealing. I was a sitter at 15, and I know I could at least spell properly. The sad thing with that is that even if she spell-checked, it wouldn't come up as wrong.
And btw, I LOVE that you linked to on that one add!

Kim said...

Number 2 is so sad. Hopefully she'll find something.

I can't believe how poorly written some of these are.

#20 - they want a pic in case you run away with their children? That's odd.

Marypoppin'pills said...

Nanny and Mother
Thanks.. I just had to do it! I think she meant "commensurate", lol. BIG difference!

worlds best nanny said...

Number 1 is sick. Why advertise in the Childcare section? Isn't there a "pick up" section of CraigsList?

Austin Nanny said...

#32 is actually paying more than average for the area. Most nannies get $10 an hour there.

Philly Nanny said...

In regards to #21, what is a good weekly rate for a live-in?

I know that if I didn't have to pay rent, utilities or insurance payments I could easily live comfortably on $150/wk, but it wouldn't offer me the chance to save much or have emergency money available if needed. These things are is really important and something I think many families overlook.

Lindsey said...

The first one is ewww. Not because she wants someone to pleasure her man, but because she is willing to have the same woman who has not a lot of morals, or self respect (if she is willing to be with a married man) also watch her children. The answer too this, is hire two different people, a nanny and an escort!

I feel bad for the second one.

The one about RSV, wow. Some mom she is.

A couple of these had a ton of kids. I have 3 and that is plenty! More power to the women who can take care of someone else's large brood.

Village said...

I don't know who to feel the most sorry for in #1. The mother-to-be pimping for her husband, or the nanny/housekeeper/prostitute-to-be.

I think I'll go with the wife who married a man who isn't going to go without sex during the six weeks or the tired months to follow.

And society wonders why more women don't want to marry.

This should go without mention at this point, but what about all these people who are willing to let strangers come into their homes on short notice to watch their children. Good Lord. I wouldn't let an unknown person watch my cat.

ohwhynot said...

I don't understand what is wrong with a mother who needs to work and whose child is sick (RSV)needing care for the child. Why are people jumping on this one?

seattle said...

was i the only one who noticed in number 1 how it started out with "my wife and i..."

(indicating the husband is writing it)

and then later says "..someone open to possible intimate interactions with my husband" (

indicating now the wife is writing it)

Village said...

seattle-Good catch on #1. But who ever is writing this, it's not the poor wife's idea.

Kate in PA said...

I think the issue with the RSV one is that the headline reads that daycare is needed "tomorrow." Another mother leaving her child in the care of a person she just met!

chrissyma said...

I've seen #1 elsewhere on the Baltimore listings. The "family" is much less of a family and more of a creepy, desperate dude.

worlds best nanny said...

I wonder if #2 is real. I just saw a news story about a woman in Utah who claims her boyfriend kicked her out and she needs $$$ to get back home to Seattle, so she panhandles. She makes $50 a day tax free, sometimes she makes more! In reality she is an 18 year old resident of Salt Lake City who lives with her parents in a modest house in the Sugar House/Hill? section of Salt Lake.
#2 could just be looking for a handout.

another keen observer said...

Ever the pessimist..

I crack myself up said...

To #15, who needs money for her collage fund... I just cut up the catalogs that come in the mail : )))

nanny ash said...

RE: I crack myself up haha I had to read that one twice to get it. You made me smile :)

world's best nanny said...

Hi Bella,
That was me. I said she was a scam artist! This is what someone said about my observations.

another keen observer said...

Ever the pessimist..

Nope. I just been around the block too many times not to hear B.S. when I hear it. or in this case read it.