CL-WTF on ISYN Saturday, March 28, 2009

1) Live-in domestic (PBC)
We are looking for a special woman for a live-in position. Taking care in and around the house as well as the lawn and pets. We would like to find an accomodating woman. Compensation include a salary plus private apt. including all utilities.
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* The Nanny that responded to the above Ad received this:
From: wellingtonbill1961@****
The position is a 40 – 45 hour a week job. It involves taking care of the property including a little bit of housework such as doing some laundry sometimes, cleaning the bathrooms once a week, and maybe doing some light cleaning. It also includes a lot of yard work. Mowing the grass, edging, weed eating, pulling weeds, fertilizing, tending the garden, and such. The position also includes caring for our 2 horses, which includes cleaning their stalls and feeding them. I would like to find a special woman who can do that, and also be open to my sexual advances. I am a very nice, well mannered, and attractive man. In exchange, we offer a clean, beautiful, and private detached apartment, plus a salary, vacation, 401k, and insurance. The Apartment comes with all paid utilities plus high speed Internet and Direct TV. The apartment is located on the premises. I can make a vehicle available for the right person. I am being forthright in my job description. You will find that I am a very respectful person, and would ask the same in return. If this sounds like a position that you would be interested in, please send me a picture of yourself and a phone number. All applications are taken in confidence

2) Hey! I can babysit your kids (ATX)
I am a 20 year old tree hugging, child loving care provider. Looking for a 4:20 friendly family of hippies like myself. Very into organic f00dz and animals of all walks. Holla back
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Lisah said...

#12 sounds more like she's looking for a dog sitter - just get the kid up, change his diaper and let him outside to play. Yikes!

I'm don't understand the WTF on #18.

worlds best nanny said...

Another week of clueless parents. Silly nannies and the poor children caught in the middle.

Marypoppin'pills said...

It's quite possible that I forgot to include the pay for #18, I was very ill when I was putting this CL-WTF together... I believe the wage offered for that job was low for the amount of kids the Nanny would be responsible for, if I remember correctly.

MPP knows the score said...

Yep MPP-it's $300 a week for 4 children.

Marypoppin'pills said...

Thank you :)

WTF are people thinking said...

I don’t see what is so wrong with number 8. I started babysitting when I was 12, although the law here in MD is now 13. $10/hr seems like decent pay, especially since she’s will to have a young babysitter.

#10...way to advertise LMAO!

#11 has to be a joke (its been removed from Craig list)

#14 is only 7 ½ hrs a week….maybe $4 is close to the going rate there. And if someone is looking for a trade, as mentioned, it might not be so bad.

#16 that’s like $1.76/hour! WTF?!?!

#20 is a “profesionanal” mother…may be a little TMI! lol

ChiNanny said...

It amazes me how many of these posts say that being fluent in English isn't important, just "enough". These are your kids!

Village said...

RE #1 Now I have seen it all. A prostitute who also does yard work. Good luck.

SitterSarah said...

I really feel for the people going through tough times, but I wonder if they think about the fact that their nanny could be having financial trouble too?
As much as I enjoy CL-WTF, it is disturbing what some people think is acceptable.

Lisah said...

Thanks, MPP! That would make sense. Hopey ou're feeling better!

Marypoppin'pills said...

You are very sweet. I'm actually feeling a bit better now. Thanks!

Nanny from Fargo said...

Number 3 is AWFUL!!

She requires a "free 4 hour trail run" with each potential nanny, and then possibly they'll have the job??

Sounds like this woman is just going to cash in on as much free babysitting as she can!! Hmm.... and I bet that ten "4 hour free trials" with ten different nannies later, she'll still be looking!

How sneaky is that?! Yikes.

Village said...

RE #2 Who just wants to work for a family that gets high. What difference does it make? Regardless of who's getting high, THEY SHOULDN'T BE GETTING HIGH AROUND THE CHILDREN, because, I don't know, they might forget a child is even there, or HURT THE KIDS' LUNGS. Don't smoke around babies & children. AT ALL. Doesn't matter what kind of smoke it is.

Now back to regular programming.

just another mommy said...

Did I read it wrong or was #1 not actually looking for a nanny?? I didn't see any children involved, only housework, yardwork, horses and sex.

nyc mom said...

ChiNanny - I specifically hire sitters who speak minimal English. My kids are verbally fluent in Spanish *entirely* from hiring a nanny who spoke ONLY Spanish to them at all times, from infancy. I have tried hiring bilingual sitters, but kids are smart and will default to English if they can get away with it. Thus, I now purposely hire native Spanish speakers who speak minimal English. I have a friend and online program that can translate for me and have picked up enough basic Spanish to communicate daily needs. Raising my kids bilingual was a big goal of mine and the only way to truly do it is via immersion in the other language which no amount of classes will accomplish.

SandM said...

Whoa... that first one is scary. The guy doesn't even MENTION anything about the children or nanny responsibilities having to do with them. I'd say perv-alert and forward the email to the local PD in case any abductions or anything happen in the next couple of weeks.

just another mommy said...

#8 – why does she say it’s great for first time babysitters, but then require experience with children?

#9 – What in the world does she consider a half day in all that? All three look like full days to me. And what does that make it? 3.30 an hour for the longer day and 2.30 an hour for the “shorter” day? Yeah, sounds like a fantastic job!!! :)

#11 – just funny stuff right there

#13 – the mother responding to the ad doesn’t know how to read.

#16 – you can’t get daycare for one child for that amount, how in the world do they expect anyone to work for that???

#29 – the husband should just marry a second wife. That way she’d at least get compensated for being a stay at home mom because basically, that is what they are asking of their “nanny”.

Dont judge said...

Also, #14... This is where I live. The unemployment rate in our area is going up about a percent per month. I am not surprised to see someone looking to trade childcare. What else are we supposed to do when we are stay at home moms and our husbands get laid off, and any job they CAN find pays less than half of the unemployment check. Which is only $1200/month max.

Mom has to get a job. Period.

She offered to trade and is in a hard situation. Don't judge until you are wondering how you are going to feed your kids next week.

ro said...

sorry NY Mom,
As another NY Mom, that sounds like a bunch of bullshit. And I've heard that before from every tight ass bitch who has a non english speaking employee trying to explain how this was intentional and well thought out. Our children cannot have playdates because I won't allow my children to spend time in a home where no one speaks English. My child speaks English and I require that she not be left in the care of someone who doesn't even have a rudimentary grasp of English, as in for an emergency. You sound like a selfish sleaze. And all your friends and coworkers who listen to you drone on and on about you "immersion" program are laughing at you behind your back. Laughing their asses off. NO one buys it!

boom boom said...

I think the first ad was a coded ad for a prostitute.

cali mom said...

After reading #1, I felt like puking.

I suppose anyone who "purposely" hires a nanny who doesn't speak a word of English counts on all EMT's, ER doctors, firefighters and police to also have taken "immersion" classes in whatever language their underpaid nanny can speak. I'd prefer whoever is in charge of my child be able to communicate effectively in an emergency. This seems like basic common sense, but clearly, common sense isn't required to produce children.

Lisah said...

Wow, here we go. It seems like there's always some person who ends up being attacked and this time it's NY Mom. You certainly don't have to agree with her, Ro, but calling her a tight ass bitch and a selfish sleaze is totally uncalled for. I'd rather my children spend time in a home that employs a spanish-speaking nanny than one with a judgemental and rude mom.

etereia said...

Well, I don't know about NY, but here in CA, a lot of doctors, nurses, cops and firefighters DO speak Spanish, and I am guessing that there is a large Latino community in NY, too. So, I don't think it will be a problem to ask for help in Spanish in case of emergency. Besides, NY mom never said that SHE speaks Spanish to her kids. They probably get enough English at school, friends' houses and from the parents.

nyc mom said...

Ro, I understand how you might perceive it as a cop out, though don't think it's necessary to hurl insults. You can choose to believe or not believ what you wish. All I can do is present the facts of the choices we have made as parents. Yes, we have intentionally chosen to hire native Spanish speakers as nannies. We both work ft outside the home and I have always had a goal of raising my kids bilingual. I spoke with a couple of linguists prior to making the decision (when first child was 1yo) and was told that 20 hours or more of immersion was generally considered necessary to acquire a language. Neither dh nor I speak a second language. I looked into immersion schools, but there was only French and Italian. Our decision to proceed with Spanish immersion via a caregiver was a deliberate and well-researched.

Spanish made sense since it would be possible to find caregivers who spoke the language, and it is very practical. It has actually been harder than you believe to ensure we have a ft Spanish speaking nanny. We have paid a premium to make sure the nanny we hired was well-educated and legally employed - a challenge when you want to hire a Spanish speaker only. I am quite certain my kids are verbally fluent in Spanish as I hear them talking to the nanny regularly and have had numerous Spanish speakers listen and comment on it. I do think there is a limit on what degree of bilingualism can be attained by just hearing the language. They are only able to read and write Spanish at a lower level than speaking it, but they get supplementary Spanish classes at school. Their English language skills are perfect and their school performance excellent. There are numerous studies supporting improved cognitive abilities and better math/reading test scores in kids who learn a second language. There was initially some concern that bilingualism in young children delayed language acquisition, but this has generally been refuted except in cases of children with receptive/expressive language disorders. You can google the original Peal and Lambert studies, but here is a link to a summary of more recent work:

I've never had anyone refuse to have a playdate because of my nanny's language, nor have I ever refused to let my kids have playdates at the homes of moms who hire nannies who speak another language such as Mandarin primarily (another common scenario I've encountered). I feel quite certain that in NYC, my nanny would have no trouble finding an emergency services employee who spoke Spanish. I also had no trouble finding CPR/First Aid classes conducted entirely in Spanish. In 7 years my nanny's ability to speak Spanish has never caused a single issue or delay in any needed medical or emergency treatment (nor any minor issue either fwiw).

I understand (though do not necessarily agree with) the vitriol on here toward illegal immigrants. But to extend this hatred towards anyone who chooses to expose their kids to a second language is a bit over the top. To assume that doing so indicates the nanny is underpaid, uneducated, or unable to handle an emergency seems the very essence of bigotry. I find it sad that there are folks who are so angry and judgmental about this choice.

DenverNanny said...

nyc mom: Well written response!

Village said...

I too want to offer my support of the mom who wants her children to be bilingual. I think the nanny is a good idea. That is how children learn language. Children who only learn English learn to speak before they learn to read and write in English. Her kids will have an advantage when they begin studying a second language in school.

Serendipitous said...

I emailed #30 about how little she was willing to pay and she responded:

"Im not sure what you are talking about!. I am looking for a in home daycare for my son, 3 days week.. I am not looking for a Nanny.. I run a in home daycare.. and my rates is 120.00 week..
So maybe you need to go read the ad again due to I didn't say I need a Nanny.. I would never HIRED a NANNY.. Thanks..

Got make your 10-15 hr..and be HAPPY"

If she runs a daycare, why doesn't she care for her son?

Philly Nanny said...

Is #13 really all that SHOCKING!!!!? I mean she says right in the ad that she had done short-term and one-time things.

I understand it's not was she was looking for and that hiring an unknown sitter is bad, but that seems pretty dramatic. Am I missing something?

Phoenix said...

at least #1 states that he is a dirty man before hand... lol. To be honest i find nothing wrong with a person putting an add out for this, what bothers me are the women who would actually apply.

ChiNanny said...

NYC Mom,

I think that's great. However, I do not believe these ads are posted by people who have done research on bilingual children and immersion. The whole idea that, "you just need enough English to get by" comes off to me that they are looking for someone cheap, and most likely not paid on the books.

That is entirely different than purposefully hiring a nanny to teach your child a language.

And where I live, I would have a hard time walking into a hospital and finding someone immediately to speak with in Spanish. Of course there are translators, or maybe a nurse who speaks it, but I would rather speak to a doctor in his native language than rely on a 3rd person to relay information.

B not arthur said...

I know about three mothers who hire non English speaking nannies to save a buck. They are also paid under the table. ALL of them claim it is to teach the child to speak spanish. I send my two year old to a language class to learn Spanish.

And by the by, all of these non English speaking "nannies" are also cleaning toilets.


If you leave your child with a nanny, I believe she should be top notch and a true professional nanny.

NannyJ said...

It's great that your children can communicate with the nanny... but how do YOU communicate with her??

nyc mom said...

I communicate with my nanny as I stated above:

"I have a friend and online program that can translate for me and have picked up enough basic Spanish to communicate daily needs."

In addition, I provide all weekly schedules, instructions, and events in writing as well as verbally. My nanny's kids are American and review them with her. If she has any questions at any time she calls me and if it's an issue beyond my Spanish, we either conference in my bilingual friend or her bilingual adult daughter. Again, in 7 years, two different ft nannies, and several occasional sitters, this has NEVER caused a single problem so I am confident our communication methods are working well. As I said above, it is absolutley hard work and extra effort for all involved, which is why I did not enter into this decision lightly. But I believe it is completely worth it for my kids. And the older two are *finally* able to see the benefits themselves and are excited to be bilingual. It's great to see.

I despise liars said...

NYC Mom,
At first I was put off that Ro chose to hurl insults at you, but your stupidity and pomposity makes me want to scream. You sound like a giant fake and you are so transparent with your cheap nanny.
Whatever benefit you can pretend having someone speaking Spanish to the child, let me assure you that my American, legal, professional nanny has taught my child so much more. And who suffers? Your child. My nanny takes the child to museums and bakes, we have all sorts of child cookbooks and craft books, they read at least an hour a day. I am so angry I can barely type this. I have to agree with what was said before, you aren't fooling anyone. Anyone who is idiotic enough to have to go to a site like free to get instructions to give to the person caring for their YOUNG CHILD is a complete and total moron. I hope you know how to satisfy your husband, because you surely aren't meeting your child's needs.

dayum! said...


nyc mom said...

Wow. I can't believe that my choice to hire a Spanish speaking nanny upsets you so much that you can barely type due to your anger.

To correct a few misassumptions in your rant, I never said I use a free translator website. I have tried those, but find them not great. If I use an online translator, I use a program my husband found and paid for that I have reviewed with a Spanish speaking friend to confirm it is well-designed. However, generally we use a live person for most issues. Secondly, my nanny is both legal and a professional nanny. No, she is not American, but her kids are (if that makes you any happier : ). My nanny also takes my kids to museums, bakes, does crafts, and reads to them (in *gasp* SPANISH!). She also takes them to see various sites and events in the city; finds gems I didn't even know about; teaches my toddler shapes, colors, letters; helps my older two with homework if I'm at work and does a great job of it; reinforces politeness and good manners; and is all around pretty amazing. She is a college educated former journalist and a smart, kind, wonderful woman who has/is raising 3 smart, well-mannered, lovely kids of her own. I can also assure you she is far from cheap, though has never tried to take advantage and we pay her above market because we love her.

Finally, my sex life isn't really any of your business but since you expressed concern, let me reassure you that it is healthy and happy. I hope your life and childcare situation are going as well as mine, but sadly worry that you are having a tough time right now - thus your need to sublimate your unhappiness onto my choice of a Spanish speaking nanny. Good luck and I hope things get better for you soon.

Phoenix said...

My ss mom doesn't speak a lick of english, and I can't communicate anything to her about the kid. so i am do not completely understand why people would choose that situation and pretend that it is better for the kids. so for the parents it's not good. but the kids if they retain the spanish it is very very good for them. Learning spanish in school is not the same. The schools teach spanish properly like how the speak in spain, you speak like that to a mexican they are going to hate you. The mexicans think that when you use proper spanish that you are insulting them and they think you are stupid, and the other half have no clue what you're saying. so in part, having a native to the tounge teach the child is better than paying some white person to do it. The spanish slang is now common and they don't teach it in school. So as long as the parents are happy and they can communicate basic understanding to the nanny... then so be it.

Lisah said...

It's not as if NYC Mom's kids are being abused or put in danger, so I don't get why anybody would think that they are an expert on what's best for her children. NY Mom has put a lot of thought and energy into how she wants her children to be raised and it sounds like she's worked hard to bring that vision to life in a way that is beneficial to everybody concerned. If her children are happy and she is satisfied that they are getting the best possible care, why is it anybody else's business?

Anonymous said...

I smell a bunch of busy bodies. Ignore them nycmom. Unless someone is neglecting and/or abusing their children, it is not anybody else's place to judge how they're raising them.

Don't even bother defending yourself or justifying your actions. No one knows your intentions better than you and I think you gave a very convincing and thought out argument as to why you have hired a Spanish speaking nanny. I have NO idea why a few posters are so bent out of shape over this. I'm actually fascinated by this whole immersion process. There really is no better way to learn a language than to be constantly exposed to it.
As far as a Spanish speaking nanny not being able to handle a crisis, that's just absurd with underlying and subtle tones of bigotry. You guys are really reaching with that one.

etereia said...

It actually boggles my mind as to how wanting your kids to be bi-lingual is connected to who is legal or illegal, and who gets paid what. Oh, and NY mom, way to go. You have chosen a great way to teach your kids a new language.

cali mom said...

Willcatch up later, but let's say the mom who wanted to save a buck and pretend it was in the best interests of her child hired a nanny who could only speak Dutch, and not a single word of English. Do you then argue that it's all fine and dandy and they can just explain to the 911 operator that they will need a Dutch speaking EMT for the child who is in critical condition? Or do you think maybe an English speaking caregiver would be more practical in that case?

cali mom said...

Jacqui, I hope you are never alone with children if you seriously think it's "absurd" to have to possib;y communicate an emergency to someone who speaks only English. You'd seriously try to play charades over the phone to explain to the 911 operator that a baby was choking?

Anonymous said...

Calimom, there are always Spanish speaking 911 operators. And lets not turn this into some passive aggressive personal attack on me with your insinuations that I shouldn't be alone with children.
Get a grip.

Anonymous said...

I missed the other post.
Calimom, chances are she wants her children to speak Spanish because it's becoming such a dominant language in this society and it could be helpful for them to know it, especially as they grow up and it becomes more common as a second language. I don't think Americans have a problem with "DUTCH" potentially becoming a widely-utilized language here.
There's a reason behind the children learning the Spanish language. There would be very little reason for them to learn dutch. That's the difference.

nyc mom said...

Jacqui, thank you - you summarized a big part of my motivations exactly. I chose Spanish specifically because it is so prevalent and I believe it will be incredibly useful for my children. We considered German (had a German speaking au pair at the time) and Mandarin (super useful, but wasn't confident I could find enough qualified caregivers if we moved). I learned French through school and found it has been completely useless to me in my life, despite being fun to use the couple of times I've gone to Paris.

Cali mom, sometimes I agree with you and other times I disagree. But on the topic of anyone you perceive as un-American, an immigrant, or apparently speaking a language other than English you are consistently very close-minded and judgmental, often with obvious limitations on your knowledge base. This case is a perfect example. You assumed my nanny is underpaid (false) and judged that I lack common sense because you have decided my nanny will have trouble communicating to Emergency Services personnel in Spanish, in New York City (wrong). I work in emergency services and I can guarantee you there is always, 100% of the time an available Spanish speaking individual at any hospital or 911 call. In fact, I would probably be more useful at my job if I spoke ONLY Spanish than I am speaking ONLY English.

I said before there are lots of people on here who vehemently oppose illegal immigration which I do understand, even though I tend to be more sympathetic. But this baseless anger and hatred toward a caregiver who doesn't speak fluent English and a parent who wants her kids to learn a second language in the only practical way for our family, I do not understand. I am certain there must be underlying personal issues for this anger though I'm equally sure this blog is not the place to explore them. You seem like an otherwise reasonable person based on the little I've seen of you on here and I sincerely hope you and your son meet with a more tolerant world in the future.

j said...

I agree with Cali Mom on this issue. If you want your child to learn spanish, find another way or hire a bilingual nanny. It isn't urgent that she never speak English to the child, that is preposterous and also very lonely.

I think you sound like a horrible mother.

A Regular said...

J sounds remarkably similar to a recent troll on ISYN if you ask me.

cali mom said...

NYC mom, you have a vivid imagination and a smug, ridiculous self-satisfaction problem, or perhaps you are projecting some of your own issues onto other's posts?

IF the language you have chosen for your child to learn is Spanish and IF you live in NYC, California or Texas, there IS a fairly good chance someone will always be on hand to help a Spanish-speaking only person out in an emergency. At least, I hope so for your children's sake, because you seem completely unconcerned about the potential problem.

Your arguments would certainly not appply to all languages and all areas, however, and Jaqui, you are still being silly to assert that the notion of having to cope with an emergency when taking care of a child is "absurd".

How would either of you feel about teaching your children that it's perfectly acceptable to move to another country and live there for 20 years without ever bothering to learn the language? After all, your chilren are educated and polite, and they'd be helping the residents of that country learn something new by "teaching" them their language, so why bother to learn the predominant language of their new home country? Some would call that enabling by any other name.

blah blah blah said...

Dear CaliMom,
Do us all a favor and freaking just let it go. It's none of your business and all your insults aren't going to change her mind. Give the self-righteous act a rest for once.

cali mom said...


Public posts on a blog are "none of my business"? Why, pray tell then, did she/you decide to post?

She/you/he/it can hire whatever type of nanny they want, but noone can post on a public forum and then try to tell other posters that they are not allowed to respond. (Unless they want to make themselves look extremely stupid, that is). Sorry Charlie, deal with it or STFU.

blah blah blah said...

Seriouly? A public message board is for responding? Who knew?


I didn't request that you refrain from responding, I asked you to let it go. While NY Mom politely answered the questions put to her, you managed to merely repeat your smug and shrill insults. Guess what? We GOT IT the first time you said it. Perhaps you might consider discussing things, rather than turning them into debates. It seems as though anytime you disagree with some one, you turn it into an argument, complete with name calling. It really IS possible to disagree without being insulting.

etereia said...

Blah, it is NOT possible for her; she does not know better.

cali mom said...

No worries chickies. When I get really annoyed, I just reach out and smack someone to bring them around to my way of thinking. You said that always worked in your family, right Etereia?

etereia said...