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.... What?!

1) Free Rent Free Rent Lakeaway Area (lil household duties & childcare) (Austin)
My son is 8mos. My Wife bailed, he stays with me two-three nights a week. I also need just basic help around the house. I love to cook and hope you do too. Really looking for a roomate but figured I could help someone who can help me. Garage included, private room, guest bathroom and this is a nice home.. I'm a cool guy, just didn't know my girlfriend well enough before I married her. We do have a great kid which is easy to love and is well behaved. He just smiles and laughs all the time. And cute like his dad. There's no drama over here and hope you won't bring any. It stays pretty quiet around here, but I'm not a prude. We can party a bit if you like. Summer is fun around here and hope you like the lake. Charlos n Charlie's in down the street and Iguana Grill is across the street. Let me know what question you have and we can discuss the details. Thank you kindly, Marshall Leonard 939-**** Please be at least around my age. 31 Just want to have something in common..
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baby dalailama said...

the craigs list section makes my blood run cold...or laugh out loud...its a scary place to visit.

Village said...

This is a casual place, but I don't know if I know my boundaries or not. I'm scared.

I love the poster who doesn't know board means food. If a nanny gets both, will she get fat?

These are so good, I am going to have to read them again.

Kristen said...

I dont get whats so bad about the first one???

Anonymous said...

Hahahah "Lucy you are the best brother ever."

etereia said...

I love #14. $12 here, in the Bay Area, is a round-trip ticket on the subway.

Nanny Taxi said...

1.) Is using his child to find a new girlfriend. Healthy!
29.) When did food and drinks become a substitute for pay? I'm not that hungry!
32.) $9 an hour to deal with 4 kids all with "issues." Nice!

TiredMissDee said...

I've had 3 hours of sleep in the last 30 something hours, so I am not going to say much about this weeks ads except:

Holy Sippy Cups Batman! Perhaps number 1 needs to be on Love Connection or a reality TV show....

cali mom said...

#12??? Wowza, free rent in exchange for 80 hours a week. Who could pass up such a dream job?

Where do they get off? said...

"The housekeeper should know how to properly care for antiques, artwork, family heirlooms, silver and china, so the family can rest assured that their possessions are well maintained and presentable at all times."

I know I certainly couldn't sleep at night knowing my silver wasn't presentable!

This family is CASUAL people, I couldn't stress that enough.

And after ALL the cleaning, preserving antiques and artwork and couture dresses, grooming the dog and cooking meals, oh're taking care of the kids too. They just slipped that one in there didn't they?

D said...

When I used to work at WHole Foods, this man's kids would go up to women and say, "My daddy is so lonely since our mommy left. Will you be his friend?"
We used to see him coaching them and pointing out women. Creepy!

seattle said...

where do they get off,

HAHA at "I know I certainly couldn't sleep at night knowing my silver wasn't presentable!"

that gave me a good laugh :)

i mean WHO COULD SLEEP without being sure that silver was spotless?

the sane one (I think) said...

Oh my god, what are these people on? You gotta love the one in Vegas who thinks that 8AM to 5PM every day constitutes a morning job. Wow.

Beat Them said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Marypoppin'pills said...

Since you don't know how to behave, ALL of your comments have been deleted.

worlds best nanny said...

I am a nanny/household manager, but I have never seen anything like number 7.
Above everything I do the kids come first. They told me if the place catches fire get the kids out and roast marshmallows. These people would be beside themselves with grief if you left the silver and antiques behind.

deaf nanny said...

WOW! I think this is the craziest CL WTF ever! I'm just astounded every week!

Not a Troll said...

I actually feel the need to defend #5. I am sure the WTF part is that he/she is offering free child care, and that the alternative was "leaving the child alone." But, having worked with the very poor, at risk children, parents just out of jail, etc. I know exactly the situation this poster is referring to. I don't condone it, it is the situation where DHS usually has to step in.

But, this poster has been there too. And someone helped her. And now she wants to pay it forward. And I think that is admirable.

In my former line of work I heard desperate stories. Mom just out of jail, needs a job within x number of days to stay on parole. Gets an interview, sitter doesn't show up. Miss interview go back to prison. Solution "the toddler will survive an hour alone." Dispicable, I know. But a desperate choice for many desperate families.

I don't think the person offering the free childcare thinks leaving a baby home alone is good. She is saying "I have been in that place, don't do it, I will watch them."

Kudos to her.

eyes re-opened said...

Not A Troll,

Wow, I didn't even understand number 5 until you put it into perspective and yes I can see that happening.

Many people do not understand inner city life and its traps and pitfalls. I grew up there until the age of nine, but how quickly one forgets.....