Cafe Art in Livermore, CA

Received Friday, March 6, 2008
nanny sighting logo Thursday at around 3pm:

Maybe I am making something from nothing and honestly I was busy with the kids I nanny for and didn't get as much detail as I'd like.

Today while there making a mothers birthday present there was a group of 3 girls. At first I thought they were just there making a project but then saw that there was a boy with them. The girls looked about 22-25ish so I don't think it was a mom. The boy looked maybe 10 (could be off) he was pretty tall and fairly skinny. His hair was reddish,but not a true red head at all, had freckles and light skin. He was wearing dark pants and shirt.

Like I said maybe I'm over reacting its just not how I'd act when at work and these girls were so loud and distracting I couldn't help but hear them. They were just pretty much ignoring the boy while they talked about going to the mall. They would occasionally comment on a dolphin he was painting but mainly to say it was the wrong color or something. At one point he sat down and started talking to them. Then the girl who I believe is the nanny said a few cuss words loud enough that my little girl turned and looked. I tried to ignore them but then heard the nanny talking about being really drunk one night. She then had a small conversation about it. They just talked and hung out the whole time and when included the boy talked to him like he was just a friend hanging out. It was just a lot of adult talk for such a little room filled with kids.

The one I think to be the nanny was on the heavier side, dark hair in a pony, a white shirt over a brown shirt jeans and brown chucks. I think she drove a green beetle and her initials were C.W. (I did manage to get her name and one friends name).


etereia said...

I do believe I have seen these nannies once, when I went with my charges to Cafe Art. I think they had a little girl, about 2 years old, with them, too. They WERE extremely loud and annoying. I did not hear much, though; my girls did not like the place and we left very fast.

NannyM said...

Could it have been a brother of one of the girls? She could have been mad that she had to bring him with her?

NannyM2 said...

That's what I was going to say, that he might be a sibling. I'd hope so at least. I've seen that before, older girls with their siblings just behaving so inappropriately, having conversations that no kid should overhear. I hate that kind of thing.

Whether it was a Nanny or not, good sighting. Sometimes these behaviors get overlooked by observers and it's sad because people don't realize how much kids pick up on. I wouldn't want my charges hearing conversations like that.

UNIDAD said...

People need to watch what they say in front of small children weither they are a nanny or not.Great sighting

Baltimore Nanny said...

The first thought in my head is "shouldn't the 10 yr old have been in school"?

It is annoying when people don't censor what they say, especially around children. I have often times asked neighborhood punks here to watch their mouths, even just around my infant - I certainly don't want his first word to be one of the vulgarities they are calling one another!

Of course, I am also the one that comments to people standing right in front of an entrance to a store smoking a cigarrette.

Not many people will open their mouths.

worlds best nanny said...

He's 10, my son is 13. He is old enough to know what the nanny's were talking about, and old enough to not just go and blurt things out like a toddler. Unless he attends school in the Land Of OZ, I'm sure he's heard worse at school.

seattle said...

just because they have heard it in school doesnt mean their siblings, parents, or child care providers (i.e authority or people the child could/does look up to) should be saying things like that.

cali mom said...

Trolly dear, if you're that bored, why don't you go trawl craigslist for some $1.67/hr nanny jobs to keep you busy.