M101 Limited in NYC

Received Sunday, February 8, 2009
nanny sighting logo Seen on the M101 limited at 1:30 to 1:45 pm Sunday February, 8, 2009, traveling from E. 64th street where I got on to my stop at E. 79th. Middle-aged latina nanny, slightly overweight, between 5’2” and 5’4” tall, with bad acne scars on her cheeks, salt and pepper hair that is cut very short (man’s style cut), wearing wire rimmed glasses. She was sitting in the very back seat with three girls around aged 4-6. All were very fair, with light brown hair in ponytails. Two of the girls wore white tennis shoes and pink tights. One of these two wore a pink jacket, the other a purple jacket. The third little girl wore a light brown coat with fake fur/wool trimmed hood. The woman was ignoring the children and was on her cell phone the entire time. Her conversations included explicit language about homosexuals, crude terms for women, and general vulgarities. She spoke in English and Spanish and used profanity in both languages. When one woman asked her to be quieter (she was shouting everything she said on the phone), she told her to move “her fat ass” if she didn’t like what she heard. When the girls tried to get her attention she snapped at them that she was “on the damn phone, not now!” Her first conversation with her grand/father who expressed he was afraid to have a stranger come to his home and get his dirty laundry and so she told him he would have to wait until she could come by on Thursday after he refused to call that laundry “fa**ot” to come get it. Moreover, he initiated this call with her grand/father by saying “What’s up bit**?” Her second phone call entailed her complaining that she hasn’t seen her children who live upstate this past week and was going today or tomorrow to visit them.

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cali mom said...

This is absolutely disgusting. I don't quite understand though, she called her own grandfather "bitch"? And how did you know it was her grandfather she was talking to? He was so loud you could hear him talking? I hope the parents see this. She may as well be teaching the kids how to load and light the crack pipe.

NannyInCharge said...

Maybe she called him Grandpa? Just guessing.

Anyways, this person (Not sure I'd give her the benefit of calling her a woman) sounds really gross. I feel really sorry for her charge.

Do women who act like this in public really think they are attractive or??? So irritating when people scream into the phone. I am very aware that people don't need to hear my cell phone conversations.

Anonymous said...

I doubt the woman was attempting to come across as attractive. That was probably the last thing on her mind. She sounds like an angry beast. I'm scared of her. I can't imagine how her charges must feel.
If this woman was so blatantly unaware of how crude her behavior was, I doubt she puts on a happy face for her charges' parents. They probably know, to some extent, how unpleasant she is.

Phoenix said...

Oh my this woman has kids of her own! I can only imagine what they turned out like. I will say that I grew up in a generation of using foul language. Every other word was the F bomb. But I never ever spoke that way in front of kids, nor did I ever speak loud enough for others to hear my conversation clearly. I really don't like people with out common courtesy. Poor kids, wait till they start talking like that to their parents.

Nanny Taxi said...

I hate it when people shout into their cell phones, we do not need to hear your conversation!
Some people, supposed adults, curse to sound cool, or perhaps tough in front of others. If she's worth her salt she should never behave that way in front of her charges! Just you wait when one of those kids drops the F bomb!
It happened to me. Whenever I get frustrated I yell "damn it!!" It just comes out! Well one day while sitting in her car seat my 3 year old charge yells out "damn it!" I told her that was not a nice thing to say and "nanny" was a bad girl for saying it and should go into a time out!
I can only hope she never said such a thing in front of her parents!

MissDee said...

My new gym has an interesting policy that one cannot use cell phones in the locker room. If call needs to be answered, members must take the call outside of the locker room, so as to not disturb other members. I am one of those people who talks in a loud voice without realizing it. I'm sure OP wasn't the only once who could overhear her conversation. I am always careful to watch what i say around J, since he will repeat what I say, as most children do at his age. I can only imagine if the children started talking like their nanny at home-the parents would more than likely brush off what bad language their children are using, if any, as being around peers, not realizing that nanny is the person responsible for teaching foul language. So I guess that there must be a school of some kind for bad nannies with the following subjects:

Sitting on my Ass and Ignoring Children 101
Foul Language and Swear Words 101 and 102
Bad Role Model Practicums, to be taken every semester
Interviews 101
How To Be A Bad Nanny Without The Parents Knowing and Being Reported on ISYN

Did I miss any subjects?

Marypoppin'pills said...

MissDee, LOL.

Daniela said...

This pisses me off so much because I'm a nanny AND Hispanic, and it's an embarrassment that these people (who in some cases are not even living here legally)make the rest of us look horribly bad. And what pisses me off the most is that they are ungrateful liars, when they should be making an extra effort to care for those children like it was theirs because they're given a great opportunity and a good job. So upsetting. It makes me weary for when I have my own children. I don't think I will be able to trust someone fully, especially when I read these things.

Phoenix said...

LOL that is great...

I want to add some subjects, what a fun game!

How to steal 202 (this is for the advanced nanny only)

How to eat your charges snack without them whining they are hungry 103

How to gather in a herd of other nannies and proper eticate for metting the boyfriend 104 & 105

Proper stroller maneuvering to avoid contact with child 101 & 102.

worlds best nanny said...

Why don't we add

"How to be a mommy from the mall on your cellphone" CD-ROM for Windows

I could think of more, but I'll just get more and more angry!