Leapin' Lizards in Port Chester, NY

Received Tuesday, February 24, 2009
nanny sighting logo I had a strange encounter with a nanny today, (Monday) at Leaping Lizards. I had taken my son and a playmate to play in the area to pass some time between 10:30 and 12:00. I sat and read a magazine while watching and listening to the children play. A nanny, (medium height, proper weight, jet black pony tail pulled tightly back, medium complected black skin, Jamaican accent, wearing blue jeans, a red cardigan and black tie up ankle boots sat down next to me. She too, set about reading some magazines she brought with her. I had no problem with her until two things happened. The first was that she was trying to put chap stick on the child, a boy, (approximately 3.5 years old, dark hair, light skin, large brown eyes, blue & brown striped polo shirt, blue jeans, blue socks). The child was fidgeting and the nanny said to the child, "if your mother would put some chap stick on you, we wouldn't have to deal with this, but every Monday, every Monday, everything is the mess". She then held the child's face really tightly with one hand one put the chap stick on him. Later, and on the same note, when the child came to tell her something, she told him all of his chap stick was off. He tried to run off to play and she grabbed him. He tried to squirm away from her and she mashed the chap stick into his mouth. To the point that the child had chap stick in his mouth. The child said both "Owie" and "Yuk, I don't have to eat it". My child and his play date were hungry, so they came to me and asked if we could get something to eat.

I asked them what they would like, and the other child was nearby and heard me taking the children's order. The little boy said, "Oh I want a hotdog , can I have one please". And the nanny said, "I sure would like to have lunch out too, but all your mom gave me is just enough money to get in this place, not even ten cents too much. I bet she's having a fancy lunch out today". This is not something you say to a child! What sort of points did she think she was making. I looked at her like she was crazy, and took the children with me to go order from the concession stand. Overall, while this nanny was as attentive as one needed to be in this environment, I would most definitely rate her as destructive (mentally) and unnecessarily rough, as well as immature and ignorant. She wouldn't be my choice for a "care" giver.


Joy said...

This happens alot unfortunately and not just with nannies. I've seen it happen at daycares, schools, Sunday schools even. It's just irresponsible adults trying to put the blame on the parents for things they're told to do that they find unnecessary or that they think the parent should be doing themselves.

nannyneedsanap said...

Maybe the parents suck, but the nanny has no right complaining to the child.

a reader said...


Nanny Taxi said...

I have got to be honest with you, I prefer a family that'll work as a team with me. That means whatever applied on Friday was followed through on the weekend. This situation goes both ways if the parents have begun something over the weekend I will continue to do it through out the week.

She was wrong grabbing the child's face like that. She couldn't just say come here and sit by me and when you allowed me to put on the chapstick you can go and play. Badmouthing the parents in front of the child is just wrong. Like I've said in other posts, if you feel you have to piss and moan wait til the kids are in bed.

As for the hotdog. She had no cash of her own? She couldn't buy the kid a hotdog and then get reimbursed by the mom? Or just sucked up the cost? How much can a hotdog be? Less than 5 bucks I bet.

chgonanny said...

As to the hot dog:

Why didn't she pack something to eat for the kids? When we go somewhere new, where we might be gone for a long time, I've always got extra granola bars and gummies in the diaper bag, just in case. I don't believe it's the parents' job to give me extra money for food, as long as they have a stocked fridge and pantry.

worlds best nanny said...

It is such a bitch when the family ignores what you do all week, the when you come back on Monday everything IS a mess. I am not the only one who has noticed such things. I have friends who run day cares and even they say Monday's are the worst.

Again, getting the kid under control and showing them who is in charge is paramount here.
When the mother comes home tell her that her kids were starving and she didn't leave any money for lunch. She won't make that mistake again.

hotdoggin' said...

Why didn't *you* buy him a hotdog then, and be proactive instead of being a tattletale?

ATL Nanny said...

While I understand her frustration, the child is NOT the proper person to vent to. My guess is that she really said this for the OPs benefit. Complainers like this are often looking for an audience. She should have waited until the child was out of earshot (or until she was off work) to vent.

As for the food, it's not clear whether she packed a lunch/snack. It's quite possible the boy had a granola bar or PBJ available, but was just wishing for a hotdog. If not, she should have brought a snack. But I wouldn't be at all surprised if he was just wishing for something more exciting. When I worked with older kids, this happened ALL THE TIME. I would pack them something healthy, but they would want McDonald's or a hotdog from concession stand, etc.

Nanny Taxi -- no way should the nanny have to "suck it up" and pay for the child's lunch out of her own pocket. That is absolutely not her responsibility.

Mondays are messy said...

I agree. Mondays are horrible for me because i have to use most of the day getting the whiney child to nap because the schedule was off all weekend and then the other half of the day cleaning the house which was trashed over the weekend.
I also agree though that even if the parents are horrible then you never complain about it in front of the child. I must say its really annoying when the kid hasn't had a bath all weekend and thier hair is in huge knots for me to get out but we just grab the comb and deal with it and not complain.
Lastly....i have every once in awhile paid out of my pocket to get the kids food but really that can get expensive. Kids never want to eat what you pack or go home to eat so if I spent my own money everytime they wished for something then I would be broke. So yes it is a big deal to just suck it up all the time and pay for them. Would you like to suck it up like twice a week and pay for your co-workers lunch just because they wish they could have something.

ohwhynot said...

Ick. What does she think she's doing? Bitch and moan to your friends, not your charge! And what type of caregiver doesn't head out over the lunch hour without stocking a bag with granola bars, baby carrots, and a bottle of water, at the very least? She sounds terrible.

Wicker Park Nanny said...

From the nannies behavior and comments to the little boy I'm concerned that she says these things to him because she resents the child. Obviously she resents the mother going out for "fancy lunches." I hope her feelings aren't being transferred to the child in other ways.

Good sighting & post OP! (You did great at describing the nanny objectively.)

I never realized how great my job is - the parents and I work together on Fridays and that helps us all maintain the same standards throughout the week and into the weekend. We all know each others "rules" and "quirks." For those of you who have extreme difficulties on Mondays maybe you should speak to your employers about this... I'm always of the opinion that honesty and openness are the keys to a good working environment.

oh well said...

I hope the mother sees this and fires the nanny.
Forgetting to pack a lunch is not a big deal to me (I know it's her job, but still). Badmouthing the mom, on the other hand. says something about her moral character and is a total dealbreaker.

Anonymous said...

This nanny resents her employers so much that it has caused her to turn that bitterness onto her charge. Even if the child's parents ARE putting this nanny in a bad position, she shouldn't be voicing her frustrations to their child.
This nanny doesn't sound like she's a good fit with the family she's working for.

Nanny from Fargo said...

Nani Taxi:

I disagree about the hot dog. The nanny should NOT buy the child a hot dog out of her own pocket. Five bucks here (so, if you make $10 an hour, you just cut that in half)--- five bucks here will most certainly set a precedent for future outings. And that adds up.

Anonymous said...

NannyFromFargo...take it from me..it REALLY adds up. You're abolutely right. A nanny should never be expected to pay for gas OR food for their charges while on outtings. And while I have in the past, it was because I wanted to...but as you said, it sets up a precedent and it was almost as if I was then expected to. I'm not stingy with my money AT ALL, but I have really set a limit on how much I am willing to spend on my charge during the week. I used to spend about 15 to 20..now it's no more than 5, if anything at all. Unfortunately, it's MY fault for not demanding to be reimbursed for things like gas, which I am not paid for after over 2 years of being with this family...whom I love dearly..probably the reason I haven't put up a fuss about it..

belaron said...

if she hates the mom so much she should quit, not punish the child :-(

Come on said...

Oh Well, you honestly think this is offense is worth being fired over? One anecdote gives you insight into her "moral character?"

alex said...

This is so sad. Although it was not right for the nanny to say things to the child like that it does seem like she cares for him, she just needs to hold her mouth shut.

Maybe the mom will see this and realize though that the nanny needs more money or the mom needs to be more attentive during the weekend? I think the parents need to work as a team and my friend has the same problems when she comes to work on Monday. I don't think it is as much as they are not doing what she asked but the child's schedule and routines should not be ignored just because it is the weekend.

I am by no means saying what the nanny said was right but we don't know the situation at home.

oh well said...

If she is making snide comments about the mom in front of the child on a constant basis, she should not work for that family. Lack of "moral character" may be a bit too much here, but her work ethics could definitely be improved, even if it was just a one-off rant.

Come on said...

Oh Well, I definitely see your point. Hopefully this nanny isn't speaking of the family like this constantly, and if she is then she seriously needs to have a conversation with her employers. Passive aggression solves nothing. I just hate how casual people get on this website regarding the firing of others. Obviously I don't believe that your opinion actually has any bearing on this woman's employment, but it gets aggravating to read similar comments on every post. One story (unless, of course, it's a story of physical abuse) often tells us so little about someone, and people seem to think nannies are so expendable.

Wicker Park Nanny said...

Come on,

You make a very good point. I told my friends about this sight the other day and the first thing one of the guys said was, "What if someone lies about a nanny and that nanny's employers read the blog and she gets fired."

I'm not saying the OP lied in this story, but it could be true of a post sometime - maybe the nannies don't get along and this is the revenge? Crazier things have happened.

I think what was posted here was valid, I'm not sure it deserves a pink slip, but it sounds like more communication is needed!

all eyes said...


I disagree on gas. I don't like counting mileage, I despise it. And to be quite honest, I don't want to create a disincentive to outings, I don't like being in the house too long. I really believe that this is dependent on the person and what the hourly pay is.

Nanny Taxi said...

The 5 bucks for a hotdog to me is nothing because most of the time my employer will pay me back. Sometimes I just let it go however because what she does for me. Sometimes if the mom is home we'll plan a trip to the children's museum for the 3 of us. She'll pay my way into the museum and she also may get lunch for all of us.
She has also taken me to the department store to have a make over and she paid for the make-up for my birthday. I have a different relationship with my employers. But I can see where you are all coming from.

ATL Nanny said...

Nanny Taxi said... "Sometimes if the mom is home we'll plan a trip to the children's museum for the 3 of us. She'll pay my way into the museum and she also may get lunch for all of us."

I'm not trying to pick on you, but this made me do a double take. This is not a perk. If you go on an outing with her child (whether she is there or not) during work hours, she absolutely should pay your for admission and lunch. It sounds like you have a great relationship with your employers, and that is wonderful. And they obviously do go above and beyond, by doing things like getting you a makeover and buying you birthday gifts. But I just want to point out that things like admission to a children's museums while on duty is not something "nice" an employer does for a nanny.

CaliNanny said...

Sometimes my charges mother does certain things that make me say out loud "are you kidding me?!" of course not to her. Some days when I pick up my charges they are wearing pants that are falling off their bottoms (too big) or they have a big snow coat on when it is 60-70 degrees out. Mom RARELY does their hair in the ams (charges are 3 girls)and they just look dissheveled/uncared for. Anyways, I will ask the girls "did mommy pick out your pants today?" or "you must have been running late today, mommy didnt get to do your hair"
I have gotten used to it though, and they really are small things, just kind of like a "pebble in your shoe" type thing that bugs you a little bit. Before I take them places I do their hair nice and dress them in clothes that match and fit them. I feel like the way kids look is reflective of the care they recieve...
wow, I went off on a tangent...lol
There is no reason for nanny to say these things to a kid, but sometimes it really does just "come out". I try hard though to bite my tounge because what good does it do?

SAHM said...

First let me say I am a SAHM, so I don't have a nanny. I adore my two children and would want anyone that took care of them to love them and care for them to the best of their ability. I am not saying the nanny in todays post should be bad talking the Mom-of course she shouldn't be. But shouldn't this site be for nannies that are dangerous or abusing their charges, not trying to put chap stick on them? I know there have been times when I want to get something done with my kids and they are running away, squirming etc and I am sure I have been more rough with them than I should have been. I would never abuse my children, but haven't we all lost our patience with our kids and just wanted to get something done? Why should a nanny be held to a higher standard than a parent? And even though she shouldn't have said something about the Mom not giving enough money for a hotdog, I don't think she should pay for the food of the child-nanny's don't make that much money and shouldn't be expected to pay for anything out of their pocket. There was a post on here about a nanny falling asleep with young children in public, if I were the mother of the child I would WANT to know about that because it's a safety issue-but chap stick-please! If mothers want to start picking apart nanny care be careful, nannies may decide to start their own web site and start nitpicking our parenting. None of us is perfect-parenting is hard and I would expect being a nanny is doubly hard-no matter how much they care for the children-it's not the same as the love we feel for our children. I wouldn't do this job for $15/hr....taking care of someone elses kids has to be an incredibly difficult job. This nanny cared enough for this child to be taking them to a play place and she didn't have to care if the kid had chapped lips-she obviously cares about the child if that is a concern of hers. I hope if I ever have a nanny the worst she does is complain about me being cheap!

Just My Two Cents said...

This is a good siting and OP was right to post it. I am a nanny employer and while I would not fire my nanny over just a sighting on a website like this, I would definitely want to know about it. I don't expect my nanny to pay for my children's outings or food, but if I had a nanny who was inclined to grumble or criticize me or my husband to my children over anything, I would want to know. (Honestly, my kids would likely give anyone, even an adult, who criticized us an earful and would immediately tell us, but they are older). My reaction to recognizing my nanny in a post like this would be to 1. talk to my kids to confirm if it sounds legitimate, 2. observe her more closely, and 3. ask if I left enough money to cover the outing and tell her to let me know if she ever needs me to leave more. Personally, I would be appalled if I found out my nanny was taking money out of her own pocket to pay for things for my children or had to pay her own way for accompanying them on an outing, be it an event or a meal out. It is my responsibility to leave enough money for the nanny to do the things I would do with the kids if I were home with them and to carry through with as much consistency as possible--on the less structured weekend days, but it is the nanny's responsibility to treat the children as children and not bring them into issues that should be handled among the adults in their lives. I am the first to admit that things are looser on the weekend as when they are in school during the week--we have a lot of planned activities and usually and number of kids in the house on Saturday and Sunday so things are generally not as orderly on Monday as on Friday, but if it's a problem it's up to the nanny to discuss directly with us. BTW, what's the big deal with chapstick? Especially when indoors? If I found my nanny habitually talked badly about my husband or I around my children, I would dismiss her and thank the person who warned me to be on guard.

Clueless said...

No one could possibly deduce that the nanny didn't pack a lunch, that is just plain stupid. The kid just wanted a hot dog, all kids try to get fast food, even when there is a healthy lunch packed. That is not even the issue, duh!!

Nanny Taxi said...

Dear ATL,

No, I don't feel picked on. My employers and I are the same age, married in the same year. I had my kid 2 years later, they waited til they made their first million, lol!

They are totally cool and yes I understand that she should be paying for museum trips and lunches during work hours. Sometimes when I grab a Dunkin Donuts coffee I'll get my charge some munchkins or a muffin, out of my pocket. No biggie, cause someday in the future she'll hand me a Barbie (I collect them), or perhaps a bottle of wine. It all evens out. I am really going to be lost when the day comes when my charge doesn't need me anymore and I need to find another job with a "normal" employer.
Have a good day.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Alleyes, I see your point and maybe it really does depend on hourly pay. As a nanny, I make VERY little...definitely on the very low end of the nanny pay scale...we're all (myself and employers) aware of how underpaid I am, so it really WOULD be nice if they gave me money for gas when I bring the kids somewhere. If I were making a competitve wage, maybe it wouldn't be a big deal? I don't know.
I too love bringing my charges out. I don't like sitting around inside all day...this is why I don't make an issue out of it. However, there have been 2 or 3 times that my employer will suggest I drive around with the baby if she's not sleeping well that day and not offer to give me money for gas or to use her car (she's home right now-laid off). Again, I don't mind doing this. It's nice to get out, even if just for a drive...but it puts me in an awkward position. Like I said, I make very little money, far less than what I deserve based on my experience (I love this family though and it was my choice to work with them and ignore other offers I have had for a much higher salary), so driving around for an hour can add up the gas costs.

fawn marie said...

nanny taxi, I had this same sort of relationship with an employer. in fact even though I no longer work for them we still go out for lunch or shopping together. but don't despair about future jobs - its all about finding the right fit. I'm on my way to developing that same bond with a new employer.

Sorry this posted as anonymous, was writing from my phone and had a malfunction.

mom said...

"Overall, while this nanny was as attentive as one needed to be in this environment, I would most definitely rate her as destructive (mentally) and unnecessarily rough, as well as immature and ignorant. She wouldn't be my choice for a "care" giver."

OP, I agree 100%. That is no way to talk about a child's parents to the child. The parents can give money for lunch out of they want, but they don't have to. Maybe they like their children to eat certain nutritious things at home and then go play. I don't see why people can't go out and enjoy themselves without feeling slighted that they didn't get to stuff their faces in the process. Not every activity must include fast food. I do hope nanny was a good enough nanny that she packed a drink for the child though. And if they were out at lunchtime...bring a sandwich and some fruit. No biggie. Our pool had a full food service bar, but I often packed a cooler from home...not because I didn't want to spend the money, but because we went every day all summer long and I didn't want my kids eating a steady diet of crap. In fact, we weren't supposed to bring food from home, but I was always poised to tell anybdy who might confront me (Nobody ever did), "Start selling some fruit and healthy food and I'll buy lunch here every single day." I was later informed by my son, who eventually grew up and got a job at that same pool, that he was told that nobody had bothered me about anything because I was always exceptionally nice to the people who worked there and they appreciated it so much that they never wanted to bother me. Apparently a smile does go a long way.

mom said...

World's best nanny,
I have two different opinions on the tings oyu mentioned.

1) This is the parents' child not the nanny's. They are not obligated to Chap Stick their child all weekend long just because nanny wants them to. And excessive use of Chap Stick only leads to dry lips anyway..so nanny is probably creating the very problem she is blaming on the parents.

2) If I came home and my nanny told me my kids were starving all day because I did not leave money for junk food, I would be extremely upset that she did not have the wits to feed them something from home. I would assume a nanny would know better than that...and I would start looking for one who did.

mom said...

I think this is a good sighting because, as a mom, I owuld want to know the kind of emotional situation my kids were in during the day as much as I owuld the physical care they were getting. It is unbelievable how much damage can be done to a child simply by consistently cold, indifferent treatment or rough handling...even if it does not rise to the level of true abuse. Would oyu want oyur kids ot grow up feeling that they are a nuisance, bad, or not worthy of kind, loving care. Have oyu ever read that poem, "Children learn what they live?" It's so true.

Anonymous said...

Lesson is: if you are too cheap to provide your nanny food but force her to do outside activities then you risk having a pissed of nanny treating your child poorly, potentially even eating his snack if she gets hungry or "feeding him chapstick". I blame the parents for being cheap and picking a ignorant nanny.

a reader said...

I've figured it out!

"Worlds best nanny" a.k.a. "Worlds best troll" is Katie Nanna!

You know, the one who couldn't cut it at the beginning of Mary Poppins.

The one who leaves having lost the children and thinking all too highly of herself.

She should consider changing her moniker accordingly.

DenverNanny said...

Katie Nanna--LOL...

The 11 month I watch is teething so thanks for making me smile!

lil brown dog said...

Ya know, as much as I would to join the chorus maligning the nanny in this sighting, I can't.

It's a shame too, because it looks to be a lot of fun, but I think you're all overreacting.

1. Yeah, I'm no fan of anyone being rough with their children or charges, and I've never been with any of mine, but "she held the child's face really tightly" is easily exaggerated. Just holding the child's face and having any resistance could easily be seen as "really tightly" through no fault of the nanny.

2. Anyone who says they've worked with small children and picked them up every time never hearing "owie" at least once is lying, or hasn't been in the business all that long. It can be over anything, accidental scratch, pinch, etc. or nothing at all. Some children just say it, I had one who for awhile would say it anywhere at any time just for the type of attention I'd give. I didn't realize it until someone else pointed it out.

3. As for the "complaining". Mental harm, psychological abuse? More buzz words and terms please.

No. "You look fat" is mental harm, "you're not so cute" is psychological abuse, "I bet your mom is having a fancy lunch today" is not. Come on, indeed.

I'd rather a nanny not be saying such things either, but as another pointed out, you really think this gives you any insight into her moral character? You really think you know the whole story?

We know nothing about the parents or what the home environment is like. We don't know how long that nanny has worked for them, or what the mother really may be up to.

To those who would fire, people aren't so expendable and I question the integrity of anyone who'd think otherwise.

Honestly, what do we know. Food for thought.

a reader said...


You're welcome. :)

It fits, right?

cali mom said...

Seriously, so many of you are assuming that the nanny had not even packed any food for her charge? I can only assume that you have never been in the presence of a 3 1/2 year old when hot dogs or pizza are mentioned. Because of course, it's well known that the vast majority of 3 1/2 year old would choose granola bars and carrot sticks from the diaper bag over a hot dog or slice of pizza from the concessions stand. (*eye roll*)

We have no way of knowing if themom even WAS eating out at a restaurant, or if SHE had packed herself some carrot sticks and a sandiwch in a brown bag, or if the nanny was just bitter and entitled, and of course the nanny should not badmouth the child's parents in front of the child, but WTF should she be expected to buy her bosses lunch out of her own pocket? Get real.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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other side of the coin said...

The nanny was frustrated with her boss and was saying it out loud. Anyways, she didn't have to tell the child about it.

underpaid said...

Nanny taxi perhaps you didn't think that maybe the nanny didn't get pay well either. Or that the mom probably doesn't pay her back when she buys stuff with her own money.

(I have met a nanny that had that issue)

DenverNanny said...

a reader

oh yes--fits perfectly!

PinkNanny said...

this doesn't really seem like a nanny sighting to me. the chapstick scenerio sounds a little over dramatic and you sound like you are tattling on the nanny for what she said about the parents. can't you find someone bigger to pick on?

PinkNanny said...

p.s. lil brown dog is a rockstar!

Nanny Taxi said...

I know this is way, way off topic, but I found something last night. Do you have friends who've been laid off or let go? Is part of the "tightening of the belt" mean losing wireless service? Well if they live in Massachusetts, New York, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Georgia, or Tennessee they can get free service. If the friend has found themselves so down and out that they are finding themselves applying for food stamps, rental assistance, heat assistance, or SSDI, they may qualify. It is also good for a friend who has lost their land line as well, not to mention the elderly. Here is the website.

Please don't flame me, I just understand that people are going through hard times right now, and not everyone is as lucky as I am.

Have a good day. Bust those bad nannies! :)

communicator said...

made him eat the chapstick... wow you have never heard of an overreactionary child?

-shakes her head-

Anonymous said...

Forget the chapstick...the problem is that this nanny is badmouthing her employers to their child. Is she a bad person? Doubt it. Should she be fired? Definitely not. But I think it was a worthwhile sighting for that reason alone. If she has any kind of issue with her job, she should be discussing them with her employers, NOT the child. A few passing comments about her charge's mom isn't going to mentally scar him, but if I were her (mom), I'd want to know. It's one thing to vent about a boss to peers and coworkers. It's an entirely different dynamic when your boss is your charge's mother and you don't have coworkers to vent to.

And as far as this being a frivolous sighting, as some have suggested..what's the big deal? It's a blog. There is plenty of room for minor AND major sightings. There isn't a limit on space. It's not like this sighting is going to somehow distract us from the truly BAD sightings. The OP didn't editorialize and she stuck to the facts. She also didn't go off on a rant about this nanny being a horrible person or someone worthy of losing her job.I think it was a good contribution.

a lil brown dog said...


But that's just it! OP *did* editorialize and made it clear that she thought the nanny was someone who should loose their job.

"I would most definitely rate her as destructive (mentally) and unnecessarily rough, as well as immature and ignorant."

Mentally destructive, unnecessarily rough, immature and ignorant are not words or terms for sticking to the facts, they are words and terms of editorializing.

"She wouldn't be my choice for a "care" giver."

The natural implication is job loss. Tell me how I could read that any other way?

I agree that minor sightings are just fine for ISYN, but when the OP decides to take it to this next level, where a person should loose their job over something so small, it distracts from the facts on hand, the value of the contribution plummets and OP deserves to be shouted down.

Really, had she really just stuck to the facts, I'd be fine.

jose jiminez said...

lil brown dog reminds me of that dumb ass linda lou.

The op can say whatever she wants. The nanny as she oberved her would not be HER choice. HER choice. Many employers are perfectly okay with rude, beastly, boorish, uncouth and tragically angry nannies. Just look to Brooklyn, my friends and you will see- what passes for childcare for some would not pass for cat care for me.

I completely agree with JJ said...

Wow, Jose Jimenez, that was my thought *exactly* a few days ago.

FWIW, "lil brown dog" style of writing is very obvious and she/he is equally annoying in every post regardless of moniker.

Anonymous said...

I don't think alilbrowndog sounds anything like lindalou (who I liiked) nor does she strike me as obnoxious or annoying?

lil brown dog said...

jose jiminez,

Where did I say the OP cannot say whatever she wants? Don't put words in my mouth, I said no such thing.

What I did say was editorializing unnecessarily and it is always unnecessary, distracts from the facts on hand and that in turn lowers the value of the contribution.

What I did say is when someone says something wrong, or does something wrong, they deserve to have that pointed out.

Essentially, say what you will but be ready to take responsibility for it. I thought no better of OP than I did the nanny in this sighting, simply for her awful, immature need to include insults.

I say, be better than the sighting and stick to the facts, it isn't all that hard. Do you really disagree? Are you really advocating anything less than the highest level of objectivity?

* Btw, didn't appreciate the personal attack.

I completely agree with JJ,

Can you provide examples? Who else have I been? Let us see how good you are!

Otherwise please, address content directly and stay away form personal attacks. Thanks in advance.


Thank you. :)

toonces, the cat who would drive said...

little brown idiot-
It doesnt matter who you've been. I don't think anyone wants to play guessing games with you. What matters is who you aren't. You aren't Mary Poppinz and you aren't Jane Doe. Sticking to the facts is not a prerequisite, most normal people have emotions and are affected when they see children being mistreated.

lil brown dog said...

toonces, the cat who would drive ,

I agree that it doesn't matter who I've been, or who I haven't been and to be honest, I don't want to play guessing games with anyone. But I'm not the one that brought it up, am I? Nope.

However, that I'm not Mary Poppinz or Jane Doe doesn't matter one little bit, as I'm sure they would agree.

"Sticking to the facts is not a prerequisite"

Actually, it sorta is. You know, that old pesky law thing gets in the way when it comes to libel.

"most normal people have emotions and are affected when they see children being mistreated"

Then I am like most people.

But emotions are no excuse for bad behavior or we may otherwise let everyone go. The insults were unnecessary.

Aaargh said...

serioiusly, i am OVER the bashing of lil brown dog, who was the first well written, reasonable post i read. Don't hate the voice of reason just because there's some truth in it.

Elizabeth said...

I don't think I'll be crying myself to sleep over this.

Nanny Turned Teacher said...

I am curious to know what kind of sympathy this nanny was hoping to get from a 4-year-old. Nannying is not a job that you take on for the paycheck. You either accept the fact that you have to overlook your own issues in the presence of the child, or you find employment in a different field. You can complain to your friends later. That's why we invented happy hour.