In The News....February 17, 2009

Nadya Suleman has a $500 a week nanny? OK, how?
Despite having no job, Nadya Suleman can afford to pay a nanny around $500 a week to look after the older kids Monday through Friday. “She works overtime and doesn’t ask for more money. She does 12-hour days,” she tells The Sun.

The New York times featured an article where a parent uses the recession as an excuse to get rid of a not-so-great nanny. (Read the article here.)

This was followed by Molly Eichel's article in the Philadelphia City Paper, Is The Recession Making You a Douchebag, too?

The casting team of ABC's popular parenting series SUPERNANNY is casting families for their new parenting show called SUPER-MANNY. Producers from Ricochet Television are hosting an open casting call for the show on Saturday, February 21st from 12:00PM to 4:00PM at Downtown Disney District across from the LEGO Imagination Center.


Kayla said...

I can't wait to see SUPER-MANNY! I saw some kind of news item/article on it and it looks really cool!

Nanny Taxi said...

You give your nanny a $500 Christmas bonus and now you own her? The nanny asks for New Years Eve off and you fire her? So many nannies out there are abusing, ignoring, and neglecting their charges and this woman fires a nanny over a day off? She must've been pissed that her New Years Eve plans were now shattered. I need to get out of this business I can't stand how a whim of an employer can turn lives upside down!

TC said...

If she didn't like the nanny she should have at least told her the truth. Lying is never the answer when you want to weasel out of something like that. The lying about not being able to afford the equipment I'm ok with but not when it comes to someones job.

sterilize her!! said...

I didn't realize Nadya Suleman was the "Octuplet Mom" that now has 14 kids! I couldn't help but laugh my ass off when I read another comment that called her a "baby cannon" - and she is! Has no one taught this woman about birth control? And she denies being on welfare? that is total bullshit. She is nothing but a pathetic loser!

Adria said...

Good god this woman pisses me off. I know it sounds crass and appalling.. and that the kids shouldn't have to go without certain things but I just wish the media would completely ignore her and make no monetary offers with her. In the interviews I read or watch with her, she has this smug yet woe is me attitude. Almost like she expects people to start throwing money her way.

Ugh. How can a single mother of 14 kids possibly ever really get to know their children and bond with them? it's hard for single mother's of 2 kids to spend the time they want with their children, much less 14 of them. It's pretty sad when your mother who helps you raise your kids willingly tells the media she does not agree with the choices her daughter has made.

Nanny from Fargo said...

sterilize her!! said...
"Has no one taught this woman about birth control?"

She used IVF for her pregnancies- they were intentional. Evidentally, she has been quoted saying that she hasn't had sex in "eight years."

This women needs help, regardless. And I'm talking about mental help, not welfare.

Adria said...

Sterilize her-
She didn't conceive any of her kids with actual sex, just a sperm donor and a ton of money to implant the eggs. It's such a huge debate because most doctors would NEVER agree to implant 6 eggs at one time, much less with a woman who already has several kids that she's raising "alone".

That's also why this entire thing pisses me off even more-
It wasn't like she was only half taking her birth control and got pregnant by accident. It was totally planned and this idiot doctor agreed to help her. If the pregnancy would have been an accident, at least people could say "jesus, this woman needs to shut her legs. Sucks for her, wonder if she's learned her lesson!"

But no, totally intentional.
I really, really dislike her. (if you couldn't tell, haha.)
I'm sure I will get flamed like crazy for saying this but children actually DO need more than just love. They do need material things to be able to thrive or have the protection they need. I just find it disgusting that we are the ones paying for her "many, beautiful angels."
It's weak.

TC said...

A few 'fun facts' about the octocrazy lady

She has been living off of workman comp claims for a few years now and the state of California has given her close to 170 thousand in workmans comp.

She had 6 embryos planted each time she used IVF

IVF was about 10 thousand dollars when my cousin went through it 12 yrs ago...imagine how much more it is now

She started trying to get pregnant when she was 18 but had miscarriages and didn't get pregnant until she was 25 and that was through IVF

One child has adhd and receives disability from that

Her older children attend a private school.

She did not receive money for the interviews but she does receive money from the pictures. She in fact made 40 thousand for the pictures and videos of the kids that were plastered all over the news and internet.

She has money to get her nails done often and in fact was spotted getting her nails done last week.

If any of these facts were mentioned in the article than I apologize for repeating them. I'm not going to site where all I got my information but I will tell you it was all reputable news sites...ie cnn msnbc and such. The only other source was the picture of her getting her nails done which I saw on perez hilton's site

Nadya Suleman - Today Show Videos said...

In case anyone is interested, here are a few videos about the mom with 14 kids. They pretty much tell you everything about her (and her dirty laundry)... and I'm thinking this IVF Dr. might be losing his License for what he's done... implanting 6 embryos in a (single, unemployed) woman that already had 6 children at home.

Anonymous said...
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nc said...

They showed an episode of Super-Manny a while back, and it was really cool to watch. He used technology to help the family out. I look forward to more episodes.

WTF> said...

I can't stand to watch Super Nanny, so I'm sure I won't Super Mannay either. I seriously don't understand how these people manage to raise these obnoxious little tyrants to begin with.

Nadya is Krazy with a capoital K. I so wish she'd just be ignored.

WTF? said...


Nanny Taxi said...

Nadya Suleman has her own website and is asking for donations.

The website has been taken down due to all of the comments posted.

I am with Adria, the world should just ignore this nutcase.

So Sad said...

The Nadya thing:

$500/week, 12 hour days = $8.33 an hour working with FOURTEEN CHILDREN!?

Well, soon 14, currently "just six".

This woman is taking advantage of everyone she meets.

worlds best nanny said...

If Oct-Mom was loaded, married, and living in a mansion in Beverly Hills,
no one would give a flying hoot what she does! They would call her eccentric! But the fact that she is broke, relying on public assistance and disability. The fact that she's had some "mental" issues, and she's had her nose and lips done it becomes a case of "not with my tax dollars!" If you only knew! The other day I am behind a well dressed woman and he cute little girl. She had 2 carts of groceries, beautifully done nails, perfect hair, and paid with EBT! The 21st centuries equivalent to food stamps! I was so angry, but what am I going to do?

Where is the greedy nutjob of a doctor that let this happen? What? He suggests reducing the number of fetuses, gets paid and he's off the hook?

Nanny Taxi said...

Nope! I will not be watching Super Mannies! I can't deal with all the screaming "angels" and clueless parents on Super Nanny!

As soon as these shows got underway I thought it would be a threat to the normal nanny. Now employers want us to come in and act as child behavior experts, and social workers!

Chantel said...

Well, she also had Public Relations folks (who quit), oh, and she has an agent now. Let's not forget that website asking for donations. Though, she's not trying to profit off her babies.

I'm sorry, but she really ticks me off.

ericsmom said...

I was gonna say has anyone noticed the childcare section of Craigslist?

It's pretty pitful. It use to be alot of parents posting looking for help. But now mainly all you see are the caregivers posting.

And when you do see a family posting. The wage is shocking that they are offering
$10.00 an hour
its terrible

ericsmom said...

I don't believe The tv show Super Nanny. I mean I would like to know if after the show, if she sticks around to help the family out. Do you really think after a week or two the kids are little angels?

Seriously, they must get someone in after to help out. And what about the moms that have more than three kids on the show. How do they keep their houses so clean. And most of the families look rich. Huge houses, stay at home moms for the most part.

Austin Nanny said...

World's best nanny:
Of course everyone is pissed off at Octomom. Did you know the bill just for the delivery and mom's hospital stay was $1 million dollars, and the babies' ICU bill is expected to be over $5million. CA is so broke that they can not afford to send out state tax refund checks, yet because she has MediCal, taxpayers will foot her bills for the next 18 years.

I would find it infuriating even if she could afford 4 or 5 nannies to help her out, but she is ruining 14 lives. And in turn these poor children will grow up with their own mental issues, marry and the cycle of abuse will continue and continue. It is repugnant.

all eyes said...


I have seen/experienced the change on Craigslist. In fact, it scares me.

ericsmom said...

All eyes

I know its really scary. Even the Sunday paper I leaf thru. Theres really only two pages of jobs. Its so bad they have to mix other catergories in with the help wanted. Example: cars for sale, rental properties, etc.

And Austin Nanny is right. Its terrible whats she did. Knowing other people would have to pay for all these bills. Its not fair. When maybe a family that really deserves needs help may be turned away. Because people like her milk the system. And honestly the sperm donor isn't he the same man Solomon that fathered her other six children. I feel like he should help out. And the doctor(s) that helped in this procedure should foot some of the bills.

Nanny Taxi said...

I have noticed Craigslist as well. Some people will post their childcare requests under "gigs" "domestic"

A friend of mine who is working at the courtesy booth in a supermarket, used to be a nanny but her charge grew up and began school. She has been unable to find anything in childcare. She says there are a ton of people who want after school care (3p-6p) or want a nanny share situation.

The economy is hitting everyone. Either people can no longer afford a full time nanny or they've been laid off and watching their own kids. It's scary.

all eyes said...


I'm currently involved in a job search and I'm experiencing this first hand. Where before I could put up an ad in the morning and be flooded with a dozen and a half responses by the end of the day, I now get perhaps two after a week.

I've had to resort to top posting, etc. in order to just get a third response a week. I'm now listed in half a dozen services where Craigslist alone used to be enough and dare I say it, I've tested the nanny agency waters.

Nanny Taxi,

I also have noticed nanny listings in other sections of Craigslist. Some other sections I've seen them in is et cetera and education.

Despite that things have obviously changed. I'm afraid there are a good number of folks who really haven't been hit by the economy but are using it as an excuse no less to take advantage of folks. Such as in one of the articles that started this thread.

And as for those who have been affected, too many haven't thought it through all the way and still want a full time nanny to themselves, and refuse to consider a nanny share instead expecting from the nanny impossible things.

To describe that let me just put it this way, if the pay isn't going to cover my bills even if I decide to live on Top Ramen and water, how am I going to survive let alone work?

It's not all that difficult either. A friend, neighbor, coworker, etc. Two families working together and an unreasonable $8 an hour becomes a competitive $16 an hour.

cali mom said...

Yes, the octuplet mom is a sickening piece of excrement for the way she is taking advantage of the system, and using resources that other more deserving people are being denied, because there just isn't enough to go around. I like the idea of taking all her and her babies' medical costs out of the fertility doctor's pay.

As for the lack of nanny jobs, I hate to say it but it's a classic case of I told you so. ALL industries are screwed, and if someone is unemployed, why are they going to shell out for someone else to take care of their kids for them? Where is that chorus now of nannies who insist they can snap their fingers and take their pick of $40/hr nanny jobs?

all eyes said...

cali mom,

You just followed my $16 an hour is competitive remark with a seemingly crass attitude with imaginary people snapping their fingers for $40 instead of addressing the content head on.

I am offended.

cali mom said...

All eyes, you missed a long thread some time back here where one particular nanny was quite boastful of herself and her $40/hr job and dismissive of everyone who made anything less than that, calling them "crap" for not being able to command a $40/hr nanny salary. Her argument was that that sort of salary range was actually typical, NOT above average. And there was another thread started by a very troll-ish person about the nanny bubble bursting, where there actually WAS a chorus of nannies insisting that the disastrous economy could not possibly have any impact on them or their careers.

all eyes said...

cali mom,

Alright, thank you, I understand. I too would want to verbally slug both of the folks you just mentioned.

However, one needs to remember context. Doesn't take much either, a couple sentences referring to the older thread would have kept me quiet.

Do you see where I am coming from? (Re: 10:41 PM post)


cali mom said...

I believe you are saying you thought I was adressing what you had said in regards to your own job-hunt.

FYI, I'm not a nanny but I'm certainly not unsympathetic to job hunters. Both my husband and I are job-hunting now, me having been a SAHM for a few years and him having been recently laid off from his construction job.

And I just noticed the replies now have a full date and time, including the year. Thank you Jane! SO many times I'd try to follow along-active thread and couldn't tell a "10:43AM" post one day from one 2 weeks later.

all eyes said...

cali mom,

Yes, it did seem so.

Forgive me for asking, at least my asking seems a little impertinent on my part, but how do people react when you tell them you've been a SAHM for a few years?

As a nanny, I have a pretty good idea about all the work involved. It is to me very real work, but then again it took me years to convince my parents that this work was a "real job" - so I wonder about others re: SAHMs.

I'm sorry to hear about her husband having lost his construction job and I hope he finds another soon.

It's funny you should mention the full date and time stamp. Jane did it and deserves the credit naturally, but there was a little birdie with some, perhaps all, eyes that did send the suggestion in via email awhile back. :D

all eyes said...

* your not her

cali mom said...

Do you mean when I'm interviewing? My work experience on my resume ends at 2004, but so far I've only had one interview and they didn't ask specifically about it. I have done very infrequent freelance projects during this time though, and can played up the teaching myself new software skills angle as well.

cali mom said...


ericsmom said...

The nanny that posted that she made $40 an hour, was hard to believe. If she did that's far and in between.

Yeah, I have been working on most Saturdays now. Babysitting that is. We need the money. Everything is so expensive. And just like Cali-mom I will be looking for something more steady. Working as a PPDoula. My son is starting a special pre-k program on Tuesday. And I thought it was just for 2 1/2 a day. But found out its 9-3. Public school. And its great! Because I can't afford daycare,etc.

And NannyTaxi
I agree when you said some families may take advantage of the economical state to offer lower wages. Even if they weren't affected. Luckily, I work for a nice family on the weekends and they pay more than 16per hour but less than 20per hour.

Nadya Suleman and 14 kids Homeless said...

Octo-Mom Facing Foreclosure on her Home! She hasn't paid her rent in 10 months!!