Beware of Nanny "C.C." in Oakland, CA.

Received Saturday, February 7, 2009
danger 2 Liar Liar Nanny: I want to warn any family about our former nanny "c.c." We hired her in the fall to care for our then 7 month old child in our home, she has a 21 mo old boy and it was going to be a nanny share arrangement. She is young (25) and lives with the father of her child in Oakland, CA. Things seemed ok for the first few weeks, but got progressively worse in terms of our child's cleanliness (she would wait until I got home for me to change her poopy diaper, my child was getting a lot of diaper rashes on the end from having to sit in them for so long!)

Our house was trashed and her child broke so many things in our house, and she often lied about it when we asked her, most of time we would find something broken after she left and she would never tell us. Then she started spending all of the time on her cell phone, blatantly, often while I was there discussing things or just chatting she would stop to take a call and then walk off to chat in our living room. Once my mother was in town for a week visiting and "c.c." let the kids wander off while she was in my child's room talking on the phone for over 10 mins before she came out to get them, and she still did not get off the phone.

She lied to us about not having the kids watch TV (which they did every day.) She lied about wanting to take them to parks etc., and she rarely if ever did. She just spent almost all her time on our computer or her cell phone while her child destroyed our house. To make matters worse when my husband talked to her about these things she cried and said she did not do any of these things (not true, we have proof) and that she was a good nanny and how could we say these things about her.

So one day when I was reading BPN, I saw that she posted an ad for a job and this was the day before winter break (she had asked to be paid for the whole month the week before and she owed us time for other missed days that she promised to make up in Jan.), all the while she had gotten another job and was not planning on telling us, she was just not going to show up for work. So when asked about it she made up some BIG lie about how she and her child's father were breaking up and how she had to move back home, which is not true, I called her parents house when she did not return my calls about returning our house keys, which took forever to get back.

All said and done I wish I had known things sooner. What kind of a lazy, lying person she was/is, it would have been easy to move on and I hope this does not happen to any other family.


chgonanny said...

I don't understand how someone could let a baby sit in a poopy diaper all day. The smell alone would drive me crazy.

Sheesh, and I feel bad when the parents come home and the baby has terrible timing, and starts smelling right when they come home (it's happened two or three times).

nc said...

I don't understand letting a child sit in a dirty diaper either. If she is going to change her own kid, why not change her charge???

alex said...

Why did you not fire her before? I think you let her stay there too long judging by what you said.

It makes me so mad that people are so inconsiderate to just not show up to work!

Oh No said...

yikes! i'm surprised she actually wanted to find another job nannying. (was it another nannying job?) how can you want to be a nanny and not be willing to change the diapers? she was probably only being a nanny to afford to watch her own child at the same time.

Oh No said...
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