Whole Foods on Columbus Circle - NYC

Received Friday, January 16, 2009
nanny sighting logo Bitty Schram looking nanny spotted in Whole Foods NYC. She was wearing a pink parka style jacket, pink and red paisley leggings, black skirt, black boots and she had a little boy who was wearing a blue and white jacket. She was irritated with the child and picked him up off the ground using the hood of his coat. The hood was not on his head. This was just like being choked. I am not even sure what the kid did. I looked at her and she looked at me and I gave her a look that let her know I was on to her. She put the child down and grabbed his hand firmly and yanked him away. I feel bad for that kid. Something was off about that nanny. This was the whole foods on Columbus circle. The boy was about 5 yrs old, a little chunky, millitary haircut, fair skin.


Just a mommy said...

Why do people take their aggressions out on poor defenseless children? This kid didn't deserve what this nanny did to him!

#1 fan said...

Bitty Schram? Maybe it was her!

bitty_rox said...

I really donthink it was Bitty. She may have some "attitude" in some of the roles she plays but in real life she is nice and would never hurt a child. Please don't be saying stuff like that about her because i really dont want it all over the web that she hates kids or something. Besides Bitty lives in New Jersey