Short Hills Mall in Short Hills, NJ

Received Thursday, January 8, 2008
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I was today at the Neiman Marcus at the Short Hills Mall when I witnessed firsthand, a bad nanny. This nanny was totally consumed with shopping and paid little or no mind to her charge. There was a stroller involved but the nanny was using the stroller to passage her bags and the girl, 2-4? was lagging behind or playing in the mix of clothing. The nanny repeatedly lost her in the store and would set about yelling for her. "Gracie" was what she called her. Gracie was twice by me, more than fifty feet from her nanny, even while I was near one of the exits to the Mall. The nanny was also seen in the cosmetics department squirting the child with different colognes, using the child as her tester. The nanny's behavior was super suspicious and I have a pretty good instinct that she was actively shoplifting and using the child and the stroller as mere props in her con game. If you know this nanny, you might want to ask her about her day's events. The child was neglected the entire time at the store. Anyone could have picked her up and carried her off. The little girl, "Gracie" was white with blonde, curly-ish hair, light skin and eyes and wearing a top that looked kind of like a dress over a pair of beige corduroy pants. She also had on a red quilted jacket that looked like a mini version of a stylish woman's jacket. The nanny was African American, with natural hair, worn short in an attempt at a bob, wearing tan pants, a tan and white striped sweater and carrying a quilted black purse with a gold chain. The stroller the nanny was pushing was a light weight pop up style in pastelly-teal color with a tiny print on white. This occured on Wednesday, (1/7) between 10-11 AM.


TC said...

Not trying to be harsh or judgmental but Op did if you were pretty sure she was shoplifting why didn't you contact security?

I see people all the time that allow kids to wander off and it just floors me. I can't imagine allowing my charge to get more than a few feet away from me. It's just scary to me to think of what all can and does happen to little kids.

careful mom said...

That's messed up. Thanks for reporting, OP.

not a park slope nanny said...

We need to step up more and help these kids that need us! I know it's no longer safe to say anything these days, but if possible, I agree with TC.. maybe this would have been handled by getting a security guard? These nannies need to start getting busted for their neglect!

Thank you for spotting this horrible nanny and calling her out, OP.

Doesn't have to report said...

I could imagine that OP didn't want to traumatize this little girl by having her nanny arrested, or she didn't want to get further involved. I think it's great she posted here, in the hopes that someone who knew the family would read it. Please stop challenging OP's, or they will stop writing.

not a park slope nanny said...

I wasn't trying to challenge OP. I was just saying that we need to step it up and start protecting these children. I definitely think outing these bad nannies on this blog is a good start. I wish more people would do it. It's 10x's better than doing nothing!

Overreactor said...

Okay...I don't really get this.

A nanny is horrible for going shopping with the kid?

Okay, I want to know, what exactly made you think the nanny was shoplifiting?

Another question, why is perfume a bad thing?

You say the girl was 50 feet away? REALLY? Do you really expect the girl to just stand by the nanny's side? Of course she is going to play in the racks!

You do realize that kids age 2-4 don't always want to sit in the stroller? (Especially by age 4!)

Anonymous said...
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