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Thursday, January 29, 2009
nanny sighting logo Hi,
I just saw something Tuesday, January 27 between 3-4:30pm on the walking path at Presidio by the beach that I wanted to report:

An older man (grandpa type) with two small children, each under 4 years old in pea-green colored double stroller. This was definitely a grandpa situation. I was on the walking path and noticed them because the man was speaking so harshly to the stroller, while the smaller of the two children was kind of wandering on his/her own. (Hard to tell because it was cold out and they had their hoods up. The jackets were plain, solid colored and matching, but different color for each kid.) It was hard to tell if it was a boy and a girl or two boys based on their coats. I mean to me I would have said boys, but the clothing was sort of neutral, and they were so little and bundled up that it was hard to tell.

On my way back, they were in the same area, but this time the man was carrying the larger kid and this is the reaosn I wanted to write, the littler kid was all the way behind them on his/her own and could barely even get up on the boardwalk step s/he was so little and he was paying zero attention. It was heartbreaking and I hope that whoever thinks grandpa is a great influence on these kids or even keeping them safe really ought to think again. Grandpa had some sort of cap on.

Anyone living in San Francisco will know the path I'm talking about- it's the kind of path you would go on with a stroller but people don't really hang out on it the way this guy was.

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nellicat said...


Thanksgiving might be a bit awkward, though, not to mention Father's Day. . .

gimmeabreak said...

I am not understanding the problem here. Is it because the younger child was straggling behind them and Grandpa wasn't right on top of said younger child?

What? said...

give the old man a break!

NannyInCharge said...

Eh, I see parents on a non stop basis with small kids lagging behind. I often wonder why they don't think their child might get kidnapped or hurt?! I don't get it.

worlds best nanny said...

With so many grandparents having to watch their grandchildren these days so the parents can save a few bucks on childcare is a reality. He's an old man, cut him some slack he's probably trying the best he can! He just thought his days of kid chasing were over when his youngest moved out.

SA said...

I feel I would need to know more about the whole picture beforehand before I could judge this particular situation.

That said, I disagree with any idea of cutting a man, or a woman, any slack because of his or her age. Young nannies would be crucified for any acts of negligence and so should everyone else.

After all, it's just as dangerous for the child, no matter who the caregiver is.