Ortega Park in Santa Barbara, CA

Received Tuesday, January 20, 2009
nanny sighting logo I had been at the park yesterday morning and saw two things that were troubling. The first one was a nanny, probably Polish with brownish hair, about 45 years old. She was dressed kind of frumpy and had two little children with her. One was a very pale boy with short dark hair, big eyes, wearing a grey sweater with a white collared shirt under it. The other was a chubby girl of about 6-7. She was wearing a yellow and pink color block sweater.

The nanny was sitting the children on a white wall with designs and trying to take their pictures. She was barking orders at them in a really mean voice and with a thick accent. She kept pushing them this direction or that and was very rough with them. She tried to get the girl's headband in her hair a few times. She was trying to get all of the hair to tuck behind her ear. Well I guess the girl moved or something because the nanny slapped her in the face, threee times. They weren't hard slaps, but she slapped her three quick slaps. I was shocked and not even sure I had seen what I had seen. The nanny was facing somewhat away from me. She didn't do anything after that, she got the pictures she wanted. She was taking the pictures with a silver digital camera that was very square and shiny. The nanny was wearing a croc style shoe with wool inside of it, blue knit pants and a brown cardigan.

The other thing I noticed wasn't really a bad nanny sighting. It just disappointed me on several levels. There was an African American nanny wearing an Andy Warhol styled Baraq Obama printed t-shirt (light pink). She had a little blonde girl about 2 years old in a Graco blue plaid stroller. She was talking to a hispanic nanny taking care of a baby that was under 1. The African American nanny was talking about MLK and Obama and started cursing. "Mother Fuckers need to know. We're gonna represent. Fucking changes is coming". I feel racist for even recounting this conversation. Do know that it went on for at least five minutes in the presence of her charge and several other children.


kc said...

Thank you, OP.
2 for the price of 1! (j/k)

I'm sorry for the little girl, and I have also heard SEVERAL black people over the course of the last few weeks say the same type of thing:
"It's our time!"
"Whitey's gonna get it now!"

Totally messed up, and scary as hell that black folks would talk like that. As if having a black President is going to make them better than us. Not happening. And I'm not trying to be racist, I'm just sick of hearing it. What's up with why they are doing that?

MissDeeLovesVacationDays said...

OMG OP. When taking pictures of children, the best ones are of them in natural poses; not posed. I don't even have a digital camera and my class loves having their pictures taken.

Beezle said...

Horrible about the first nanny mentioned. I hope the parents are able to recognize the description.

As for the second nanny, she has absolutely no sense of what's appropriate.

I was at a restaurant with my charges yesterday for lunch and the "I Have a Dream" speech was being broadcast on CNN. My charges and I were able to have a really sweet, open, and wonderful conversation about MLK and his contribution to civil rights. We also discussed how Obama's victory is also a victory towards racial equality. Anyway, as passionate as I was about Obama getting elected and as elated as I am that he's our new president- I would never let my excitement block my ability to behave appropriately around children! That means refraining from using the "F-bomb" over and over!

Denise said...

Yes. I would love to know what the AA's think they are going to gain with the new Presidency. Why do so many seem to talk with such hatred and venom? I understand there's a lot of emotion riding on this, it's history, big history, and we're all witness to it. But why behave that way? I was behind a couple of AA women in a supermarket and overheard the very same kind of conversation, but like OP, I don't really feel comfortable repeating it. (I understand you had to OP, because of the post)

hennie said...

Let's keep it real. These annoying words come from a few very loud AA's. They are ignorant, likely uneducated. Barack Obama may be black, or rather half black but he shares nothing with these people.

He is an educated American, with integrity, a rock solid work ethic, compassion, intellect, etc.

Find me 50 like him and they will come in every color and religion.

Best to ignore the rotten apples. They speak from a place of ignorance and desperation. They are probably without hope and resent their position in life. Of course they are also probably a part of the woe is me generation.

When I want to engage someone on the subject of politics or current events, I only require that the person be educated. And speak proper english. I wouldn't give this sad woman the time of day.

My Nanny said...

When did this site become about politics? go to foxnews or cnn

nynanny said...

Nanny, why don't you go to Fox.News? Most of us rather like having the freedom to talk about whatever we wish on this blog. That's the main reason I like it so much. If you have a problem with the subject matter, go somewhere else.

Why must some really conservative blowhards run their mouth like this?

Manhattan Nanny said...

Good post.
Denise, you need to read some Toni Morrision.
None of the AAs I know use foul language or express racist views. They are however, educated people with good jobs. Rather than wondering at AAs expressing racist anger, I am amazed at those who don't, given the discrimination they still experience.

ladykej said...

You are racist. The nanny was probably Polish? African American Nanny, Hispanic Nanny? I pray your children will be NOTHING like you!
I am a parent (before you go all judgemental, I am a married parent of 15 years and I have a 13 year old son) and A NANNY! So I see it from both sides!

ya big dummy said...

Hey Lady Dingbat
The OP is IDENTIFYING features of the nannies so that their Employers will know who they are. We have to know if their Black OR White OR Hispanic OR pink!! Big Duh!

j said...

ladykej,you must feel soooo incredibly stupid.

NannyInCharge said...

That's pretty sad about the first nanny. I never get why a nanny would slap or hit or beat her charge. The job is always so much easier, enjoyable and pleasant when your charge actually like and respect you! Hope the parents see this.

As for the second nanny...it doesn't matter what she was talking about, the point is that she was using foul language in front of the little ones and regardless of if you are a nanny or not, if you are at the park or anywhere in the company of kids, you should watch your mouth. Shame on her for sounding so ignorant.

Oh,and OP - don't feel racist! I voted for Obama but don't agree with anyone saying what you heard that lady say.

cali mom said...

Wow, slapping a child. That is SICK and the woman should be fired. I just hope the parents see this and take appropriate action if they do.

And I have noticed similar exchages to the 2nd sighting, though nowhere near as obnoxious. Yes, inappropriate language is totally unacceptable around kids that age. AND, it is beyond ignorant to imagine that just because our new president is black that his message is "screw whitey". It's every bit as ignorant as thinking that because his middle name is Hussein, he is a terrorist. Which just goes to show that ignoramuses with their heads stuffed up their asses come in many colors.

Viva Americana!! said...

I live in a very large AA community and I can guarantee you that our experiences yesterday were far different than the OPs, which I must admit I question its validity. Nobody was running around saying these things. Obama is about so much more. As a nation we have learned that we ARE a nation - every single one of us, as evident on the big stage of our country yesterday.

Jacqui said...

Wow KC, for someone who isn't trying to be racist, you're doing a damn good job at doing just that. I couldn't care less to be honest with you, but at least own up to your ignorance. "As if having a black president is going to make them better than US. NOT HAPPENING." Haha, that's just as racist and confrontational as "Whitey's gonna get it now!"

Back on topic though..Good sightings OP. As someone else mentioned, it's not even about WHAT was said by the second nanny, but HOW it was said. Very innappropriate.

icky said...

"scary as hell that black folks would talk like that."

Just how should black folks talk miss kc, ma'am?

Anonymous said...
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Please said...

"When I want to engage someone on the subject of politics or current events, I only require that the person be educated. And speak proper english."

So someone who doesn't have the same level of education as you, or who speaks English imperfectly, is not fit to discuss politics or current events with you? I am weeping for them...

Clover said...

I'm so sick of this Obama thing.

Either he will be good, or he won't. What does his race have to do with it?

And I wish the supporters like the ones in this post would keep quiet... they are making him look bad.

mango said...

OP, before you comment on something someone else said about the President, maybe you should show some respect and spell his name right.

As for comments from African Americans about this momentous occasion, please keep in mind all the racist comments from white people over the course of Mr. Obama's campaign.

If you can't look at your own races shortcomings, don't comment on another's.