One More Nanny Nightmare...

Received Friday, December 26, 2008
I have been a nanny for almost 6 years now. I have had 1 Live-In position and 2 Live-Out positions. All 3 families were wonderful and very appreciative of me. I found the first position, the Live-In, on Once the Mom became a SAHM, she introduced me to family #2, and once she became a SAHM, she introduced me to family #3. When family #3 no longer needed a nanny because their child entered Kindergarten, they knew of no one who needed a nanny. So I went back to eNannySource to find my next position, but had no luck. No luck on either. From there, I wandered onto the Childcare section of Craigslist (cue scary shark-movie music). I started replying to posts left and right. I got an almost immediate response from a family that had 3 children, an 8yr old, 3yr old, and 18mo old. They wanted a Live-In. I preferred Live-Out, because I had an apartment lease, but the position sounded great, so I found someone to take over my lease. At the interview, they seemed very skilled at hiring a nanny. They had an application from for me to fill out, I had to fill out a form to ensure I was legally able to work in the US, they copied my driver's license, and then signed a contract. The interview lasted 3 hours. I suppose I was just used to interviewing with people I already knew in passing, 3 hours seemed excessive. In hindsight, there are many things that should have been red flags to me.

-The routine-ness of the interview, they had done this many times before.
-The casual mentioning of ill-qualified previous nannies. By my memory of names mentioned, I believe they have had atleast 7 nannies in their short 3 years in the US. They were constantly mentioning little things these nannies had done wrong. Things that seemed very minor in my eyes.
-The printed-up schedule of great detail, and the forms to which I was to fill out each day describing how every second of each child's day was spent.
-The need for me to start immediately, 3 days before Christmas.
-The parents' broken record of pickiness in the way this and that should be done.
-The father's look of disgust when I suggested a rate of $10/hr for a Live-In for 3 children. He actually told me that was absurd! Having not been a Live-In in years, I just assumed things had changed and accepted $8/hr.

Nonetheless, I took the position. The duties were nothing out of the ordinary, I had done all of those things before. What I had not had before, were parents who demanded everything be done in ONE specific way, and not even the tiniest bit different, under no circumstances. I interviewed on a Saturday, and they wanted me to move in right away, even though I would not start working until Monday. So I went home and packed some clothes and essentials to get me through the week. The weekend went fine. I mostly stayed out of the house, making sure to arrive home well before my 10pm curfew. Even though my curfew was 10pm, both evenings I heard from the parents how I should try and be home by the kids' bedtime, 7pm, so they could tell me good night. I brushed the comments off, I was not going to be home by 7pm every night. Then came Monday. I don't think anything could have prepared me for what was going to happen that day. I was not supposed to start work until 8am. I had my alarm set for 7:30am. At 6:40am, all 3 kids come bursting into my room, yelling my name, telling me it was time to get up. Oh, no, I don't think so! I politely asked them to leave my room, telling them they were not allowed to be in there without my permission(per the contract). At 7am, the Mom knocked at my door. I answered, and she asked if I could possibly start my day a little early, she was running late. I reminded her of the contract, but she insisted. I asked if I would be compensated for the extra time, she said we would discuss it later. So I rushed to put some clothes on, and proceeded downstairs to prepare breakfast, which I was not supposed to do, as it was supposed to be done prior to my 8am start. I started cooking turkey sausage and eggs, and cutting up bananas and strawberries. The father comes in and looks disgusted. He takes a box of cereal from the cabinet, sets it down roughly, and says "You should just make this, really.". This is the same man, who 2 days before at the interview, gave me a list of Do's and Don'ts for meals and snacks, and cereal was on the Don't list. I insisted that it was not a problem, I was already almost done. "No, just throw that out, give them this.". Okay, whatever, it's your food being wasted. I serve the cereal in bowls with milk. All of the children are eating it just fine. The father comes in again, with a shocked look on his face. "What is this? Why there is milk in their cereals?"(please note they are french). (Me)"That is how I'm used to serving cereal." (Him)"Our children are NOT to drink milk, never. Only water, only water.". Okaaay...He then proceeds to take their cereal from them and tosses the bowls into the sink, and insists I make new servings without milk.

I'm absolutely flabbergasted at this point, and out of shock I say nothing and do as he says. When the children finish, I clean up the 18mo old and tell them to go play while I clean up. I clean the table, vacuum underneath, and put the dishes in the sink. I return to the children, brush their teeth and dress them for the day.

The schedule has nothing listed for 8am-10am, so I assume it is to be used for play-time. I play games with the children, Fe-Fi-Fo-Fum, Hide and Seek, Duck-Duck Goose. The father yells for me from downstairs. "Are you done playing with the children? I need you to come down". He then proceeds to show me a cheerio that I missed underneath the toddler's booster chair. "This is unnacceptable. Bugs will find this.". I apologised. "Good." he says. Another moment of shock for me. I return upstairs and engage the children in coloring and drawing. I fold computer paper in half and encourage them to make christmas cards for their parents. They turn out great. I set them aside to dry and read books to them. At 10am, the 8 and 3yr olds both say they are hungry.

I take everyone downstairs and cut up an apple for them to share. The father comes in, "What is this? It is 10 o'clock, they should not be eating at this time.". (Me)"They said they were hungry, I thought it would be okay since lunch is 2 hours away.". (Him)"No, they do not have a snack, they will not eat lunch.". He then proceeds to take their apples away, and throws them in the sink. The 18mo and 3yr old start crying, because DUH, they were hungry! The father scolds me "See, this is why they do not have snack!". WHAT? In my mind I'm just thinking about how crazy this dude is, and how I can't wait until his vacation is over so that he won't be around all day. I proceed to take the kids outside with long-sleeve shirts on. We play for about an hour before the father comes outside, red in the face. "What is this? Where are their jackets?". (Me)"It's very warm out, I don't think they need jackets.". (it was 82 degrees!!!) (Him)"No, it is December, they must wear their jackets whenever outside.". Whatever dude, they're your kids, cook'em if you want to. But this is TEXAS! December means nothing as to having to wear jackets. Just because the high 2 days before was 36 degrees, doesn't mean you need jackets today when it's 82! Finally, 12pm rolls around. I bring the kids inside and peal their jackets off of them. I then take cold baby wipes and wipe them down since they're covered in sweat and beat-red. They wash their hands and proceed to play in the adjacent room, 100% visible to me, while I cook lunch. I choose pasta with sauce and chicken from the Do's list. The father comes in and asks why the children are not in the kitchen with me. I explain that I did not think they should be playing in the kitchen while I cook on a hot stove and oven. (Him)"Unacceptable. You never leave them alone.". Yes, Sit, Seargant Sir! Geez! I then spend the next 15 minutes stressing about the 3yr and 18mo old being too close to the stove and oven. I assist the kids in washing their hands and then ask the 3yr and 8yr to take the plates, cups and silverware from the counter and set the table. A perfectly doable task for their ages, and they were very excited to be helping. The father sees this and reprimands me for having the children do my job. Good gosh guy. By this point I am totally fed up with this man! But I keep my mouth shut. I serve lunch and he joins us at the table.

He takes one bite of his pasta and says there is not enough spices. He then takes everyone's plates, dumps it all back into the pot and proceeds to add spices. He then hands me the pot for me to re-serve it. After lunch, I leave the kitchen as-is while I quickly lay the 18mo and 3yr old down for their nap, and get the 8yr old started on some winter-break school work for quiet-time. I come back downstairs to clean up from lunch, and there is the father, with the look of disgust on his face yet again. (Him)"Why have you left the kitchen in this condition?". I explain my reasoning in getting the children in bed and occupied before spending 30 minutes cleaning. (Him)"I disagree. You must not ever leave such a mess.". I proceed to clean up. Once finished, I check on the 8yr old. She is stuck on her math, so I assist her. The father comes up and reprimands me. "You must not help her with her school work, she must do it herself or she will not learn.". Okay, I agree with that to a point. But not when it comes to math. You can't just figure math out on your own. Someone has to teach you how to do it, and that was what I was doing. But whatever.

I then go downstairs and start laundry, then proceed to pick up toys. 3pm rolls around. The father comes in. "You should wake E and G by now, it has been 2 hours.". I wake them up and bring them downstairs. The father says to put their jackets on(ugh!), he is going to take us on a drive to show me where the parks and schools are. I get into the car where the father has already loaded up the children, only to be horrified in the manner they are buckled up. The 8yr old has her seatbelt on, with the shoulder belt behind her back. The 3yr old in a no-back booster, with the shoulder belt behind his back. The 18 month old in a harnessed carseat, only she was not buckled in the harness, the father has wrapped the seatbelt around her and the seat, shoulder belt behind the carseat!!! I express my concern for their safety, explaining that the manner in which the 3yr old and 18mo old are buckled up is ILLEGAL, nevermind completely idiotic! He insists they are fine and refuses to fix any of it. My heart breaks, knowing that if these people were to ever get into an accident, all of the children, mainly the 18mo old, would be seriously hurt. We drive around for an hour and a half. Mind you, I am supposed to be off at 5pm, but have to bathe the children AND cook dinner before I can be off.

It is 4:30pm, and we finally arrive home. I bathe the children and dress them in their night clothes, then proceed to choose pork chops and baked vegetables from the Do's list. I cook with the children underfoot once again. The children eat and I put the leftovers in containers. The kids play while I clean the kitchen. Mom is now home. I whisper to the 8yr old to get the cards they made earlier. She brings them down, gives the 3yr and 18mo old their cards to give, and with HUGE smiles, they give their cards to their parents, only to watch me be scolded for using their precious computer paper. It is now 6pm, one hour past my scheduled off-time. I inform the parents that I am going, they say fine. I leave and have dinner to myself at Denny's. An hour later, I receive a call that I must return immediately. Mom needs help getting the kids to bed. WHAT? I return and help for all of 5 minutes. I question myself as to why she even needed help but brush it off and return to my room.

I decide right then and there that I absolutely cannot continue this position for even one more day. I am in my room in tears thinking of doing this all over again the next day. So I pack my stuff and plan to leave that night. The parents go to bed at 9pm, and I sneak my luggage out to my car, sure to not make any noise. I lock the door behind me and smile as I drive away. 15 minutes later, I am driving down the highway, and a car speeds past me. A minute or 2 later, they slow down in front of me, making me slow down to just 30mph on a highway where all traffic is going 65mph. I notice through the back window that it is the father. He calls my phone and tells me to pull over. I exit and stop in a parking lot. He jumps out of the car and demands I hand over his house key and garage opener. I had not even thought about the fact that I had those items. I give them to him and he gets back in his car and proceeds to stir up dirt and speed away. He did not ask why I was leaving, etc. I admit I should have spoken to the parents and quit properly instead of leaving in the night, but from what I gathered from the way he got the keys back, it was not foreign to him to have a nanny sneak away in the dark.


Austin Nanny said...

They sound insane! You were probably the third nanny that week.

NannyAnnie said...

Wow....I can relate to your story BIG TIME!!
I have used Craigslist to find several families to nanny for, and none have ever worked out! At first, I thought maybe it was ME, but I think that CL is just not a good website to find a nice family. I have worked for families that lied to me, used me, and have been crazy like the family you mentioned!! I did the same thing as you did, I automatically quit. I felt like you did, I just couldn't take another day of dealing w/the parents!! Many people criticized me for quitting without any notice and that I was unprofessional, but I believe that working with families who use me, lie to me and are crazy in general is reason enough to just pack up and quit!!!!
Good for you! I loved your post, it was like reading an exciting and suspenseful novel..and the ending was the best part!
You did nothing wrong and that family is just one of many on CL that are nuts. I do not know what it is about CL, but a lot of the families who use it are not very good. If anyone can give me some insight as to why this is, it would be great.
I wish you luck in the future. You are a nice nanny and didn't deserve this one bit.
Too bad you couldn't take the kids along with you!!

i hate junk mail said...

I am so so sorry for what you went through! BUT.. this is the BEST. NANNY. HORROR. STORY. EVER!
Thank you for sharing, OP. I hope you find the perfect fit soon, if you haven't already. :)

NAnny Sarah said...

I had a family, I worked for, who made my life HELL!! Everyday, I would have to take the 2 children out, as soon as I got there- at 7am. What can I do with 2 children that early outside the house?
I had to keep them out of the house- until late in the afternoon- I was not allowed to bring them back until 3 or 4 in the PM!- daddy had to "sleep"- my goodness, he didn't even work nights. The 3 year old wanted to spend time with dad and dad always had an excuse, not to. Every time, the 3 year old acted up- I would put him in a time out (after a warning). He would scream, kick, bite and hit hard. Mom, would pull him out and he would never be punished for anything he did wrong. He was so physical. He would climb on top of his sister, who was only 3 months old at the time and he would SIT ON HER. Oh my god, the baby!! Mom would scream at him and he would just continue to do things that hurt. he would hit me, throw toys at me, (3 pairs of glasses and stitches in my eye- while I was here- 3 months). One time, we were at a store and the 3 year old grabbed a real knife and started running with it. I was so afraid he would run into someone. Mom watched the whole incident and did not do anything- yet when he hit the top the stroller- baby sister in it and mind you there was a space between her head an the top of the stroller- mom screamed at him right there in the store. I mean really screaming. You are going to hurt her- you can't do that.
I was with him at the ice cream store while mom was at Hillers. He ran out and ran on the other side of the strip mall (more than 15 stores between the two) I ran after him telling him stop. Mom was yelling at me because he ran without me. Ok, I understand.
But, I don't understand how this child can run with a knife.
Or, how he can have yet another incident. We were all at ToysRus (mom, me and kids) he started to ride a tricycle- no prob, I ran around with him. Problem was, he was riding into a lot of people. I told him he would have to get off if he did it again. He unfortunately, ran into a little old lady, who fell and broke her hip. (Mom had found us,) just as I was lifting him off the bike and telling the family (I was the nanny and introducing myself). In the process, the 3 year old came after me, biting me so hard that the old scar that was from a previous surgery broke open. I was in pain and bleeding- MOM'S WAY TO PUNISH HIM WAS TAKING HIM TO McDONALD'S- that was the last straw. Not only all these problems with discipline- but the parents screwed me out of pay, also. The last day, I was there, I finally figured it out- why he was like this- I was at home with him, playing really nice and quiet with him- one of his rare, quiet moments baby was sleeping. The child got really angry at me because he had knocked over his own block tower. Dad yelled at him from upstairs, child went upstairs and I heard a smacking noise from downstairs!! Later on, I was with him at the pool, helping him into him suit and I notice a huge bruise on his backside. He told me "my dad hit me" I took him home and told mom and showed her the bruise- she called me a bitch and started yelling at me. My reaction was grabbing my coast, bag and leaving.

alex said...

wow! Those POOR POOR kids!! The parents wonder why they go through so many nannies. You definitely were not their first. I hope a cop pulls them over to check seatbelts because that is not how you buckle children in!

eastcoastnow said...

OMG what a great story! I have a good friend who is in school for ECE (she used to work at my ds's preschool) and is now a nanny. Some of the things she tells me, oh my! She's so sweet and quiet...she called me one time in a panic because her employer (she had just quit) was threatening to call the police if she didn't return the house key by early the next morning. I listened to the voicemail message the lady had left her and I said, "Honey, she's nuts. Call her and tell her you're on your way right now. I'll come pick you up." I'm constantly amazed by what nannies go through!

OP, you mentioned that they had only been in the US for three years. Where are they from? Totally curious.

FHDtv1080P said...

I started to think it was made up or embellished when I realized that it was NOT 82 degrees (or anywhere near that) on Monday in Texas. I live in Houston. It was COLD.

cali mom said...

FHDtv1080P, I don't think OP was necessarily referring to Monday of THIS week.

Maguire Family Blog said...

OMG!!!! I SO would have left in the same way!!! DANG!

FHDtv1080P said...

Cali Mom --

Yes, she said :

"they needed me to start immediately, 3 days before Christmas."

That would have been Monday this week.

Anonymous said...

Not to question your story- but you said: they where infront of you in their car. Did you mean both of them? So who is watching their kids while they snuck out? Did they leave them alone? That's nuts.

I have a problem with dad starving the kids as punishment for something you served them. Not that I think you did anything wrong.

And why are you eating dennys when they eat a home made meal?

I'm sorry you went through this.

Anonymous said...

You could report the seatbelt things to CPS.

Anonymous said...

Oh My God. That is crazy. They are crazy. Glad you ran away! Good job!

nannyinmanhattan said...

Scary, just plain scary

Best Seller said...

Pick, pick, pick..... always gotta have people pick apart a damn post.
Why do you have to analyze every thing an OP says. So what if they embellished just a bit. It makes for a good ass story!!

ericsmom said...


Would you want to eat dinner with a crazy family. I would go out too for dinner. Just to get away from them.

NannyInCharge said...

This is absolutely nuts!!

I have found 3 amazing families on Craigslist. I still work full time for one of them now, and do date nights, housesitting, and occasional weekend stays for the other two families. They are all very generous people and I'm so glad I found them!

The other great site I've used is, I found a great 3 month temp job on there and another part time job where I currently work - all great people!

Em said...

This sure was funny!

Creeping out in the night tops the cake.
I doubt I could have done that.
It is possible they have a security alarm that alerted them of some activity.
Why they knew to search your room is interesting. Pity you didn't take an alternate route, so that he had to drive around all night.

Also, the kids coming to your room to wake you up? and the mother telling you to start earlier, and demanding you come back to help her after many things wrong with this scenario.

Here's to hoping you find a great job soon.

It was such a great read, thanks for posting.

chgonanny said...

I'm sorry. I couldn't even finish your post, I was so disgusted. This is why Craigslist scares me. My friend always goes through it to find jobs and I'm always worried about her.

OP said...

OP here. Just wanted to answer a few questions.

-I double checked with the weather channel website, it was 81 degrees that day where we are (Harlingen, TX).

-Only the father was in the car when he was getting the keys, not both parents.

-I definately did not want to stick around for dinner with the parents. I had had enough of them both and wanted to get the heck out of that house for a while.

-I don't think they had an alarm, I never saw a keypad or them turning one on and off. I think they probably heard me lock the door, it was loud.

Thanks for the comments, some of you were able to make me laugh at such a crazy situation. I have not found another position yet, it's slim pickens' right now because of the holidays. Hopefully it will get better in January.

Anonymous said...
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MissDeeHatesMeltingSnowAndPuddles said...

He didn't threw out the children's snack and said they couldn't eat the snack or lunch, and the children said they were hungry.

He had the child wear jackets when it was 82* out?! I would love to have 80* weather in mid December in WI!

He got mad because you left the kitchen a mess, rather you put the children down for nap and planned on cleaning the kitchen once the children were settled.

He didn't want you to help the 8 year old with homework, rather than have the child do it themselves. What if this child had a learning disability of some sort? Does he expect her to "just get through it and learn on her own how to do it?"

He followed you and nearly caused an accident on the highway to get his keys back after you quit.

The interview was 3 hours? Was it a working interview or an interview interview?


I NEVER withhold food from any child. If they take a few bites, fine. But witholding food? That's considered child abuse, at least in WI it is.

82* and best believe children in my care are covered in sunblock and have plenty of water. Jackets in 82* weather? Did he not see they were sweating?

My co teacher and I take turns cleaning the classroom each week after meals and snacks, however, we both do it, usually while the children are reading books or doing puzzles. The children are getting settled down for naptime when we clean after lunch. When my charge goes down for nap, I clean the kitchen and play area. I don't like food on my classroom floor either, yet, it is easier to clean once children are asleep.

OMG. I won't say anything else about the homework.

I agree with you having to take an alternate route. I would've done so, and sent his keys back wrapped in a poopy diaper.

I'd rather be stuck on the island with Gilligan, Skipper, and the Professor.

The carseat issue? Call CPS. Immediately.

OK, I'm done now.


The 2.5 I care for found me on CL. Nice job, doesn't pay well, but he is such a sweetheart and Mom rocks, which is why I am still there after 4 months.


I hope the elderly lady was OK. Did I read that Mom took him to Mc D's AFTER he caused harm to a senior citizen?


I can't wait until I get down there. Perhaps we can get a laugh with the CL ads over coffee.

OP: Why didn't you send this gem in as a nanny horror story? Have you tried or Good luck and keep us posted with what happens.

5:20PM re-post for Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I used to live in Brownsville. IT's pretty close to Halingen and yes we used to spend our Christmas in shorts. That story was pretty scary. If they're psycho like that about their kids, you should watch out for any info you gave to them about yourself.

5:20 PM


Nancy Drew said...

All of the archived weather sites that I checked showed a high of 49 degrees in Harlingen on 12/22.

Anonymous said...

OP I hope my comment about denny's was not offensive, I merely meant: as a new nanny it should be commen sense to provide/invite nanny to eat with family as a live in. I do very much understand why you had to escape though and relax somewhere else.

mom said...

Nancy Drew and all the other doubters obviously have never lived in Texas. Over the past few weeks we have had days where we needed to put the air conditioner on alternated with days where it has been so windy and bitingly cold that we can barely stand to walk out and get the mail...and sometimes these things happen all in the same day. There have been days where I used both the air conditioner and heater in the same day. We all piled out of karate early one night and they shut the whole school down early in hopes that everybody could leave quickly and get home before the freezing rain, which seemed to come out of nowhere after a nice day, made the roads perilously slick. Two days later they had all the doors open into the evening so we could enjoy the warm fresh air. Maybe OP simply mistaken as to which day she interviewed...or maybe she counts Christmas Eve as "Christmas", as my family always has...Scandinavian, ya?

millows said...

crazy crazy crazy... i would have quit by lunch time. good for you for not staying!

Nancy Drew said...


I'm an Investigator by profession, so naturally I would have checked the archived weather in the days preceding and following the nanny's first day - which she stated was three days before Christmas. She didn't discuss the weather on the day she interviewed.

Not knowing her exact location until later, I first checked the southernmost cities - those being Brownsville and Corpus Christi. Later, when the nanny gave the location as Harlingen, I double-checked. And indeed, the highs for that area on December 21, 22, and 23 were in the 40's and 50's. Only later in the week did it get significantly warmer.

JustAMommy said...

The only thing you did that I wouldn't have done is pull over. I would have hung up and called the cops and informed them that I was being stalked by a crazy man and given them his number. Who knows what someone that nuts might do?

ericsmom said...

Oh who cares what the temperature was!! Stop being anal.

Great post!

And I agree with JustAMommy
I wouldn't have pulled over either. He sounds nuts!
Better to go to a police station, or a store with people around.

Fancy Drew said...

I just checked the weather for Monday, December 22 (3 days before Christmas) in Harlingen, TX. It was in the 50's and low 60's. Hardly no-jacket weather. I don't blame the dad for freaking out.

Momma Bear said...

"You could report the seatbelt things to CPS."

Speaking from experience, CPS will not do anything about seatbelt violations (at least around here). I was told that it is a traffic violation not abuse or neglect.

I'm in love with a vampire said...

NannyAnnie, I think the CL people are crazier because its not as professional as an agency or even an online agency. Maybe thats it?

I feel bad for you! I would have freaked out on the father! Those poor kids!!

Nanny Sarah-what a terrible situation too!!! wow! Its hard when the parents don't do the discipline. It gets kids all mixed up, creates brats and clearly this boy is jealous of the baby and desprete for love from his parents. Parents who don't know the first thing about taking care of kids!

eastcost...she said they were french :)

The fact that the kids were waking you up and you started earlier and working on your off hours...all the reasons I won't be a live in ever. How do you have a personal life?

Nancy Drew-WHO CARES ABOUT THE WEATHER. Really, the main point of the OP's post was that the nanny used her common sense about the type of clothing to put on the kids and so did the dad...and honestly the dad seems like a nut, so i'm going to believe OP!

OP said...

Op here. I honestly don't care what the recorded temperature was that day. The fact is, the sun was beating down on us and it was HOT! The kids were sweating in their jackets, and I was sweating not even having one on! (I made a mistake when looking up the temp, when I went back to post a link here to prove it, I noticed it was for December 22, 2007, lol...)

I was just on my sittercity account and noticed the Dad left a review for me. He said I was untrustworthy. I left a very well written response as to defend myself. Hopefully no one believes his review when looking at my profile for a nanny. Ugh, I regret taking this job so much!

not a park slope nanny said...

Is there any way you could post a few excerpts from sittercity from both the Dad and you? I know several of us empathize with you (because many of us have had a crazy Employer at one time or another).. and we'd like to see what he had to say about you.

This whole scene shouldn't have happened. Some people just shouldn't be allowed to have children!

confused said...

OP, I thought you said you found them on Craigslist? Did they know you had an account on sittercity? Curiosity got the best of me - I didn't see anything on SC for your area.

i hate junk mail said...

I'm with 'confused'. I looked all over SC for your area and could find nothing. I was really curious about what this Dad had to say, and you in return, for that matter.

Could you please post it here for us, OP?

OP said...

Sorry it took so long, I don't have internet at home. I can read ISYN on my phone, but for some reason it doesn't let me post a comment?

This is Dad's "review" and my response. He gave me one star out of 5.
12/23/2008 — One word: Untrustworthy!! if you crave for stability and safety of your household, steer clear! Hired her last week as live-in nanny and after one day on the job had to fire her for cause!

12/29/2008 — You didn't fire me, I quit! After one day working I could see it was definately not going to work out. There was only one very specific way of doing every tiny little thing, not any one human being could remember every single one of those details. I am a professional nanny with almost 6yrs of experience and have always felt very capable in every position I have held, and yet working under your husband for one day made me feel as if I was an incompetent teenage girl. So yeah, I got out of there as soon as I could. I have told a few people about my one day working for you and they all agree I was very smart to get out immediately. You also forgot to mention in your review that I was your 8th nanny. You would think by now you would have realised it wasn't the nannies who were incompetent, it was you as an employer.

not a park slope nanny said...

Wow, thanks for the info, OP. Excellent retort.

Em said...

This Sittercity idea sounds like a nightmare.
I could see this getting way out of hand.

OP said...

He sent me this email yesterday. These people have issues. I think they may have 2 personalities, lol...

Dear Friend,
wherever you are however you plan to enjoy your New Year Eve today/tonight, please accept my best wishes for 2009!

May 2009 be a Prosperous and Healthy year for you and your loved ones!

nannylicious...NYC said...

I don't really get attracted to looong stories, but yours i couldn't stop reading. Awesome!!!
You taught me a lesson. Not to take crap from any body.

Em said...

Wow, that sounds like a generic email, he sent in bulk.
If it isn't then good for them. Nothing beats an adult who can move past issues and stay emotionally healthy.

The ExNanny said...

I like your response, Op- but the last sentence is a bit much. It is not very professional, and it dilutes the juicy tidbit that you were the 8th nanny.

But I bet it felt good to type that. Boy, that dad was nuttier than a fruitcake!

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