Bored Nanny needs help finding something to do

Received Thursday, August 14, 2008. - Perspective & Opinion
I am a nanny for a newborn and a 5 yr old. The 5 yr old is starting kindergarten in two weeks and I will be alone from 8 am until 3:30 pm with the newborn. I'm not sure what to do while the newborn sleeps (which is currently a lot). Normally I'd offer to do some additional housework, but the family already has a housekeeper and said they don't need much help. I feel weird spending lots of time studying or watching tv on the clock. Any suggestions? I'm not used to being a bored nanny!


missj said...

I'd feel awkward about that, too. If I were in that situation, I'd probably read or knit while the newborn sleeps. As long as you're available in case he wakes, it doesn't seem like that would be a problem.

Since the family doesn't need extra help with housework, can do you any prep for the 5 yr old? As in, readying craft projects for after school, prepping snacks/dinner (if it's your job)? That might make good use of your time.

NannyJamie said...

Don't think of it as "studying or watching tv on the clock", think of it as you being there in case the baby needs anything during the day, and that is invaluable, and you might NEED to do those things to keep from dying from boredom.
You could always ask the parents what they think you should be doing during that time (I know you said they don't need housekeeping, but still), and they might have something in mind... or they might give you the thumbs up for watching tv and studying, and if they say that... you cannot feel weird about doing it. :)

UmassSlytherin said...

I think you should get drunk and invite guys over.

Or you could start a blog.

nycnanny said...

I would just enjoy the peace and quiet for now , watch tv, read, surf the net, etc--bc in a few months the baby wont be napping that much anymore and you'll be wishing you had some down time lol!! I was the same way when I started with my charge at 8 weeks-now he is 13 months and barely sleeps anymore! Enjoy it while it lasts:)

Manhattan Nanny said...

LOL, You are a hoot!

nannyinmanhattan said... or take a nap or something!
Enjoy the time. Rest. Take care of the baby, take one day at a time.
Sit back.
You never know what the future brings, one day you might be wishing for some free time just to catch your breath.

cfg said...

While I agree that Umass' idea might be more fun, you might get into just a little bit of trouble, lol.
I say go with the flow, study, listen to some tunes, etc.
And like all the others have said:
enjoy it while you can, honey.

Anonymous said...

I think good nannies are typically "Doers"; We need to be doing something. This job would drive me nuts, but be a blessing at the same time! Take time for yourself. You don't have to do any laundry? I worked in a similar position and offered to organize, do small tasks like wrap presents as needed, etc. Other than that I read a lot, brought my wireless laptop with me some days. I'm not much of a daytime tv person. I also tried to do some work-related research if I was on the computer for awhile, like researching developmental stuff for the newborn, etc.
Good luck! Not sure how long you've been with the family, but you probably deserve the 'mental breaks' that will be coming your way soon! Don't take them for doesn't last long!

Upstate Mom said...

The only problem I can forsee with doing "odds and ends" is that they'll continue to expect them to be done when the baby isn't napping all the time, and you won't have the extra time to do it. Then, you'll resent feeling pressured, and they'll resent if the work doesn't get done. Good luck.

Anonymous said...
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midwest Nanny said...

Get a workout routine in place. :P
workout videos, hand weights, etc.

That way you'll be in great shape to keep up with baby as soon as he starts moving . . .

Kelsey said...

Enjoy the peace and relaxation girl!!!
Before you know it that baby will be crawling around and demanding attention 24/7.
I wish the 3 yr old I watch would still take at least an hour nap or rest for the weary I guess.

Lizzie said...

I understand what you mean! My two charges take long naps and at first I felt super awkward not doing anything, because the family i work for has cleaners come to their house, so they don't need me to do any extra work.

but what i did, was I asked the parents what they expected me to do during that time and they just told me to relax and enjoy the time to myself, and when school starts (for I'm in college) I can use that time to get some hw done!

it makes it easier if you just bring it up to the parents, either that or just go with the flow, if you're doing something wrong...i'm sure they'd let ya know!!

good luck!

kathleencares said...

I don't think you should feel weird about studying or reading when the child takes a nap. I mean, what else are you suppose to do? I nanny part-time and go to school and I study all the time when I'm "on the clock." It has never even occurred to me to feel weird about it.