Hudson River Water Park in NYC

Received Monday, July 21, 2008
Good Nanny Sighting I saw your nanny Husband, son and I were at the waterpark on the Hudson River (around Horatio St?) on Sunday morning and were sitting in the sand area. There was a girl there (maybe early 20's) who was babysitting a 3 yr old girl named Isabel. They were having so much fun together. The little girl was running back and forth between the water and the sand, and the babysitter never took her eyes off the girl. And they were both very involved in whatever they were building in the sandpit. We chatted briefly, and she said she moved here from Oregon, but I didn't ask her any other details. Just wanted to let the parents know that Isabel is being well cared for and having fun!


DowntoEarth said...

We have a young Asian nanny here in the neighborhood. She is a delight to see with her charges.
When our kids go over there to play
they come back full of praises for this lady. Li and our nanny are good friends and spend a lot of time together with the kids and they come up with great things for the kids to do. I firmly believe there are a lot more great nannies out there than there are bad ones.

cfg said...

I agree with you, downtoearth! There is a nanny my family encounters nearly every week. I know who the son is, and have talked to his mom in passing a couple of times, and she is an excellent nanny, especially since the boy is on the difficult side, special needs, I think.

Thank you for the report, OP!

kathleencares said...

It's nice to hear a positive story once in awhile. Thanks for posting!

NomDePlume said...

There are a lot of us that are "good" nannies, we just aren't as controversial to write about.

UmassSlytherin said...

Great siting! Hope the parents see it! :)