Beware of Rabid Nannies at Pierrepont Playground in NYC

Received Monday, July 28, 2008
I had the displeasure of being verbally assaulted by 2 nannies at Pierrepont playground in Brooklyn Heights. The incident started shortly after I sat down on the bench next to them. As I was getting my dbs out of the stroller I noticed a 2-2.5yo blond girl strapped in a black bugaboo who was leaning forward trying to get out. I wouldn't have been concerned but she was straining so hard she could have brought the stroller down on top of her. I saw her do this as I sat down and I was behind her and saw the back wheels lift up. (and it was a bugaboo. Those don't lift that easily!)

Regardless, I decided to myob and got my children out. Before going after them I stopped a download on my cell that my youngest had randomly started.

As we went to the monkey bars I heard the nannies start screaming that someone had taken a picture of the girl who was belted in the stroller. When I looked over they were pointing at me.
As I went back over to them to clear things up they were getting out of hand.

Another nanny, who's charges were having a *playdate* with the girl who was strapped in the stroller started taking pictures of me and shouting. All the children around us were terrified. The woman called more nannies around her and started screaming profanities at front of her charges and many others.

The nanny who had the girl in the black bug wore a hot pink t shirt and was heavy set.She insisted that the girl strapped herself in the stroller and indeed, that's where she wanted to be. (the girl was blond, 2.5ish and pretty but looked sad.. there was a brown leather handbag in the bottom of the stroller.

The nanny she was with was a little older and very loud. She felt it was appropriate to ACTUALLY take phone videos of me despite her misguided horror at my non-photo. She is the one who scared my children and me the most.

These nannies left but not without yelling at a few people on their way out.


XYZee said...

Sorry I don't believe a word of this.

gimmeabreak said...

I wouldn't totally dismiss this as untrue. I have seen nannies act just like this in a certain Park Slope playground, so, you never know!

gimmeabreak said...

Oops, meant to also add, that I personally know some kids who do just what the nanny said this child did, one little girl I know will hop in her stroller and strap herself in and scream bloody murder if you try to take her out of it. she is 2 years old.

And yes, she will do this even at a playground and will sit in the stroller for an hour if you let her. I am sure people walking by think it's cruel, but, in her case, it is truly where she wants to be.

Bruno Renato said...

theese are not nannies but ghetto babysitters, you get what you pay for!

UmassSlytherin said...

Were you taking a picture? Just asking. Usually when you take a picture with your phone you hold it up and it's sort of obvious you are taking a picture. Were these nannies just paranoid or, like...
were you taking a picture? If you were not, I'm sorry this happened to you. If you were taking a picture, dude...use caution when dealing with ghetto nannies. They will f you up.

Marissa M. said...

Too bad you didn't take a picture.. You couldve used it to identify the nannies who are nuts. What's worse? Thinking a random woman took a photo? Or using profanity infront of kids by verbally insulting another woman.

This is what happened. They where concerned about being identified as crappy nannies- which they prob are. No person in their right mind responds this way.
I don't care if the kid was happy in her stroller. That's not the point.
I wonder if they read this blog and got nervous for being exposed as possibly negligant nannies...

melcar said...

Why would the nanny care about the picture being taken, unless she knew that the picture would show her to be the negligent, awful nanny that she is.

UmassSlytherin said...

Marrissa, I agree that they were probably crappy nannies and it sounds as if they know about this blog from their behavior. (which I think is awesome to tell you the truth, this blog deserves some fame in my opinion) But I do think that it sounds like OP took a picture. To me, what it sounds like is when OP was "noticing" the child in the stroller, she probably made some facial expressions and made it obvious she was watching the child.

Now, I'm not saying that op deserved to get verbally assaulted. It sounds like she was genuinely concerned for the child in question. However, I AM saying that if you are going to start taking pictures for ISYN around ghetto scary nannies in NY, you better expect to get chewed out, or even physically assaulted. Is it worth it? I say no. If it had been me, I would have just said to the nanny, "Hey, looks like your little girl there is about to tip her stroller over, just giving you a heads up."

But that's just me.

Emily said...

I agree with you, umass. When I first read the post something just didn't seem right, but I didn't want to cry foul immediately until I heard what others thought. I bet the nannies acted as the OP described, but I suspect the OP isn't exactly being truthful about her own behavior.

But that's just my opinion, who knows?

does this monuker make my butt look big said...

A different view....

Several nannies sitting around while charges are enjoying a playdate at the park.

Along comes a mommy/nanny and next thing you know it appears she has snapped a photo of one of the kids sitting in a stroller...NOT OKAY!!

Let me just tell you there is a difference between MYOB and MYOB while making it very clear you disaprove of a situation with your facial expressions and body language.

I am guilty of the latter all the time.(Not regarding other people's children but usually when people in stores are opening up packages of diapers or socks or undies to see if it will fit and then toss it back ,opened and just laying around,only to grab the same thing , unopened..that just chaps my hide!! Or with idiot drivers or people who cut you off with their carts at the supermarket!!))

I can tell you, If I thought someone snapped a picture of my children or charges, I too would lay into them. So much so that they would most likely never come back to that park again and they would leave scared!

I will tell you now, I do NOT butt in where other peoples children are invovled. If I saw a child being beaten , physically with a fist, belt or such, yes, I would intervene.( I am NOT talking a parent spanking a child who is misbehaving )I would call 911ASAP.

If I were the OP and did indeed snap a picture of what I felt was a child being neglected in a stroller,only to realize I messed with the wrong crowd who was now snapping pics of me. You had better beleive I would beat it home to post on ISYN before my picture was posted all over the internet by them labeling me as a pedofile!

For the record,

My daughter also loves to snap herself into her booster seat.(sits on the floor in the livingroom.) She will do it one hundred times a day..after a while she gets "stuck" as I no longer want to play the game with her.To someone at the park, it may appear neglect. to anyone with kids it appears moms ass is worn out and needs a break!

It is called the terrible two's for a vey valid reason!

This is just a different view.

does this moniker make my butt look big said...

whoops, moniker..tee-hee

does this moniker make my butt look big said...

disapprove..jeesh..I need some coffee! Sorry for all the typo's!

UmassSlytherin said...

butt looks big,
I don't know if anyone told you, but these posts are not being graded! :) no worries. Great post!

does this moniker make my butt look big said...

Thanks Umasslytherin..I had to atleast fix the moniker's bad when you screw that up!

MissDee said...

I don't see where OP took a picture. What I do see in this post is two obnoxious nannies who must have been acting unprofessionally, or they wouldn't have been screaming at OP. Perhaps they were mad that their "picture" would be posted on here, and their employers would find out. Did Op say she took a picture? No. I didn't see that she did, unless I missed something. *LOL*

mill price said...

Isn't it a policy violation to derail a thread like Umass did?

The OP very clearly said her charge pushed a button on her phone starting a download and she pushed a button to stop it.

I don't understand why Umass and big butt would have such fun derailing this thread. It can be very frightening to be on the receiving end of nanny vengeance, as I myself have been.

I was followed home and taunted by three nannies about a week after an incident which involved me telling one of the nannies to keep a better eye on her charge or she was going to be hurt. That's all I said.

I was with my three year old son both times. It was very frightening for my son to be followed by a gang of thick, angry nannies. Hurling profanity and racial epitaphs at me while I had my son and they had their charges. Their white charges, I might add.
(Cracker was one of the milder things they called me).

UmassSlytherin said...

I don't think I was derailing the thread. I was only offering my opinion on using caution when in the presence of ghetto nannies. I do in no way condone "nanny vengence" and I did not imply that I condone it. If I have gone against policy, I apologize and Jane or MPP are free to remove my post.

miss dee,

To be clear, OP says she did not take a picture. But some of us, upon examining the contect and connotation of her post, have speculated as to whether or not this is entirely truthful. That is all. Yes, the nannies probably did not want their picture on ISYN.

With all due respect, this is the internet and sometimes you need to read between the lines in order to get a clear perspective. As I said before, if OP did not take a picture, and those nannies were mistaken, she did not deserve to be verbally assaulted. But for whatever reason, the nannies thought she did take a picture. And they were pissed.

I'd be pissed too. We don't know the whole story. My own daughter gets strapped into her stroller when she insists on running towards the busy street next to our park. She is 2. We would sometimes rather have her strapped into the stroller and having a temper tantrum than be squashed by a truck. Call us crazy! :)

Emily said...

No, Missdee, the OP did not say she took a picture. She said "Before going after them I stopped a download on my cell that my youngest had randomly started." This struck some of us as disingenuous, myself included. You may not share our opinion, and that's ok.

Mil Price, umass wasn't derailing the post, she was stating her opinion. That is still allowed here, I believe.

UmassSlytherin said...

michael pitt loves YOU.


cfg said...

Umas & butt looks big? Derailing a thread? .... not here. not now.
Most everything they said in the context of their post had to do with OP's submission. It's called .... are you ready?
An opinion.
Yep, believe it or not, that sometimes happens around here.

Liv said...

Not to pick on OP, but...I don't understand how the child randomly started a download. A download of what? When I download content on my phone, I have to go through several steps and it takes quite a while before I even get to the button to download. That part of the story does sound a bit fishy. Although, if she was taking a picture, why would she not admit it? People post pictures on here all of the time. If she felt the little girl was being neglected, then it would not be wrong of her to do so. As for the terrible twos who buckle themselves into their strollers, I think it's obvious that that's not what was going on here. The OP said she was struggling to get out and that she looked sad.

But that's not the point. The point is: even if the little girl wanted to be there, and even if OP had taken a picture, shouting profanities at a stranger and in front of children is not the type of conduct their employers are expecting of them. The employers of these nannies need to know how they act around their children when mom and dad aren't supervising. Good job, OP!

UmassSlytherin said...

I see your point, Liv, I really do. But my main point is that you do need to be careful when taking pictures (or stopping random dowloads that make it appear as if you are taking pictures) around strangers that you do not know. Sure, Liv, everyone has a right to post stuff on ISYN. That doesn't mean that people are not going to get pissed off about it! It's like in the movie Animal House, where they go to that black bar to see Otis Day and the Knights, and they are all white kids and the black guys take their dates and act all scary. Did the white kids have a right to be there? sure, legally they did. Was it freaking smart of them to be there?


Just saying that you need to face the consequences of your actions. Maybe OP will be more careful next time when it comes to flashing her phone around scary ghetto nannies.

cc said...

excellent comment, liv.
point, set and match.

jo jo bear said...

Why are you interrogating OP. If OP had taken a picture of the nannies or the kids, she wouldn't be angry, just guilty and she wouldnt post here.

Very bad Umass, liv, cc and big butt. 2 Thumbs down. This is a nanny who had something horrible happen to her.

And you want to attack her more?

MDS, ny said...

I sympathize with the nanny. My own nanny took my child to Diana Ross Playground and was doing nothing but playing with my child when she ended up on the receiving end of three nanny bullies. Among the things they said to her were that she didn't belong at Diana Ross playground,she shouldn't be wearing Avirex ( a t-shirt) she had on and then they started suggesting that she was out walking around in the Avirex shirt trying to steal a brother. Their words, not mine. My nanny did nothing to deserve that. But please, perhaps the bullies on this thread would like to tell me that my nanny was wearing an Avirex t-shirt specifically to attract and thereby steal an African American Man from the African American community.

I'm deeply dissapointed with the people who have responded on this thread. You're not David Caruso, this nanny is not being interrogated at an impossibly sleek marble table and there are no cameras rolling.

Get real.

no me gusta barack y michelle said...

Perhaps we can ban all references to Michael Pitt? If we wanted to watch a chubette with low self esteem trip all over herself in an effort to salute and otherwise hail a D list celebrity, we could always visit her blog.

No offense.

UmassSlytherin said...

what does chubette mean? are you calling me fat?

and thanks for visiting, no me gusta. I appreciate it! :)
I would say you rock, but you obviously do not. people who put down others to boost their own failing self-esteem do not rock.

I am entitled to my opinion, jojo. as are you: thumbs down is ok. however, I interrogated nobody.

Op of this post said...

I can't defend the phone thing because it was all so irrational and bizzare. Even the person sitting next to me couldnt believe what happened. It didn't make any sense at all.
At one point the nanny in the hot pink shirt asked me if I wanted her employers info. When I said "Sure, why not" she yelled "We're not talking to you!!!!" Hmmm. ok.
I posted this so Pierrepont moms are aware that this happened there.
Please... lets just keep an eye on the kids. There are plenty of great nannies out there. We don't need things like this to happen. It's a playground.

UmassSlytherin said...

well said op. sorry some of us questioned the phone issue.

that is quite interesting that they asked if you wanted their employer's info and you said "sure, why not?" lol that was ballsy and very hilarious, in my opinion.

sorry you got harrassed by these people. thanks for updating!

Jane Doe said...

Thank you for posting this OP. I was speaking to an aquaintance of mine who told me that her new nanny was pelted with cherry pits by two nannies when she took her charge to play at the park. Apparently, the two nannies were friends with the nanny that "new nanny' had replaced. The new nanny was a transplant from Iowa, a twenty two year old innocent who arrived back at her employer's town home in tears.

Do I believe you story? You bet I do.

does this moniker make my butt look big said...

Mill Price, I stated it clearly, twice in my post. This is a different view.An opinion. That is in no way a violation of any ISYN rules.
It is in no way derailing this thread.
If the majority of people invovlved thought a stranger took a picture of one of their charges..what do you feel they should have done?

Walk up politely and ask if they did? Quietly tell them to stop?
Emotions run high when children are involved.

If I thought anyone was taking a picture of my children or charges at the park, I too would lay into them and I bet they would never come back to that park again!

Likewise if I had a nanny who verbally assaulted a stranger taking a picture of my kid..I would give her a huge flippin raise!
Here you have 2 pro-active nannies paying attention to their charges and to all that is going on around them . What more could a mommy want?

I don't buy the story. I really tried.
To me it sounds as if OP felt for the little girl, snapped a pic and realized she angered the nannies when they started taking pics of her and screaming at her..I just don't buy the whole download bit.

Liv, I don't agree that it is "obvious that is not what was going on here" regarding the child being in the stroller.

As I said, my daughter will strap herself into her HC over and over and then struggle and cry to get out. This is typical 2 yr old behavior. They want what they want and when they get it they no longer want it. I was not there, I can say for sure. I can however tell you it iS very typical of a 2-3 yr old to play that game with anything that has straps. They want in, they want out, and after a while, the only way for them to learn, is to be "stuck " for a while, realizing, it is no fun.

Weather she took the pic or not, Ghetto nannies or not..they thought a stranger was taking pics of their charge..they called her on it and left the park.
I would have done the same thing!

Emily said...

Originally I didn't voice my suspicions because it didn't seem like a big deal. No one doubts that the other nannies acted as they did and their behavior was horribly inappropriate. But, something didn't ring true for several commentors, and groups of people have pretty good BS radar on this site, in my opinion.

Regardless of what you were doing with your cell phone, OP, and regardless of what you'd like to go on the record about in terms of your own behavior, no one thinks you behaved badly in this situation. We just question whether we've gotten the whole story. But it's your story to give, either way.

I hope you don't have to deal with these nannies again.

does this moniker make my butt look big said...

mds and jojo bear, there are no bullies here and no interrogations. Just because someone has a different view of things does not make them a bully. This is a public blog and diversity makes it the wonderful blog it is. Surely you would not expect someone to refrain from commenting respectfully just because they see things differently than you?

We are all entitled to our opinions as well to believe or not believe a story and as long as we abide by Janes rules and respect those we disagree with.

As far as I can see everyone who disagreed did so respectfully!

Perception is a funny thing.

Marypoppin'pills said...

Awww. I rather enjoy reading about Umass' obsession with Michael Pitt. It takes the 'edge' off things around here.

Victoria Anne said...

If you were honestly being assualted by these women, why weren't the police called? I mean, you were in a public place and they were out of line right? Isn't this why we pay taxes? Sorry, I don't believe this happened the way you said it did.

I mean, who lets their charges play with cell phones so that they might actually begin downloading? Call me crazy, but I wouldn't give an expensive piece of technology to a kid.

does this moniker make my butt look big said...


Marissa M. said...

Some one here deserves an over the message board bitch slap

Amanda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
UmassSlytherin said...

thank you mpp. I appreciate that. I do try to contribute meaningfully to the threads, I really do. But we are none of us perfect, right? :)

DowntoEarth said...

I would rather read Umass' posts than read one that calls someone fat and says they have low self esteem. That was uncalled for.

sickofpickycomments said...

I can't stand it when people pick apart a post constantly. Why would someone make this up and why would she lie about taking a dang picture??? Even if she did take a picture the behavior of these nannies is unacceptable. I hate bullies, which is clearly what these nannies are. JC people if everyone doubts what people post then they will stop posting. I have accidentally started functions on my phone by pressing random buttons when not paying attention. It happens. This person had no reason to lie, if she was snapping a photo she could have said so, it makes no difference the actions are what are important. Good grief.

UmassSlytherin said...

Sometimes it's good to think and it's good to doubt. That being said, I wasn't picking apart OP's post. I believe that those nannies did what she said, and yes, it is wrong to yell at people in public, especially when it's scaring kids. but if you are expressing displeasure at the way someone is caring for their child/charge, you have to expect that people are going to react like that. Is it nice? no. would I yell at someone like that? no. But not everyone is rational and not everyone acts appropriately. It doesn't make it right, but it is reality and that is why you should be very careful about rolling your eyes at someone or making a comment or taking a picture (which yes I know op says she didn't do.) Even if your problem with them is valid, you should still pick your battles. That is all I was trying to say.

Marissa M. said...

Umass don't feel like you have to explain yourself. You made yourself clear. Anyone who doesn't appreciate what you where refering to should just shut their mouth. Especially if they are going to call names. Peace.

Op of this post said...

Look guys..
If I had taken a picture I would have hightailed it out of there and not dealt with said unpleasant situation.
I asked the nanny who was taking videos of me why she felt that was ok in light of the circumstances. Another nanny answered "It's her right"
Are you taking the journey with me?
This whole thing didn't make any sense. Please remember.. it's about the kids. Not my cell phone.
Thank you.

banfangirlz said...

No Me Gusta....WELL SAID!

does this moniker make my butt look big said...

I hope this posts..I have had a heck of a time posting computer must have a glitch?

anyhow, I am not as nice as you Umassslytherin..I would most certainly yell and raise my voice if I thought someone was photographing one of my children at the park.Hell, I'd probably end up chasing them down the street. But I am an Irish, red head and I rarely hold back when it comes to protecting my family.

OP, I think the situation was unfortunate. I feel badly for the children involved. I really feel that all the adults at some point did something to set the other intentionally or not, I do not know, I was not there.
Regardless of what my opinion is, my hope is that you and your charges are able to enjoy this park again without anymore confrontations.

We have a strict rule..keys ,purses, cell phones..not toys! I know how easy it is to give in but life is simpler if you don't!

banimmatureaholes said...

banfangirlz/no me gusta

why don't you get a life and stop sticking up for yourself?

UmassSlytherin said...

I agree, butt looks big. It is an unfortunate situation, and I too feel for the kids involved and for OP as well.

sickofpickycomments said...

I wish that moniker made your brain look big. Every time in some way you cut down the OP. You and that UMass person should host your own blog Just an idea. OR I have many more ideas or

OP please ignore the drone of these people. I believe whole heartedly (AS does JANE FYI) that you were minding your own business. People are rotten and THOSE nannies should not be allowed have jobs involving children. Thanks for posting. I think the masses get swept up by a few verbose comments. Unless not many people told you I'm sorry for what you went through and no one should ever be harassed, especially in a park meant for fun.

UmassSlytherin said...


you obviously did not read our posts thoroughly if you didn't see that both me and the other poster you referred to also expressed dismay at what OP had to deal with.

you and others, (that is if you are not the same poster with multiple handles, which is possible) are acting very childishly by calling names and insulting us when we are merely contributing our opinions to the conversations.

part of what makes this blog interesting is all of the different opinions, points of view, and perspectives. Are you so closed-minded that you want everyone to react and think the same? how boring and sad for you.

does this moniker make my Head (whoops I mean butt) look big said...

hey, you think this moniker makes my butt look big? Really, does it? No, I mean really?

You need to lighten up .

What you are wanting me to do is say I was wrong and am sorry.Well I won't. So lay off.would ya? Huhhh? I don't feel that way but I do feel that it was an unfortunate situation and hope that the kids are able to enjoy the park again.

And FYI, If I want to "cut someone down" I just do it. Go bark up someone else's tree!

As for Umassslytheryn, she rocks .. she has more of a sense of humor than anybody on this blog and she helps to break up the tension that is created by a few of us know it included!

Happy posting toots!

Perception is, once again, a curious thing!

UmassSlytherin said...

thanks, butt looks big! you rock as well.

here's my quote, from Funny Games:

"So much stress for politeness' sake!"


Marypoppin'pills said...

I'm sorry, but I'm having a sense of entitlement here, so forgive me for sticking my nose where it doesn't belong and sayin' -
Does this moniker makes my butt look big & UmassSlytherin ...
You BOTH rock!

anonymouse said...

UHHH!!! Hello.... anyone hear of TZones? My charges push it ALL the time on my phone. It starts to download crap on its own. It only takes one click on the hot pink T to start it connecting. I bet that's what this nanny was talking about.

I took a picture at the park last week of some ladies feet because she was wearing ridiculous high heal wedge shoes. She took off after her 2yr old because he was messing around with a high powered sprinkler and she almost busted her ankle. I then almost busted my ass laughing so hard at her. High heel wedges at a park with your 2yr old??

I texted the picture to my friend so we could have a good laugh.

LindaLou said...

welll, i've been at camp fire camp all day with my boys, but i don't like people picking on my favorite slytherin. so cut it out, hag! aren't you the one who said on the other thread that the nanny should steal things and sell them on ebay? @@.

only the OP knows what really happened. it sounds scarey.

longtimelistnerfirsttimecaller said...

Nothing about this post strikes me as false. I see babies and kids playing with cell phones all the time. I occasionally hand mine to a grumpy charge in order to amuse him for a few minutes. It's also pretty easy to start a download on my phone, I do it randomly a couple of times a weeks.

I don't know why the nannys would have immediately assumed OP was taking a picture just because she was playing with her phone but maybe they weren't very bright.

I can certainly see them getting irate if they thought she was though. I know I'd be upset.

Alsosick said...

Looks like Umass has a new side kick. People just get tired of the same old people dominating every thread that's all. I guess the new duo can dish but can't take. YOU rock sickofpicky!!! So ROCK ON.

bebe said...

Hey, alsosick ... I would venture to sayalso (tee-hee) .... that Umass has more than one sidekick, or fan, or friend. If you don't like it, then too damn bad!

UmassSlytherin said...

Thanks for the support guys. I really didn't mean to derail the thread, call anyone out, or otherwise clog up the boards. I really was just trying to make a point that I thought was valid.

alsosick, I can take it, dude. I can take it if you dish it to me. Come on. I'm hungry.

Emily said...

Alsosick, did you consider the fact that umass wouldn't have ended up "dominating" this thread if she didn't have to constantly restate that her original comment was her opinion, something that she's not only entitled to and not alone in thinking but also something that without this blog would be pretty darn boring.

UmassSlytherin said...

thank you emily: brad renfro is lookind down on you dude. and he is proud.

Emily said...

OMG umass! We've found what we have in common! I used to want to keep a little tiny Brad Renfro in a box on my desk so I could open it up when I was feeling blue and say "Dance! Dance little tiny Brad Renfro".

[ISYN Readers: What I wrote above is an attempt at humor. Please do not start railing against little tiny Brad Renfro abuse.]

UmassSlytherin said...

i knew you were a kindred spirit, emily. i just knew it. I'm visiting your blog and we can continue this discussion.

truman, park slope said...

Yes, Umass, you did derail the thread and set about a whole idiotic discussion of men you obsess about all the while causing big ass to start a lengthy dialogue about what she would do or what should be done if someone takes a picture of her kid/ a kid at a park. That was not in the post, that didn't happen. I don't know where you live, but in certain areas of NYC, then you would appreciate the abuse that is dispensed out to mothers and other nannies at the park, and maybe then you could have offered the OP some genuine support instead of rambling with narcissitic delight.

cfg said...

Umass & Does this moniker:
The only reason you are getting bashed is because you are both popular and prolific posters... don't let anything these negative neanderthals say get to you.
I am not bothered in the least that you've had to veer of course to defend yourselves against others that have derailed this thread.

UmassSlytherin said...

truman, eat my shorts.

sorry jane and mpp. it had to be said.

and thanks, cfg. bradrenfro bless you. :)

mom said...

I haven'e been able to read all of this...and I'm off again for the maybe later. But be nice to Umass and Butt Looks Big. I love reading what they write. They're both funny and seem by their writing to be veryintelligent.

You don't have to agree with what everybody says...but that doesn't mean you shouldn't still play nicely with others.

gimmeabreak said...

Gee, this has sure gone way off topic, isn't it about time for JD or MPP to come in here and shut some people up?

i love steve bartelstein said...

I too enjoy Umass and Butt looks big, but I don't think proper consideration was given to this poster.

When someone takes the time to submit a sighting, we need to evaluate it thoughtfully. When someone submits a rant, which this was was- we need to lend them some compassion. If someone asks a perspective and opinion question that is idiotic-let them have it.
But I think you could have been cooler to this poster.

I am so sorry you had to deal with the possie of bad nannies. I see them too. They are always looking for a fight. See above where said nannies accused innocent nanny of wearing a t-shirt in an effort to steal a brother or taking a photo. I think those nannies knew damn well the nanny didn't take a picture nor was the other nanny trying to steal a brother.

Actually, they were behaving with the crowd mentality just like Umass and Bigg Butt and even Emily, (so disappointed in my sweet Emily). Let me say mean things and use the power of my friends to make someone else feel small and intimidated.

Not cool.

So, not cool.

UmassSlytherin said...

steve bart,

thank you for saying you enjoy my posts.

but if I may comment on your post: the power of my friends??? you're crazy. I don't even have any friends. And I don't behave with a "crowd mentality." I merely speak my mind. I stated numerous times that I feel for OP and what she went through. I evaluated the post thoughtfully and with consideration. if the thread didn't go in the direction you wanted it to, it is really no reason to get all hot and bothered about it. threads go here and threads go there. it's the nature of the beast. We cannot do better than our best.

"cool" is a relative term. and as for emily, any fan of brad's is ok in my book.

bebe said...

Can we all please remember that this blog does not tolerate censorship. You have to get pretty ugly for them to delete you. And so far, that hasn't happened.
I think the meanest thing said so far was calling Umass a chubette. How rude! As for the others that have to make themselves feel better by continuously ragging Umass and Butt looks big, all I gotta say is stop hatin'!

UmassSlytherin said...

I agree, bebe. The name-calling is really stupid. And calling someone fat who you cannot even see? That is so seventh grade. I'm not saying I'm not juvenile at times, but I don't call names. Unless I'm really pissed like when I said "eat my shorts" earlier. That was sort of immature. :)

bebe said...

But see, that's part of your charm, Umass! That's what we like about and expect from you!

UmassSlytherin said...

thank you bebe: you are JonasBrotherscool, girlfriend.

does this moniker make my butt look big said...

Truman Slope Park, You have not earned the privaledge of calling me Big Ass..many bloggers on here have but you are not one of them.
And it is narcissistic..if you are going to throw insults around and name calling..get it right dude!

BTW, I deal with little children who have your same mentality. Lets name call and pick on people. I welcome true constructive afew posters above posted. Do I like what SB had to say? No.But he presented himself in a way that I respect.Your post ..was just a rant toward those who don't think like you and that is all it is!

It's really too bad you don't like what I have to say, because brother,I have a lot to say.

Remember..not all of us are content to think inside the box as you obviously are.And not all of have to resort to name calling to make our point!

Your post makes it clear that you would turn on the op (as well as anyone else)just as quickly as you have us if she were to make a statement that you did not agree with. But Umass and emily and myself..we would not turn on her or even call names..simply, disagree!What a concept!
Cheers friend and happy posting.

To the others who disagree, I hear ya..I get ya..I just don't agree. It's simply a different view of things.

cfg said...

Does this moniker,
Good for you, girl! You are very classy!

bebe said...

I just have to say, this is definately the most polite blog war we've ever had! LOL!
Most everybody is getting their point across w/o being too nasty.
I'm so proud of you guys! :)

UmassSlytherin said...

agreed, cfg. that she is! :)

yes, bebe, it is a rather polite argument, isn't it? :)

ro said...

Rabbid is the right word. These nannies will pounce on anyone for anything. Taking too long at the water fountain, walking too closely next to their charge's sand toy, mistakenly making eye contact with the menacing nanny, smiling, ("What's so f--cking funny, bitch?)

Oh OP, I feel for you. And I feel for all of the sahms that are by and large bullied by these malicious nannies every day in park slope.

Oh vey!
Stop hiring this ignorant, arrogant thugs and calling them nannies!

this was MY child and MY babysitter said...

All: I am the mother of the child that was sitting in the black stroller. I know about this incident and came looking on this site to see what had been written about it. My babysitter called me at about 11 am last Friday to tell me her version of this story. Obviously, the two versions are very different.

What I will say is this - my daughter, who is 3, straps herself into her stroller ALL THE TIME. She has also been prone to, like many 3 year olds, fits of complete irrationality and contradiction - e.g., I want to stay in the stroller. I want to get out. No, don't take me out. I want to stay in. I battle with her constantly in situations like this. For the record, my daughter was extremely tired that day and fell asleep in the aforementioned stroller - well before her naptime - after they left the playground. So I don't doubt for a second that she wanted to be there or at least led her sitter to believe she wanted to stay in the stroller. It is not at all uncommon.

I can't speak to the veracity of the picture taking - only the OP knows for sure what went on there.

I hired my sitter to watch my daughter part time. I am a stay at home mom and small business owner. I knew the sitter for a long time before I hired her, she worked full time for a family down the hall for the past 7 years.(for whom she still works, only part time now the kids are older) I had many occasions to observe her with those children and NEVER had any reason to worry about her caretaking abilities. The same is true for the other nanny she was with.

Of course hiring anyone to watch your kids is a leap of faith, and you have to trust your gut. In this case I trust my sitter and am not phased by the OP's version of the story. My daughter is always happy with her sitter and also loves the other nanny. But she is strong willed and often difficult to manage, which is a challenge to anyone who takes care of her.

And to those of you who refer to "ghetto nannies" maybe you'd be better off worrying about your own racism than what other people are doing.

UmassSlytherin said...

mom of alleged "ghetto" nanny:

sorry if the term "ghetto" offends you. but I am far from racist. "ghetto" in my book, does not refer to a color, it refers to a behavior. so before you go calling someone racist, you should stop and think, and try to be fair. yelling at another nanny in the park is quite "ghetto."

Marissa M. said...

I knew they knew about this blog! How funny. I'm sorry parent but you might want to reconsider what kind of nannies you employ. they sound pretty horrid to me in how she attacks other people.get a nanny cam .

Marissa M. said...

No wait. I think this is the nanny covering her tracks.

UmassSlytherin said...


I suspect that may be true! Fools will underestimate the power and popularity of this blog! In my opinion, this blog is the hottest thing going on the net. I predict that it will gain only more fame as time goes on, and I for one am honored to be witness to it as I'm sure you are as well!

Go isyn!!!

Yaya said...

I believe this story, and I think it is crazy that there are ppl like this, especially being in a career where they are the prime role models for little kids.
That is a scary situation you were put in.

me anon long time said...

Marissa and Umass, the two ISYN village idiots calling someone out for posting something they think is untrue.

Umass, go back to drooling over Draco and Michael Nobody and Marissa perhaps the silicone is leaking into your brain!

What the hell gives you two morons the right to gang up on someone who said nothing cruel to either of you?

And before anyone says it no I am not from the ghetto, no I am not one of the nannies and no I am not the person claiming to be the three year old's mother. I have been around a long time now and I am tired of idiots constantly attacking people because they think they KNOW who is posting.

I for one, believe that person who posted was in fact the mother, her description of her child's behavior fits with many 3 year olds I know of. And I thought this sighting was a bit suspect, although it sounded to me like maybe some one had a personal gripe against the nanny and decided to take revenge.

Marissa M. said...

1. For the record, I'll have silicone by thursday 9:30am. So nothing is leaking yet.

2. I'm not attacking anyone(posters or anyone). After all I'm not the one using the terms moron and idiot.

3. I think the post is very true.

4. I suspect the nanny knew about this blog. Which explains her poor behavior and is now claiming to be the mom posting.

4. Can you confirm either? Don't think so. You can just speculate.So go suck it.

And just because you don't have implants doesn't mean you have to be as ugly on the inside as on the outside by calling names.

Marissa M. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
UmassSlytherin said...

you are the one being mean! when I said I suspect that may be true, I was referring to the fact that the nannies knew about this blog. you obviously didn't read my post thoroughly. and the rest of your comments towards me were uncalled for. you are exactly what you are accusing me and marissa of being: mean and nasty! we have not "ganged up" on anyone. I don't claim to know who is posting what and I never did.

you sound extremely ignorant with your unprovoked attacks. do you see how ridiculous you sound? calling us names and putting us down for being who we are? your words mean nothing to me because they are spoken with ignorance and hostility.

michael nobody indeed. you would be lucky to rub elbows with someone so beautiful. and as far as draco malfoy is concerned, he wouldn't give you the time of day if you were the last hussie in Hogwarts.


jenesequa said...

Are these idiot posters marissa and umass nannies? If so, they should stop posting. You make nannies look bad. No wait you make people who type look bad.


seb said...

I have to agree on this one gals. You took the post in the wrong direction. That isn't about an opinion, so much as it seems to be naysaying and overinterjecting your discombabulated though process.

My dear OP,
Had I been there at the park at this time and date, I would have surely whipped out a super soaker and went off on these thug nannies.

Call them what you will,
I see them every day-
too many of you are
to care for your supposedly precious children.

Please don't think for a moment this isn't going to contribute to the kind of people your little darlings turn out to be.

I'm guessing Park Slope in 15-20 years will be full of rageaholic, lazy,underachievers with huge chips on their shoulders.

UmassSlytherin said...

no I'm not a nanny. and it's too bad if you want me to stop posting. if I have something to say, I'm going to say it. i hope you are not a nanny, because calling people idiots is not a very good example to set for kids. what would be a good example is having a frank, adult discussion like I was attempting to partake in. and I will not hesitate to defend myself if I feel the need to.

the people who took this post in the wrong direction were people like you who choose to clog the thread with your accusations towards other posters. there is no need to do that. if our opinion takes the post in a direction you are not happy with, you are free to leave if it makes you so unhappy.

Op of this post said...

To the Mom:
I'm sure you are a trusting, hardworking, and nice person. Your daughter is lovely and I know you want her to be in the best care possible. With this said... no one wants to believe it when they hear something negative about their child's caregiver.
You need to know, as truth, your nanny and her friend were screaming and scaring children. Her friend was yelling the F word in front of a group of children standing right by her. This all happened in front of your daughter as well.
Now, Im an adult and I can take it. Children...not so much. This is my reason for posting this. Events like this should never happen. Especially at a playground. All the best to you and your family.

the mrs. said...

Op sounds extremely reasonable, and has taken so much dissension about this post, all the while remaining calm and collected. She doesn't seem like some kind of a nut.
Mom, I would take heed. Perhaps you should at least keep a closer eye on your nanny?
I know a lot of employees that put on their best in front of the Boss, only to turn around and let their hair down, including their integrity and principles. We're only Human. And it sounds to me like your nanny lost it.
Not a good thing to do in front of young children.

Me anon long time said...

Umm newsflash Umass..Draco Malfoy is NOT REAL, nor is Hogwart's I know that's difficult to wrap your little fangirl mind around so excuse me if I don't cry my eyes out tonight over your statement that some fictional character wouldn't give me the time of day. Just when I thought you can't say anything more assinine, you never cease to go above and beyond!

And Marissa dear, some of us are lucky enough to have a nice cup size without having to get them enhanced. Some of us are even secure enough in our looks to not have to sugically alter them so we feel better about ourselves but nice try with the insults sweetheart. Swing and a a miss.

my cup runneth over said...

I, too have posted on here. I use on moniker, but today I will not. I don't dislike anyone on here, but I am concerned with the juvenille junk being posted. I think it is somewhat insulting to the blog. All are welcome here, of that I have no doubt. But come on, you can ruin a forum by podunking it with such trivel. Notice how all of the mothers have shushed up?
They don't know what to make of you. And the audience of this blog was 65 percent moms last I read (interview 4/08_)

TIAMIA said...

"as far as draco malfoy is concerned, he wouldn't give you the time of day if you were the last hussie in Hogwarts. " -UMS

HAHAHHAHAHAHHA! Most ridiculous statement on here to date. Thanks for the laugh.

But seriously, getting back to the posting and all jokes and nonsense aside, I have yet to encounter a gang of thug nannies. I'm sure they are out there. If the mother of the chold posted that she trusts her nanny maybe we should leave it at that. Something still doesn't ring true about this sighting to me.

XYZee said...

My Cup Runneth Over


I too have noticed the disappearance of many of our intelligent regulars since every discussion has a reference to Harry Potter, Michael Pit and comments where people speak crudely as Marissa does. No one is saying they can't make these comments, but it seems to really be turning off a lot of people, including myself.

I am a mom and a fan of Harry Potter, I maintained Snape's innocence throughout the long wait for book 7, but it IS getting to be a bit much guys. Not everyone knows what the hell you are talking about ( I have no idea who Mike Pitt is either) And it's a tad annoying when a thread is peppered with references to things no one knows or cares about. And you really don't have the right to tell people to go elsewhere if they don't like your posts UMass Slytherin, as this is not your blog!

Not saying you can't post whatever you want, just stating my opinion.

bebe said...

Can I just say, some newer posters may not get Umass' sense of humor. She has a very sarcastic, dry wit (hope you don't mind Umass) and you kind of have to get to know what kind of person that she is, but I've been around here a very long time, and at first I thought Umass was a little off-putting, but now -- she's one of my favorite posters.
Let's try not to judge, please. She's also a really kind-hearted person, but one with a definitive opinion, and she's not afraid to speak her mind.
I actually prefer posters like her. Why? Because if I see a post that really makes me mad, and I may not be able to put into words how I feel, you can bet Umass will say it for me, and probably a few others as well.

bebe said...

and I mean a post about a kid getting abused or something, not another commenter.

Marissa M. said...

Crude? I'll be as crude as I like when people make racist comments.
Secure? Very. I'm not less a woman for fixing natures flaws. Nor is a woman with a crooked nose less a woman for enhancing her nose because its ugly.

I don't care what people like you think. Suck it.

UmassSlytherin said...

thank you bebe, that was very sweet. I like you as well.

I do not reference HP in every one of my posts. Lately, I have only referred to it in response to others. You are mistaken. Michael Pitt references have been few and far between as well. I try. I love him, what can I say. I am me. Hear me roar. The bulk of my posts are valid. The blog administrators agree.

I have a right to say whatever I choose as long as it is respectful. You have taken one of my posts out of context: I told someone that if they do not like the direction the threads are going in, they are free to leave. I did not order them out by any means. I do have the right to suggest that people leave if they are unhappy. But I realize this is not my blog and I respect that.

And I'm really glad you like Harry Potter and Snape, but it is doubtful that they would like you because you sound really bitchy. Sorry, it had to be said.

bebe said...

You're o.k. in my book, too. I'm so sick of seeing you get so much crap, and it's always the same friggin' thing. They can't come up with anything to bash you on except your boobs.

UmassSlytherin said...

I think people who hate are unhappy with their lives. But all we can do is send them good karma and hope that their kids don't turn out as bitchy as they are.

Me Anon Long Time said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
bebe said...

That was cold and mean.

Me Anon Long Time said...

"Suck it"

Marissa's answer to everything

BusyTroll said...

I used to think Calimom, Sprak and Ro were bad but at least they were intelligent and witty. Now we have people who swear and who damn you in the minds and hearts of fictional characters! Good Grief has this place taken a tumble!

bebe said...

Go. away.

There is nothing wrong with this blog. Why even be here if you hate it so much? God forbid you should lower your standards and hang with us common people.

UmassSlytherin said...

I didn't damn anyone, busy troll person. I just said they wouldn't much like her is all.

if you couldn't read that then you're the one who is not intelligent. And it seems like you don't like alot of people.

so you don't think I'm witty....oh my freaking god, excuse me while I go slit my wrists because some nameless faceless poster on isyn doesn't think I'm witty.

bebe said...

I think you're witty! :)

God, what is it with these people? They've always gotta start crap, then spin it around on the one's they've decided to pick on, and say it's their fault.
So boring already.

BusyTroll said...

UMS go read some Draco/Harry Slash I'm sure you DL it by the ream!

UmassSlytherin said...

Sorry but I don't read or write slash. It's not my taste. I prefer good old Dramiones, thank you. Although I have been known to dabble in Ginny/Draco pairings as well.

XYZee said...

Seriously UMS-I just took a peek at your blog..and how you go on about the Jonas Brothers and Radio Disney...especially that rave you go on professing your love for Michael Pitt and how you want to be there for him...I am asking, in all seriousness how old are you, like 12?

m said...

I wondered briefly why this particular post had so many comments when the post about children left in the car had very little-now I see why (though I didn't read all the comments)

mimi said...

Shame on this site. It just spreads BS. myob unless a kid is in real trouble. Get lives, people!

anonymous1 said...

but this kind of crude behavior troubles me mimi and I don't think its out of line to mention this in the hope it might call attention to it and get it stoppeed. - disgusting

UmassSlytherin said...


I am QUITE sure that jane and mpp would agree with me when I say:

If you want to discuss my blog, I suggest you leave a comment there: NOT HERE.

This is not the place to discuss it.

Marissa M. said...

Thanks bebe :)

I think it's time for me to move on from this blog even though I'll miss some of the great regulars like mom umass etc

Its just not a healthy way to spend my time- I mean, how many times do you want to listen to people who judge you by your appearance, nationality or race. So sure, I know you shouldn't listen to people who do that but it gets so old. Really, how many times do I have to explain things.
I'm tired of the "watermelon ti*s" comments. The "your silicone must be leaking into your brain" the "your dumb and not a real woman for having implants". The funny part is I don't even have them yet! And what's really funny my brand can't leak either.

And as for the suck it comment.. It just kills me that xyzee or who ever it was didn't catch on to the fact that I was just trying to laugh it off and be funny by saying that.

But then again, who cares.

Crude? Yes I've said bad things but very little in response to prejudiced comments that was so awful mary pp had to delete them. I grew up in a country where I never spoke up for the people who where discriminated against. I've decided to stop not saying anything because it makes me just as guilty. so if those comments made me come across as crude then so be it.

With this I say goodbye to isyn.

I have a big day tomorrow and many important things happening in my life that deserve more energy and time dedication than some anonymous posters who can only judge.

You know where to find me.

Keep up the good job jane and mpp! I'll miss you guys.

Marissa M. said...

And for the record if umass has a passion for certain things- let her blog in peace. After all that's what a blog is for. Expressing your thoughts or interests. If you don't know about pitts brother or the potter movies, it doesn't make it irrelevant. Its interesting to others who share a passion.

UmassSlytherin said...

I will see you on your blog!

UmassSlytherin said...

lmao oh, and brad and michael are no relation. :) lmao

Marissa M. said...

Lmao really? Oh boy maybe I'll get a movie brain too tomorrow!

Marypoppin'pills said...

I'm sure I won't be alone in saying I wish you would stay. I enjoy reading your comments and opinions. Please don't let the words of a few people who don't even know you, upset you. You have a good heart, and that's what matters.

Metronanny said...

Farewell Marissa and good luck tomorrow.

unome said...

I too will join in with My Cup Runneth Over and say the vibe and quality of the discussion has gone down a bit over the past few months. I just can't relate to it anymore so I have stopped posting both under this name and my regular moniker. I just lurk now.

justshutupalready said...


you can't relate to the discussion or you were not getting the attention you wanted?

get a life.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
does this moniker make my butt look big said...

That anonymous(242pm) is me..I will try again to repost!

UmassSlytherin said...

thanks blb,
I don't really understand why people are being so mean. I think it's strange that they are picking on me and saying that I am off topic so much when I don't really find that's the case. I may make a joke here and there, but for the most part I really am passionate about the topic of children and childcare. I love this blog and I would never disrespect it.

does this moniker make my butt look big said...

Umass has always posted in the same fashion. That has not changed.The same can be said of marissa and many other regulars too.On the other hand, and this I am sure of, some have really cleaned up their act in order to comply with the new moniker rule.

I think the reason anyone would be focussed on them( Umass. Marissa and anyone else who thinks outside of the box, brings humor to the board or states what they feel without candy coating it) now is because with the new rules there are no longer the extreme catfights that used to clog the boards.With that out of the way, it is natural to focus on what is left.( what has actually always been there.)
Remember, the monikers have changed but the players are still the same.

just a thought.

does this moniker make my butt look big said...

Umass, for the record, I was shocked to see you get beat up like you did. I have have always found you to be one of the more sincere or genuine (regular)posters on this blog.

There are so many who just flat out call names and argue for arguements would think they would get picked on?

But I really do think it has to do with the lack of anons to pick on now..JMHO

mom said...

Don't GO!

UmassSlytherin said...

I don't think she should go either, mom, but I understand why she would want to. people have been very mean here lately and have sort of antagonized some of us into feeling like we have to defend ourselves, which is unfortunate because we are all really here to discuss kids with other parents and childcare providers. I myself have gotten sucked in to trying to defend myself even though I know it is useless to do and better to just not let it bother me. I can't post though without being myself and I think that is the great thing about being united in loving children: raising children, if you are a mom or a nanny helping to raise children, is a unique job in that it can only be done by a thinking, feeling, emotional human if it is to be done right. And so we all have different personalities and emotions we bring to the table and that is what makes us unique as parents and childcare providers.

sorry to ramble! :)

Marypoppin'pills said...

Hopefully I've talked Melissa into staying. She said she would be back.
Nothing upsets me more when a poster who contributes regularly feels so harassed that they want to leave the Blog.

mom said...

I fely ahrassed at one time and left for a bit. MPP and I even had one poster spend a long night writing horrible things to us, from each other, using our monikers. (Thankfully Jane caught on and erased most of it before either of us saw the worst of it.) Then I slowly started reading again, but not posting. Then I posted anon for a while (or as the "caped crusader", as MPP dubbed me after recognizing me stealthily defending all of my favorite "peeps" when trolls attacked them...hehehe.) Then I thought it over , grew a tougher skin, and here I am. Now, very little that others say bothers me.
I liked what somebody said on a thread that I just read (maybe it was you?) Something to the effect of all we can do for mean, angry people is love them...and pray their kids don't turn out as bitchy as they are! (I snickered for a good long time over that one.

UmassSlytherin said...

thanks mom, and yes, that was me who made the "bitchy" comment. :)

Marypoppin'pills said...

That's so funny Mom, no one knew who you were (but me), and you just 'outed' yourself for the 1st time as the Caped Crusader - which to date has been the best kept secret on this board ....... until now. ;)

mom said...

Oops, I'm out! But that's OK. Caped Crusader or Mom, I'm not hiding from anybody any more! (Plus I was doing little to disguise my writing...which I think is pretty obvious... even as The CC!)

I was thinking on my way to class tonight...and it occurred to me...were you under a different moniker at the time the troll had a flame war all by herself using her monikers?

Sprak said...

A rose is a rose is a rose... by any other name, Mom and MPP!
Marissa, don't go and for any others who feel they can't participate in the discussion because of not being able to relate to some of the comments left by others, please reconsider because it was the intelligent, regular, loyal posters who made this blog. It is still true that all of you have the power to raise the level of this blog with your thoughtful input and heartfelt comments. I don't miss the anonymous posters who came solely to disrupt and attack and I certainly had my share of spats with them. It's much better to have a name by which to follow the comments and communicate effectively about the topic at hand. It was a lot easier, I think, to make some very crude, rude and vicious comments behind the anonymous handle that was being used by so many. This blog has evolved, it's true, but I believe there are lots of good, well-meaning people here with much to share.


Marypoppin'pills said...

Ah Sprak, the beautiful thorn in our side .... we certainly love you, too!
What would this Blog be
without "The Sprak"? :)

Marypoppin'pills said...

Just curious, why do you ask?

this was MY child and MY babysitter said...

One final thought: I never visited this site before I read this posting. The only reason I looked it up is because when my sitter mentioned the incident and with the alleged photo taking, etc. it seemed like the OP was "out to get" something for the site.Having seen the discussion completely devolve into immature postings, name calling and nonsense, I'm sure I won't be visiting ever again. Maybe you should be bickering on urbanbaby instead. This whole thing was so completely ridiculous, I can't imagine how anyone could take anything posted on this site seriously. And no, in case you're still speculating I am NOT the the nanny. Still the mom, and still disgusted.

UmassSlytherin said...

MY child and MY babysitter,

sorry you are so disgusted with this site, but many posters were kind to you and tried to see your point of view. The point of this site is to help children. The intentions are good. The reason there is sometimes bickering and so forth is because that occurs with real people in real life and this site is a reflection of real life. If you are disgusted by real life (other people's opinions and their ways of expressing themselves and reality in general regarding nannies and children) then by all means perhaps you should leave.

This is a great blog. I'm sorry it upset you, but if you are disgusted by it then you obviously don't understand the good it has done and will continue to do.

And good luck with your nanny situation. We hope your child will be ok and not frightened by the "bickering" of the nannies in the park that she frequents.

Manhattan Nanny said...

Mom of child in stroller,

You didn't address the issue of your nanny "screaming profanities", which was confirmed by another poster who was present. I understand that it is difficult to hear negative things about the woman you entrust your child to, but is that behavior acceptable to you? If not, please get a SAHM you trust to watch and report on playground behavior.

Marypoppin'pills said...

My Child and my Babysitter,
What a shame that you would let the bickering few deter you from realizing what a great site this is, and all of the abused and neglected children that it does help.

We cannot control who comes onto this Blog, and what they say.
Jane is a firm believer that everyone have the right to say what they want, whether she agrees with it or not.
She does not believe in Censorship unless the comment is extremely hostile, threatening or racist, and I support her 100%.

My apologies if some of the comments were juvenile, but you did receive a fair amount of support here in your favor.

Op of this post said...

To the mom:
You really have to understand that Im not out to get nannies. And if it weren't for the scary outburst... I wouldn't have mentioned this on this blog at all. Again. Im sure you are a nice person who is trusting and loves her daughter. If you aren't going to do something about your nannies behavior.. please keep a closer eye.
I too was disappointed by the way things went here as its a serious matter. Please don't let that deter you from carefully considering the situation.
Good luck to you and your daughter.

Marissa M. said...

im alive barely but alive.

Marypoppin'pills said...

Awww, Marissa sweetheart!
I hope your doing o.k.?
You're in our Prayers!

UmassSlytherin said...

sending you good energy and love, little Marissa!! :)

mom said...

It's because I have sort of a photographic memory, and as I was driving to class i "saw" part of that exchange I had mentioned and realized it was another name, not MPP. Then I started to wonder if it was actually you...or if I have been assuming, incorrectly, all along that other poster is the one who changed into you. I'm pretty sure it is you...but there is a "slight discrepancy" in the number of children that poster had and the number you have....which has always puzzled me somewhat...especially since we had a similar conversation to this once (in a land long ago and far away, right?)..where I am pretty sure you confirmed to me that you were her.
I know you want to remain anonymous, so don't want any clues that might ruin that. Just as confirmation...did you once, when I first came here, invite me to visit another mom site? I can't imagine anybody at all remembering that, or who said it.

mom said...

yes Marissa,
Sorry to skip over that. Happy healing! Now there's more of you to love, right?

Marissa M. said...

Thanks for all the prayers! Now I'm just hoping ot will feel like the person with the huge butt will get off my chest. I was so excited post surgery I had to blog and take pics!
Then pass out. Take care all!

mom said...

Hopefully this will make you laugh.

But when I read the part about you hoping th person with the big butt would get off your chest, my instant thought was that your recent flame war experience (which I was too busy to read closely) had included a nasty exchange with our new friend, "does this moniker make my butt look big!" I was sad and puzzled for a moment because I like both of you quite a bit,and from what I can tell it is quite unlike "Butt Looks Big" to be nasty to anybody.
Then I realized you actually mean that it literally feels like a huge person is sitiing on your chest. heheheehe! Mom is definitely off he game today!

I Hope you get to feeling better soon!

does this moniker make my butt look big said...

Marissa & Mom, I too thought I better check and make sure there were not two pair of eyes looking up at me when I stand up.

I truly do not remember an angry exchange with Marissa, but, I so often disagree with people , it might have happened.If so, Marissa, I am sorry for flaming with you.

That Said: Marissa, I have been thinking of you. I am sorry your in so much pain. I hope you are able to rest and heal.
I saw a shirt a few weeks ago that said, "say hello to my not so little friends"(ya know with the whole Al Pachino/Scarface thing going on) and it referenced the chest area. It was cute but I could never pull it off!

Take care and feel better soon. I promise not to hang around on your chest anymore! tee-hee

Marissa M. said...

oh im so getting that shirt. i dont recall any exchange of bad words, after all I'm the one who referred to sir mix a lot : oh my god becky, look at her butt. i do lunges to that song hehe.

i said big butt before because i thought fat might be offensive or "politically incorrect"
seriously the (not you) big butt can get off now. vicodine is making me soooooo happy. excuse my spelling too hard to correct myself. im being naughty. not suppose to be up or typing

Marissa M. said...

ps im going to stop talking about this here, i dont think its an appropriate space to discuss this. not fair to mpp or jane

to the managers of this site said...

This is the most ridiculous string of comments I've seen in a long time. The majority of these comments have nothing to do with the post or have devolved into snarky stabs at other commenters. If you want to let everyone "chat" then include a community message board space on your site. I came over to check out your "service" but I can't take it seriously after the presentation I've seen. Very unprofessional.

UmassSlytherin said...

to the managers:

do you, by any chance, like Jesse McCartney?

Just asking. I personally find him to be hotter than the Jonas Brothers in July.

Marissa M. said...

Big butt, I left something special for you on my blog and for Jane and every one else to enjoy.

Tell me none of you are going to laugh....
sorry it's the best i could do for the link, the vicodine is making me a little loopy so any fancy linking is out of the question for now!

It made my day!

marypoppin'pills ♥ said...

To avoid any further complaints, those that wish to carry on this conversation, please click my moniker, it'll take you to another thread.

js said...

Umass, please give it a rest.

You amuse 5 % of the people.

mom said...

Hey, some of us 5% consider ourselves pretty important....hehehe!

C'mon her celebrity comments are brief and meant to be spontaneous, off the wall, and funny. (My favorite kind of humor.)

I was in art school for a while and it amazed me how the people there were just like me...for the first time in my life I had found a whole segment of the population that finally understood how hilarious I thought it was to do some really weird off the wall thing...something that would just leave people scratching their heads...funny, but weird, unexpected kinds of things...and then wait and watch the reactions. What fun we had together!

I sense Umass has the same sense of humor. And you're right, a lot of people just think it's nothing short of crazy...and so those you forgive...but if you get's fun!

UmassSlytherin said...

thank you, mom. I appreciate that.

and to js:

you don't think I'm funny? oh geez. what am I gonna do????? that's like, horrible and stuff.


Nina Says said...

hey wasn't mike pitt in that errr...french movie about stuff?

UmassSlytherin said...


Yet Another Regular Bailing said...

Umass, Marissa and those who encourage their nonsense are dragging this site down to the ground. NO ONE is going to take this place seriously much longer.
I'm not saying they are bad people, but several people are complaining now and still they persist with the juvenile crap.

Wake up and smell the declining content of worthwhile discussion!!!

bebe said...

What several people? I've counted maybe 3, lol.
Besides, what's so wrong with a little camaraderie?
As long as everyone is getting along, who cares?
Don't be such a stick in the mud. Jeesh!

nylee said...

I am so sick of people judging this site. Just because they might not like a certain post, or just because a few people want to go off topic and discuss something else. How is that "declining" this site? This site still does a lot of good things!! Nothings changed! It still does the job that it was put up for, and that's to protect children.

UmassSlytherin said...

yet another regular bailing,

uh..I was just answering someone's question. And if you want to leave a site because you don't like it, why must you announce it? it's not like you're resigning as president of the jonas brothers fan club. not to be rude, but do you want a freaking party?

You can disagree but I feel I contribute alot of good comments to this site. Maybe you have not read the posts in which I discuss childcare and children and nannies?
And it doesn't matter to me who doesn't like my style of commenting or interacting, unless it is the site administrators who have not, to my knowledge deleted any of my posts. If they had a problem with me, I would most certainly do whatever I could to fix it. But you're basically just saying that I suck and I ruin this site and the reason why you're leaving is don't think I'm funny? I'm juvenile? Those reasons are dumb. No offense. If you like the site, stay, and ignore me. Why be rude and stuff?

bebe said...

Dear yet another regular bailing -
You must not have been much of a regular cuz we don't recognize your moniker, lmao.
Sorry to see you go!

mom said...

Sometimes I think we all ought to have a book club discussion about the book, "All I need to know about life I learned in kindergarten." (But please do not sign up for, and come to, the discussion group if you are secretly an axe murder, OK? Thanks in advance for that.)

OK, here's a life lesson for us all that may be helpful...even when basically anonymous on a website.
If you are nice to people then they will likely be nice to you in response. If you are not nice, people will not want to play with you. If somebody is not nice to you once or twice, hold your fangs in for just a little while in case they are having a really bad day or going through something really bad in their lives and just might need a little forgiveness.

If somebody is happy and having fun being whimsical, or even, dare we say, weird...let them. Who's it hurting? Personally, I like the variety.

It's a pretty nice group of moms and nannies here IMO, and I really like the new nicer, friendlier feel to the blog. Let's not drag it down by attacking somebody just for wanting to be silly and have a little harmless fun from time to time.

If you don't like a certain posters, just skip over those.

Marissa M. said...

Agreed mom. Its called personality. Let's be reasonable. I too am happy to see so many get along- infact I just skip over the negative posts- not in opinion but in nasty attacking terms- that's my new policy, plus I'm sure other people to it to mine. That doesn't offend me. That's life. People enjoy ones company and some not so much.
Let's all try and stand together.
Anyone want a banana at 3am? I have plenty to go around.

Another Regular Bailing said...

Why did Marissa make a similar announcement about leaving the other day? Was she hunting for people to beg her back? Sympathy seeking? Should we have thrown her a party for going as well, UmassS?

I use that as an example, not because I dislike Marissa, but because this place was accused of being a clique when I started posting. Now it has become a clique without a doubt! People voice an opinion about the direction the blog is taking in a calm and rational post, and they get snarky comments back. Not good!

And Bebe, if you count up the number of Regular posters there's about 6, so 3 other people complaining is a third of the total regulars, A pretty high percentage.

All I'm saying is where have, to name a few, Manhattan Mamma, Cali Mon, Paul The Intern & FNG gone?

We had some cool new regulars like
Rose By Any Other Name, Officer Andy and A Nanny's Voice
post a few comments, then disappear.

We even used to have some awesome anonymous regulars who contributed nicely, but I suspect they have taken off as well.

So as "sorry" as you will be to see me go Bebe (Thanks for the sarcasm, it just proves my point) I will not be sorry to say goodbye to people like you. And no, I don't want a "party" UmassS, I was just voicing my opinion for the blog administrators.

Marissa M. said...

What a nice day out. I love the new positve vibe on this blog!
mpp, i couldn't get he link to work for moving the discussion. Do you mind explaining it to my cloudy brain.. pls thanks so much!

UmassSlytherin said...

Yet another regular,

Marrissa wanted to leave (and I'm glad she did not) because people were being mean. Yes, I think a party for her would be in order.
A party for you, on the other hand? A mean, grumpy person who picks on people for no good reason? I don't think so. You're just a name-dropping trouble-maker in my opinion. If you don't have something nice to say about people, don't say anything at all. You don't like me? Oh well: as mom said, just ignore me. If you want to share in this blog, you should lose your bad attitude. Just my opinion.

lorenza said...

Marissa I think you're very brave! I hope everything goes ok for you.

bebe said...

Yet another regular bailing -

"All I'm saying is where have, to name a few, Manhattan Mamma, Cali Mon, Paul The Intern & FNG gone?"

Cali mom posted just yesteday, MM posted the past wk., and FNG has actually posted quite a few times the past wk. or so. Paul the Intern? Maybe it's been a few wks., I don't know, but he's tough, and wouldn't leave the blog because "somebody was picking on him", trust me! I mean, some people have lives other than this blog.
Like Mom, she's been out quite a bit lately. Had she not posted the past wk., I'm sure she would've been on your list, too - but she's been busy looking @ Colleges for her son.
As for Melissa? Some jerk decides they want to bash her because they don't agree with, or like what she has to say? So they have to cut below the belt? You're damn right we begged her to come back! What happened to her wasn't fair, and I'm GLAD she wrote in to say she'd had enough of the BS, because it gave us a chance to let her know how much we care. Did you even notice all the well wishes this girl has received the past 2 days? Are we such bad people?
For whatever reason your upset, I don't really know, but if people want to banter back and forth, and are at least getting along, who cares? I think if it bothered the blog administrators, they would've said something long before now. I mean, I don't really see what's so wrong with a little silliness, at least it takes the edge off of all the sadness.
I don't know if you have good intentions or not, because we don't know who you are, but if you really do, then I sincerely apologize. But you got to understand, we're going to be a little sensitive whenever someone comes along and knocks this blog. There's no reason for that, it does way too much good!

Marypoppin'pills said...


"mpp, i couldn't get he link to work for moving the discussion. Do you mind explaining it to my cloudy brain.. pls thanks so much!"

It's the post right above this one:
"Another Child Forgotten in a Vehicle...."

I hope your feeling a little better today? :)
Get plenty of rest!

bebe said...

I'm so sorry marissa! I don't know why I had melissa on my brain when I wrote my 10:37 post!! I knew better!! Are you doing better today? I hope your not in so much pain. Take care of yourself!!

xyz said...

where did emily go? wasn't she the one who started all the trouble on this post?

shutitxyz said...

You are the one causing trouble, dear. Why don't you shut it? If you want to go "off topic" take it to the welcome thread.

Marissa M. said...

All I have to say is:

U guys are awesome

I'm a wuss for pain

And pass the vicodin

Speach slurring again... Naptime.

Thanks for well wishes.

Can't imagine what birth must feel like.

And to some above poster. We are a click. A click with dif opinions but who all care about each other.

Melissa marissa all sounds the same bout now. No offense taken.

Ok time for a new thread help the poor girl who was harassed by her boss above. Put your helpful bright minds together. She needs it.

Marypoppin'pills said...

I know you've been around for awhile, too. I really hope you decide to start posting again, also. I've always liked hearing what you had to say!

Marypoppin'pills said...

You know you are a doll, right?

paul the intern said...

Did someone ask about me?

I'm flattered.

I was a bit miffed when Jane took on what looks like another intern, despite the fact I requested to intern with her for about 6 months.

Yes, I was disappointed.

I'm getting over it.

I don't identify with new boobs or some of the others, my allegiance would lend towards any of the Moms who post. Hot moms rock.

Marypoppin'pills said...

Paul the Intern,
My apologies for your disappointment. Quite frankly, I have no idea what Jane sees in me or why she picked me, other than the fact I've made it perfectly clear I enjoy any and all grunt work.