Another Child Forgotten in a Vehicle...

I thought you might be interested in this story, Infant Dies in Closed Vehicle Outside Day Care, to remind us all that the gify of life is so precious. This story breaks my heart and at the same time, makes me angry that someone could do something so stupid, as to leave a child in this situation. Often times we may be in a hurry in our day to day lives, but are we in that much of a hurry that we endanger a child's life and safety?
Love ya tons,

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( All of these stories are from this week. )

It is never appropriate to leave any infant or toddler unattended in a vehicle for even a few minutes. When the temperature is high, a few minutes are all it takes to raise temperatures to lethal levels in a sealed car. If your child is in Daycare, make sure to alert your daycare center that you will always call if your child is not going to be attending that day. -JD


ericsmom said...

This is bull--. Almost all these parents happen to "forget" they had their child with them in the car. Its just an excuse that seems to be the norm now to use. When they are questioned. How can a new mom forget she has her one month old daughter in the car?
When they are that little you are so nervous driving anywhere. Usually, when the traffic light is red you turn your head to see how your child is. I can't believe she forgot her baby. I think it was just easier for her to go shopping without her baby with her.

ceo said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I wanted to say all those same things. How lame of an excuse is that? I just forgot. I was a parent one minute, and then moments later I went into this parallel universe where I don't even remember having a child. What??? And the woman who was shopping, came out to retrieve her baby and went shopping more... she said she forgot, but what was with her coming out and getting her baby after being in the adults store? This is heartbreaking. It seems like a major problem that could easily be avoided.

Except said...

The only time I believe the "I forgot" is when mom usually brings the kid to daycare and dad decides to do it one day or vice versa. When it is completely out of someones routine and the baby is just snoozing quietly in the back. But in this case it was clear she didn't want to be the skank bringing an infant into an adults only store.

Marypoppin'pills said...

Except, I have to agree with you, but even then I have a hard time imagining a Parent forgetting they have a child in the car.
Like the Mom with the mini-van .... she states that when they got home, she unloaded the car after they got back from a water park ....

“The mother went home and unloaded all their gear from the van. It wasn’t until the father came home that they realized the baby was still in the van.”

Did she not see her child sitting there at any time while she was dragging out all of the toys and stuff? How could she have missed him?
Just insane.

Casey said...

I agree with all the above comments.

I want to add that it is never OK to leave a dog in a car either.

ericsmom said...

Your right Casey. Any breathing creature should not be left in the car. I called the police one time when I saw a dog in a car on a hot day. My sister did the same thing too.

Where we live they take it serious

UmassSlytherin said...

I just cannot see any excuse under the sun. It's just inexcusable.

justathought said...

Concerning the incident in St. Louis, MO where the mom/dad had the mix-up (infant snoozing in back seat): that I believe "Except" was referring to: when a child is deliberately left in the car (I'm sure NEVER with the thought that, oh, my kid is going to die, but still . . common sense), that is one thing. But this incident in St. Louis was really the one out of a million that was different. Speaking as someone who knows that these parents were so thrilled to have that baby; more paranoid about their children's safety then even paranoid parents as they had had such a hard time even having the two that they had (yes, think miscarriages, etc.); it really was the one case that is entirely different. None of us are perfect, at all, and if that mom could give her life to rewind that moment when her baby was still in the car, she would.

I'm definetly not sticking up for others who KNOW their child is in the car and still leave him/her in there alone. I am however, saying that if two people like the St. Louis couple who were really such incredible, careful, loving parents could make a mistake, then a lot of you others who are probably no where near as dedicated as those two were, could make a mistake as well. Maybe it wouldn't be in the car, but maybe it would be you turning your back for a second and your child drowning in the kiddie pool.

Basically, that old saying, "Let him who thinks he stands, take heed before he boast, lest he fall."

justathought said...
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does this moniker make my butt look big said...

Justathought, While it is nice that you are standing up for this mom and dad who may or may not be friends of yours, I don't feel you have any right or are in way entitled to throw around phrases such as
"then a lot of you others who are probably no where near as dedicated as those two were"
Are you kidding me???
You should be more careful . You don't know any of us.Some of us are freaking fabulous parents!
I bet you over half of us just this week alone have..sat in a dark room at 3am nursing our child for the third time that night,untangled tiny little fingers from ours as our child falls asleep after book number 2,spent the day chasing our children through the park, though we are tired and still have dinner to make and laundry to do..I bet some of us have held our crying child close to our chest reassurring them that the owie will get better..we have driven hours so our children can visit Mickey on vacation..grandma & grandpa or Lego Land, spent countless hours at waterparks and playparks. Changed diapers and scrub potty chairs daily for years. Last night,my daughter fell asleep with her head on my shoulder..I was terribly uncomfortable..but that sweet, warm baby breath on my neck was worth the horrible pain in my neck all day today! We have spent years hunched over a bath tub creating sore backs and scaly knees, our days start at 6am and end when the last feeding takes place around 3am..trips to the beach only to spend the next 5 days cleaning sand out of every nook and cranny in the car..
I truly don't know who you are, but I can tell you, dedication to our children is not something that you DO NOT get to judge any of us on.

My heart goes out to any parent who is ultimately responsible for the death of their child..I can only imagine what kind of guilt they have to live with and the pain the face on a daily basis.
That said, you have no business comparing any of us to parents who have left a child to die in a car, accident or not.
I am sorry but I found your comment rude, insensitive and arrogant!
Frankly, It pissed me off!
Please don't feel the need to have said enough already!

Marypoppin'pills said...

Wow, BLB .... I really had to hold back the emotion when I read your post. The way you so lovingly described your children, I've no doubt you are a great Mom.

UmassSlytherin said...

Agreed, mpp. I felt teary when I read BLB's post! There is nothing I wouldn't do for my little girl. One little lippy kiss from her is worth all of the temper tantrums in Target, up at 3 am, pooping in the tub, etc. etc. etc.

Great post!

does this moniker make my butt look big said...

Just to clarify, I meant to say"our dedication to our children is NOT something you get to judge us on" a hurry much!
It has been such a long day!

I have to say,regardless of all of the differences that we as mommies/nannies have, I would never go as far as saying that any of us were not dedicated to our children.
I know that both you MPP and Umasss are great moms too and that no doubt so are many other posters on here.

Thanks for letting me feels soo good!!

Marypoppin'pills said...

Thank you for the sentiment, BLB.

ericsmom said...

I loved your post BLB.

mom said...

Butt looks Big...make me number four to say that that was a FANTASTIC and tear inducing post.

I think we all felt your love toward your child. You must be be bestest mommy!

Sign me up for the Butt Looks Big Fan Club!

does this moniker make my butt look big said...

mom,ericsmom, Mpp& Umass, Thank you so much. I ,like all of you, love writing about my kids and charges.
It is so much fun sharing the stories and hearing other mommy's stories too.
Thanks again, you are all too sweet.

and I really do enjoy being part of a network with so many dedicated moms and nannies, even if it is anonymous.

Someday..waaay down the line..we will have a BBQ and meet! All the ISYN posters that want to come, can .That should be interesting..hhmm?!

Marypoppin'pills said...

Wouldn't that be cool if we were to ever really do that? I can only imagine the hilarity that would ensue.
Count me in. :)

does this moniker make my butt look big said...

I'm in too. Evereybody have their passports ready just in case we choose to do something exotic! Tee-hee!

cfg said...

I hope I'm invited!

cfg said...

Oh, and BTW BLB - your post was so awesome! I almost broke out a tear myself, you sound like a really good mommy! :~)

mom said...

I'll come too! (And good idea about way in the case any of us are axe murderers by night. Let's wait till we're all to old to weild an axe, and too blind to aim a gun, etc.,OK? hehehe)

does this moniker make my butt look big said...

cfg,,it wouldn't be a party without you!
BTW, thanks for the mommy compliment.I am no doubt standing amongst my peers when it comes to that.
Wow, can you many fabulous mommies and nannies in one spot. I can just see it now, all of us walking through the airport straightening mens collars, tying random kids shoes, handing out baby wipes to unprepared people with messy faced kids, cleaning the terminal along the way..omg... too funny!

does this moniker make my butt look big said...

mom, you are so funny..I was thinking the same thing. Lets see I have pissed off more than a few will I know who they are and do I dare drink or eat anything someone makes for me or hands me?

Like, I said waaay down the line is good for me! tee-hee

cfg said...

You are safe with me as I am the only one who knows your true identity. I shall prepare your food for you, lol.
However, once you realize mine, you will most certainly feel faint anyway - so just make sure your face doesn't land in your food. :)

mom said...

Awww...y'all are making me curious and curioser again? Any hints? I'm pretty sharp, so even the merest of hint might do!
Do I know you from the blog, under other names? Or are you rock stars with incredibly fabulous lives...and plenty of extra time to blog with us?

mom said...
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Marypoppin'pills said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marypoppin'pills said...

Is everything o.k.?

mom said...

Yes, I just did it. You'll see why when you read it. hehehehe
Let me know if oyu don't see it...maybe I did it wrong. (Which would not surprise me!)

mom said...

And if you wrote anything back, I think I just erased the whole deal by refreshing. Computers are NOT my best thing! hehehe

Marypoppin'pills said...

Sorry Mom, I never got the message.

mom said...

OK, I'll try again. It says Jane is offline and to leave a message. Is that where I write to you?

I will be submitting my SAT scores after this to prove I have more than two brain cells to rub together! I literally use my computer for little more than e-mail ...and ISYN!

Marypoppin'pills said...

I don't know why it would say off-line, mine says "available". Try one more time, maybe I'm not under it right. If it doesn't go through, we'll just have to try another time.

Marypoppin'pills said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marypoppin'pills said...

Either way, forgive me if I don't answer the question you posed. I would rather do it privately, whenever possible. :)

mom said...

OK so I need to wait? Let me know when and I will try then. I am paying bills, etc today, so should be somewhat near the computer off and on. I'll check periodically, OK?

Off on yet another college visit for the weekend+ tomorrow am.

And my son is now making a lot of noises about attending a military academy. (For his privacy, I'll keep which one a secret.) Yikes! I don't know whether to be incredibly proud, or scared out of my pants. I know this suits him, as he has studied military aircraft from the age of about kidding. And for amusement he now devours books about military strategy...even compared the Sung Su (spelling?) and Machiavelli versions of The Art of War for his own personal amusement in junior high. But tomorrow we visit a "civilian" college that I think will also suit him beautifully...not to mention being located in a resort I would give my eye teeth to live in! This is where mothering gets REALLY TOUGH....LETTING GO!!! Waaaaaa!
I just don't want him to get hurt.

mom said...

MPP...I would never hold it against you (or anybody) who has something private that they don't want to tell me.

But I do very much look forward to "speaking" with you soon!

mom said...

Which brings to mind a question...since everybody sees this discussion we are having here.

Do you have a way to know that it is really me that will write to you when the time comes? Like maybe you can look up my computer information? I would hate to have somebody pretend to be me and trick you.

Otherwise maybe I should send an e-mail through the ISYN posting address?

Marypoppin'pills said...

I'll know it's you. Don't worry!

does this moniker make my butt look big said...

Well goodness, I am really going to have to start checking ISYN first thing in the morning. Shoot, the park can wait! jK..the kids would never forgive me.

Thanks CFG...I will take you up on that.I am a big eater though..tee-hee.
If I let my heart lead me, I have a strong idea of who you are.
And If I am right, as I said once before,(when I had the same feeling) you are a very clever regular with much class.(Either way have much class) If I am are some famous star who needs a nanny !! Tee-hee
Either way, starting over and making a new friend ( I should say friends)along the way has been fun.I have learned a lot.. about myself as well as the character of others. So yes, I will eat your food and have to trust that you are a forgiving kind of person.
I am not going to speculate too will ruin the surprise .besides, hindsight is 20/20 here~!

So, perhaps a nice sandy area would be good, because if I do faint..I'd rather not land on a hard cemented area.

I am thinking Mexico or the Bahama's!!

mom, I know this is making you crazy. I tried a few days ago to hint but I was just not clever enough.

I hope MPP is! I should say, I know MPP is!

mom said...

Well, shucks ladies. I appreciate the effort.

And Butt looks Big, it was probably that I was not clever enough to catch on!

MPP, I think I found the correct time for your hint too late. I'll look forward to speaking with you when you are on meebo. I don't want to compromise you by a lot of hints and specualtion in the open.

Maybe since Butt Looks Big sounds like she might be willing, she will give MPP permission to "out" her to me at the appropriate time? I do not recognize your writing style as belonging to any of the "missing" parties.

Marypoppin'pills said...

Good grief! It's a good thing this discussion is in a Welcome post! LOL
Mom, if you didn't catch my hint, I'll toss another one your way again sometime soon. It was a little hard, I'm sure.
I hope to "talk" to you soon, too!

And BLB,
I really appreciate everything about you, I hope you know that!
You are an amazing person.

Marypoppin'pills said...

I hope BLB gives me the permission, too. Because the last line in your post sent me into hysterics, Mom. And I'm sure BLB knows why, and she must be on the floor, too!
I think your "secret" would be safe with Mom, BLB.

cali mom said...

Did I miss it when the plate of 'shrooms was passed around? Mom, why was your post deleted and what on earth is everyone trying to guess at? I feel like we're on Get Smart in the "cone of silence".

does this moniker make my butt look big said...

MPP Yes, You have my permission. I think my secret would be safe too. Besides..more dishes for me to choose from at the get together.Tee-hee.(oh, whoops, or maybe not!)
I hold high regards for both you and mom and several others on here. Yes, her last line had me laughing too.

Speaking of which, Even though mom did not get the hint, I think I might have? HHMMM?

MOM, I feel for you with having to let go of your son, I won't go into detail but I can tell you I understand with empathy. We spend years give them wings and spend years coaching them on how to use those wings and then when they do, it is truly painful.As moms, we don't have a mechanism that allows us to catch and release, if you will. Our instinct is to catch and keep in a safe, temperature controlled,balanced diet,no hootchies, clean undies kind of atmosphere.
You are a good mom to let your son go. He will do just fine because he has had a strong foundation all these years .Wherever his final decision takes him, I am sure he will succeed.
For the record, I would be both incredibly proud and scared out of my pants!! But I would be that way if he was just going to the JC around the corner! I think that is something that as moms we all have in common.

sorry ladies that my replies are sometimes so spread out, I love ISYN but diaper changes and snacks take priority.Tee-hee

mom said...

Butt Looks Big,

Are you going to make me cry every day? That was a very sweet post. I know, we let them go BECAUSE we love them so much...and yet we love them so much that everything in us screams, "I don't want to!"

Cali Mom, Howdy thar! Long time no see. Missed ya! And what you mean "passed around?" Did it ever occur to you...especially based on this morning's posts....that we ate them all ourselves!? Or maybe MPP and I got mad and called each other the f-word, and so our posts got deleted? Heheeh

But one thing I can say with certainty is that, if you saw the last Get Smart movie...inside the cone of silence is the last place anybody wants to be!

But MPP, after thinking for a brief mooment, I realized why you deleted those. While I assumed only you and I would remember certain obscure things...I did not take into account a certain, sinister, third party. Good call. And sorry for being so careless.

Marypoppin'pills said...

There's not really a certain "sinister 3rd party", I just figured it would be best if those aspects of our conversation didn't "linger", you know what I mean? I wouldn't put it past some very clever people on here figuring out what this was all about.
Cali mom, I'm sorry. We don't mean to leave you out!
And BLB, you and I both know you are pushing it .... hang in there, ok? :) Be careful! It's better this way.

Marissa M. said...

i wanted to say, I read this post and cried each time I read it to my employer husband and MIL. Who forgets a baby. Even if she truly forgot, I am sure she'll never be able to forgive herself. I'm not siding by any means. I feel awful for all parties involved.

Marypoppin'pills said...

I'm on Meebo. I caught the last part of your message about not being around tomorrow.
Try again! :)

does this moniker make my butt look big said...

MPP, did that post dissapear or am I just on a wrong thread?

mom said...

Butt looks big--

I thought maybe it wasn't even from her? Maybe that's why its gone?

I Love ya, girl! LOVE YA!

does this moniker make my butt look big said...

gotcha!Thanks Mom!And back at ya!!

Marypoppin'pills said...

Which post? And just to let you know for now, everything is very cool! We will talk more later.

Thank you for everything. You know I love ya, girlfriend! Muah!