Park at 85th Street and 2nd Ave in NYC

Received Wednesday, June 4, 2008
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Is this your nanny? Today, (6/4) while walking by the small park on 85th St and 2nd Ave. at around 1:30 pm I saw this nanny forcibly pushing the toddler against the back of the stroller seat. Although the baby was strapped to the seat it seems she wanted to lean forward and was pushed back at least 3 times. The nanny had to push really hard because the baby girl complained loudly with cries, she was too young to speak. If this woman does this in public, what does she do in private? This nanny was sitting next to another African-American nanny who alerted the abuser that I was witnessing the incident. As I stared at the woman, she moved her eyes away. If you recognized this baby or the nanny please contact the parents immediately. I hope no other nanny flags this posting, abusing a child whether yours or not in unlawful or whether you think the baby deserves it! It is not a very good picture but you can definitely recognize the woman.
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Anonymous said...


melamonk said...

You have nailed this nanny. I hope the employers see this and observe her on the sly. Only when we observe people when they aren't expecting do we realize just what they're like.

Love the picture, thumb (?) and all!

Anonymous said...

Busted Nanny Love it fired her and find some one who gonna treat the child with love and not mistreat her.

Anonymous said...

9:26 HUH?

Anonymous said...

If you used your finger to blur out the other people before you took the picture that is super clever!

Anonymous said...

That is my neighborhood, and that isn't even a park. It is a small cement plaza in front of an apt. building (the line where the squares end is the public sidewalk, and there is construction going on across the street). I always wonder why nannies are sitting around there, instead of taking their charges to glorious Carl Schurz park and playground, which is only three blocks form there. I would think even a lazy "park bench nanny" would prefer grass and trees!
A Nanny

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the pic OP, and I don't really care whom you offend my doing so.

Your photo truly puts the situation into perspective. I just keep looking at the size of the nanny compared to that tiny sweet baby...and that alone makes me shudder. It's so easy without 'perspective' to not truly grasp the entirety of the situation, but imagining this woman holding back such a small child is sickening!

I really hope that mommy or daddy she's this posting!

Anonymous said...

That poor kid. :(

Anonymous said...

Yes, the crappiest nannies in the world hang out here. There is no rhyme or reason to hanging out here. This is called Lazers Plaza.

Anonymous said...

I am on this street every day and was trying to picture the park on this corner. There is no park. Thanks to those who pointed out that it is just a small concrete plaza. There is another concrete plaza nanny hangout on 85th and Lex. Central Park is just a few blocks away so I can't figure out why they hang there.
Anyway, that poor baby. I hope her mother sees this. I can't understand why more mothers don't secretly have someone tail their nanny for one day and report what they see. It's really a necessity these days.

Marissa M. said...

What a horrid cow. I hope her employers see this

nannyneedsanap said...

nice finger dude.

Regpostinganon said...

Marissa M I am sick and tired of looking at your breasts. And no, I'm not jealous so let's not go there. I can honestly say, I take nothing you say seriously because of that annoying picture. My 12 year old son happened to look over my shoulder, saw that icon and asked if I was on a porn site. I know you paid plenty for them and are very proud of them but please dear, post another picture.

Anonymous said...


what did you tell your son, and how does he know about porn?
Time to install some CyberAlert software, 1:17!

heheh :)

Anonymous said...


I just wanted to post that before the attacks against you begin in rapid succession because you had the audacity to speak your mind! I happen to agree with you. I usually agree with Mariss'a posts, and find her very intelligent but her icon makes me cringe. I feel like I'm looking at an ad for a gentleman's club!

mom said...

A twelve year old in our society who knows what porn is is little to no reflection on the parents.

My seven year old son had the pleasure of learning about blow school...courtesy of President Clinton!

mom said...

OK, so I just had the following exchange with my 17 yr old son after showing him Marissa's picture.

He: Wow!

Me: What does that mean?

He: She has nice boobs

Me: (Explained that they are not hers)

He: Maybe she's a lesbian

Me (explained that she's not a lesbian, just wants a boob job. also explained that somebody just complained that her 12 yr old son asked her if she was on porn site when he saw them.)

He: How does a 12 year old know what porn is?

Me: Kids that age know. You knew what Pres. Clinton was up to when you were seven.

He: Laughs. Oh yeah. I guess so.

Me: So any noteworthy thoughts about the boob picture that i can share with the ladies?

He: Well, I'm a seventeen year old boy. I like them.

Marissa M. said...

How about a picture of my beautiful vagina? Would you prefer that?

Those are adriana limas beautiful assets. once i buy mine, i'll put those up for you to stare at, OK?


OMG, it must be hard for you to walk past a huge underwear billboard. I can see it now. The horror!

Anonymous said...

O.k., yes - Adriana Lima has pretty boobies, but I am curious why you use it as your icon.
And no, that doesn't make me a bad guy for asking.

I seriously doubt that anyone is going to bash RPA over an opinion she had concerning a picture.
It's not something that's very significant compared to a Blog war like race, religion or child rearing issues. Those are the subjects that get everybody's dander up.
But you have to wonder how many people aren't going to take you seriously because of that photo, Marissa. RPA is correct that you do have some very noteworthy and intelligent posts, but it is somewhat ..... distracting.

And the underwear billboard? That's not the same as this. This is a site dedicated to helping children. And I hope you won't take offense, but something about using boobies for an icon on a site preserved for the saving of children - well, it just doesn't seem right.

And no, we do not want to see your vagina, honey!

Marissa M. said...

I don't care if some people on here 'don't take me serious" because of an icon. Do you read half the nonsense some of these people wright anyways? Do any of them take serious?
to answer your question.... because im not going to use my boobs as the icon.

I am getting a breast augmentation. I am blogging about it to document my experience. Just because i have boobs for an icon, covered boobs might i add, does not mean i should be on porn sites all day.

I have other interests too a part from the augmentation. if it offends you go read somewhere else, im sorry but im not requesting for other people to change their annoying icons all over the internet. so try not to be annoyed by mine.

This sight might be dedicated to helping children but there is a lot more going on, on here that has nothing to do with kids.

And you are right, a billboard is different. It's bigger and even more in your face!

And since you'd rather not see my pretty vajayjay enjoy the breasts as long as you will be reading here. Or at least until post surgery.

Marissa M. said...

*you left out in 3rd sentence

cali mom said...

Hm. All I see next to Marissa's name is a little orange square with some teeny white wiggly line in it, maybe a leaf? Oh well...

Marissa M. said...

no big brother is watching....

george orwell- 1984, one of the best books ever a part from the other boleyn girl and the great gatsby of course



mom said...

She's right, 1984 was very good.

So was Farenheight 451
(similar idea)

The ones I am trying to get my kids to read at the moment:

Uncle Tom's Cabin and
Grapes of Wrath

I recommend them both, esp. Uncle Tom's Cabin. (Grapes of Wrath was a little slow in spots, but so relevant, still, that I think it is a must read...especially for kids who have grown up without experiencing or witnessing any real hardship.) I think I have my daughter convinced to give UTC a try anyway.

Marissa M. said...

good for you for encouraging your kids to read such classics :)

maggie said...

I passed by this area (very quickly) two days ago, and there sitting were about 4 nannies. The children in their strollers were shaded by their strollers but so hot. They looked miserable. I should have thought to snap a picture.